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There are too many songs, and not enough space to store them safely in today’s world. So we’ve gathered the top five online storage services best suited to hosting a lot of music files, at a cheap cost.  After all, what’s the point of having a big music collection, when it’s susceptible to loss due to viruses, malware, software crashes and other complications.

Today, the global music industry is worth over 42 billion, with the U.S. alone accounting for 15 billion of that pretty lucrative pie.

Which means they’re a crap ton of songs out there (duh!) and we need somewhere to store all that music, and more importantly, protect it from getting lost or stolen. Which is where online storage comes into the picture.

Now, just to be clear, we’ve already covered this topic regarding services that can help you backup, stream, share and listen to music using the cloud. Check out that article here. Today, we’re only trying to fit in as many songs as possible, for as little money as possible, into online services best suited to the task.

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$ 4.99 per month 500 GBStorage All Plans
Visit pCloudpCloud Review
$ 4.08 per month 500 GBStorage All Plans
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$ 5.94 per month 200 GBStorage All Plans
Visit MEGAMEGA Review
$ 5.00 per month 1000 GBStorage All Plans
Visit MediaFireMediaFire Review
$ 8.00 per month Unlimited GBStorage All Plans
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The Benefits of Online Storage for Music

Having an online space where your music gets safely stored is great, of course, but there’s more to the story than just that. We’ve also got to take accessibility and sharing into consideration, after all, who doesn’t want to share and download songs after having uploaded them.

Of course, for music lovers and professionals, security is just as important as storage space. So we’ll highlight which of the best online storage services for music cater specifically towards ensuring the safety of your tracks.


pCloud is an excellent alternative to Dropbox, for people looking to find a cheaper substitute that also offers a lot more storage space for their music. Which means if you’re looking for a cheaper and bigger place to store music but still want that Dropbox like feel, pCloud should be your first stop.

pCloud works like an external drive in the cloud, meaning it doesn’t take up space on your native HDD, and there are no file-size limits in place, so feel free to upload HD quality audio. 

Other Reasons Why We Like pCloud

pCloud sports apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Linux. Any it can sync any kind of folder, not just audio files.

cloud storage solutions for your business

pCloud is an excellent alternative to Dropbox regarding storage space, security, and accessibility. And the service even has a built-in media player for audio and video streaming. Sweet!

Read review  is a Canada-based cloud storage provider that stakes its reputation on providing a very secure service, with no file-size limits. They’re also easy-to-use, cheap and come with the promise that the NSA won’t be able to peep at your audio tracks.

Choosing a sync folder with

Though, in the wake of Vault 7, we can’t entirely guarantee the secure nature of anything online, ever.’s web app is its central portal for file sharing. Since it’s the only way to use the service on Linux easily (there’s no native app), thankfully the online app is indeed very well designed.

Other Reasons Why We Like comes with 5GB of free storage right off the bat, which is a welcome gift, compared to Dropbox’s measly 2GB. is our No. 1 pick when it comes to securing audio files with private encryption and zero-knowledge security, but it doesn’t have an in-built media streamer. The service has apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android and Linux app is said to be in the works.

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MEGA is our recommended solution when you want an online service that’s very generous regarding the free GBs they provide. MEGA definitely takes the cake in that respect, as it gives 50GB of space, pro-bono, right off the bat.

But MEGA has more to offer than just space, its sharing features and speeds are excellent, and it utilizes User Controlled Encryption to secure files before they get shared. While not as “iron-clad” as’s offering, that’s still absolutely a great amount of security for a service that’s giving out 50GB for free.

Other Reasons Why We Like MEGA

MEGA takes user security and privacy very seriously, which is a pretty refreshing change from the norm. The service only has a browser app, but supports a decent array of mobile apps Android, iOS Windows Phone and Blackberry.

iPhone Screens

MEGA is an awesome solution for sharing music files, especially if you’re looking for a service that has great sharing features, tons of free space and very reliable security protocols. 

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MediaFire is an online storage service that sports 10GB of free space from the get-go, but users can increase that limit to 50GB via referrals and other minor tasks, for free. MediaFire, as the name would suggest, will set your songs on fire.

Just kidding, but it’s a good cloud storage and sharing solution for large media files, think of it as a less secure version of MEGA. Unlike the former, however, MediaFire does have desktop apps you can use.

Other Reasons Why We Like MediaFire

MediaFire has desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS X. On mobile, however, it only supports Android and iOS.

Getting Started With MediaFire
Getting Started With MediaFire

It also has a few other tricks up its sleeve that MEGA doesn’t. Such as file versioning, a real automatic folder syncing system, and the ability to show advanced statistics when it comes to downloads and shares.

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Livedrive is an unlimited online service with useful features, so whether or not it’s worth using is truly up to you. Does your music need features like WebDav and FTP? You know best.  Livedrive has apps for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

LiveDrive provides unlimited real-time backups at $8 per month, which covers your mobile phone too, and users can also backup tunes stored in their NAS devices for an additional $8 per month. The services come with a 14-day unlimited trial-period, which is super important to utilize before signing up, because Livedrive is definitely an acquired taste.

Other Reasons Why We Like Livedrive

Livedrive does indeed provide very useful features for backing up music across multiple devices and the unique ancillary features may just justify its pricing.

Livedrive combines cloud storage, unlimited online backup and online syncing, with a terrible user interface. Which, in turn, it compliments with unusual features (for a cloud service) such as NAS backup and FTP/WebDAV access.

Read review


Well, there you have it, the best apps that provide not only plenty of storage space for your music files, but also some pretty useful ancillary features as well.

Users looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one service are better off using pCloud, thanks mainly to its media streaming capabilities. If security is of the utmost importance, then is the obvious choice to make.

The difference between MEGA and MediaFire can be split across the free GBs; and whether or not a desktop app is important to you. And Livedrive is something that offers unique features under some shady circumstances, so don’t forget to test it before buying.

Which services do you think work great with music files? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below.

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