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Dropbox Pricing: Plans & Discounts in 2022

Dropbox is a pretty good all-around cloud storage provider, but its pricing is a bit weird. In this short overview article we recap the how and why of Dropbox pricing.

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By Robin Barber (Associate Editor) & Aleksander Hougen (Managing Editor)
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Most of the best cloud storage providers choose to separate their features into several tiered plans. Although this usually results in a better deal for the end user, cloud storage pricing tiers can become complicated and confusing. In this article, we’ll be looking at the Dropbox pricing structure to help you find the right plan (we have a guide to what Dropbox is if you’re not familiar with the service).

Dropbox offers six plans for users, and each has a free trial, except for the Enterprise plan. Downloading a piece of software for yourself is always the best way to check if it’s for you, but our Dropbox review has more in-depth information about the features and security that you can expect.

If you want to give Dropbox a long-term test or just need it for sharing a file or two, try the free Basic plan. With an email address and a password, you can store up to 2GB indefinitely, and begin to share and transfer data to other users.

Dropbox Personal Pricing

All three of Dropbox’s personal plans provide the same protections for your data. Although Dropbox’s security isn’t among the best, it doesn’t lock what it has behind the more expensive tiers. You can also access the desktop UI and mobile apps, even if features like “smart sync” and “offline file access” are restricted.

The free Basic account provides little more than the bare minimum for file sharing and storage. You’re limited to 2GB of space and 100MB transfers. With these restrictions, you won’t be using it for large projects or keeping many files long term, so although this is a good plan, there are better free cloud storage solutions available.

You can upgrade your Dropbox account at any time, and the Plus plan is a substantial step up. It provides priority email support, as well as features like “smart sync” and Dropbox Rewind, the latter of which can reverse the state of your account by up to 30 days. 

With 2TB of storage space and a 2GB transfer limit, this in-between option is competitive with similar products, especially if you pay yearly.

Next up is the Family plan which provides the same amount of storage — 2TB — as the Plus plan, as well as the same transfer limit of 2GB. The difference between them is that the Family plan lets you add up to six individual users, whereas the Plus plan limits you to just one.

Dropbox Business Pricing

Dropbox aims its business plans at bigger teams. It offers greater control over any file shared across your network and provides varying administrator powers to manage how users can sign in to or modify the system. Few providers make it as easy to share and sync data, so it’s easily among the best cloud storage for collaboration.

First up is the Professional plan, which offers 3TB of storage and a whopping 100GB transfer limit. It also ups the 30-day rewind feature found in the personal plans to 180 days, and also gives you access to live chat support.

Other than being limited to 2GB transfers, Business Standard provides all the benefits of the Professional plan, as well as 5TB of storage and extra administrative controls and features to make collaboration easier.

If you need to store more than 3TB of data, this is a cheap and powerful plan. However, for smaller businesses, a shared Professional plan may be a better value.

The Business Advanced plan is a significant improvement, with no storage cap and a few extra admin controls. If you are set on using Dropbox for its sharing and sync features, then it’s worth checking out the 30-day free trial of this plan. However, if the unlimited storage space is all you are after, programs like OneDrive for Business may be a better choice.

Business Enterprise is the final plan, and it’s set up differently from the others. Rather than having set features and pricing, you have to contact support to work out what you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it, although it’s generally aimed at larger organizations. 

Is Dropbox Worth the Price?

For file sharing and temporary storage, the Basic free option is fine. As the plans increase in price, it starts to lose some value compared to its competitors. If you’re looking for cloud storage for the whole family, then Dropbox’s family plan is a great option. The Plus plan isn’t bad either, but it’s a bit more expensive than other services such as and pCloud

When looking at cloud storage for businesses, the more expensive Professional, Standard and Advanced plans are all worth considering. Although they aren’t as competitive on price per terabyte, they do provide plenty of features for collaboration and sharing to keep them ahead of the pack.

Across its whole range of products, Dropbox is a feature-rich program at a reasonable price. So even against some very competitive alternatives, the pioneer of cloud storage is still one of the top players.

Have you tried out Dropbox? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Dropbox Pricing FAQ

  • If you want a step up from the free plan, the Plus plan costs just $11.99 per month, or $9.99 per month when billed yearly. Although this isn’t the cheapest 2TB of cloud storage, it will give you plenty of features to sink your teeth into.
  • Whether or not a program is worth buying depends on your requirements. However, if the Basic free plan isn’t quite good enough, there are free trials for the paid plans, and each offers a decent value for its price.