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Dropbo Pricing

Dropbox Pricing: Plans & Discounts in 2024

Dropbox has several pricing plans thanks to its large feature set. Understanding what each Dropbox plan offers can get complicated. Read our Dropbox pricing guide to get a comprehensive breakdown of Dropbox plans and what they offer.

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Cloud storage pricing can get confusing quickly, and Dropbox is no exception. From hard-to-differentiate pricing tiers to complicated feature listings, it’s easy to get lost in the details. If you’re confused by Dropbox pricing, we’ve got you covered in this guide. 

Key Takeaways: Dropbox Prices

  • Dropbox offers a 2GB free plan and several paid pricing plans for individuals, families and businesses. 
  • The plans for individuals include Dropbox Plus and Dropbox Professional. 
  • Dropbox business plans include Dropbox Standard, Dropbox Advanced and Dropbox Enterprise.

In this guide, we’ll review Dropbox’s pricing and the feature sets for each tier. Then we’ll break down what each plan offers, and the special deals offered when subscribing to Dropbox. 

If you want to learn more about the cloud storage service, read our Dropbox review. If you want to understand how Dropbox works, read our Dropbox for beginners guide. Finally, Dropbox may not be for you — learn about the best cloud storage options or the top Dropbox alternatives.

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Dropbox Pricing: Personal Plan Options

The Dropbox site’s pricing page has various plans designed for different users, including professional and personal use. It offers a 2GB free plan to help beginner users get a feel for its features.

Dropbox also offers paid plans for individuals, families and businesses. Read our Dropbox vs Dropbox Business guide to learn the differences.

  • 1 user
  • 2GB
More plans
Dropbox Essentials (Formerly Dropbox One)
  • 1 user Signature requests and eSignature templates
  • 3TB
Dropbox Business Standard
  • 3 users minimum
  • 5TB
Dropbox Business Advanced
  • 3 users minimum
Dropbox Enterprise

    All plans include the following features: search, priority email support, live chat support and Dropbox Rewind, which lets you recover lost files due to accidents or ransomware. However, more features get unlocked with more advanced plans.

    dropbox pricing products
    Dropbox has a large feature set that helps you save files, collaborate and stay productive. 

    1. Dropbox Free Plan (Dropbox Basic)

    When you set up a Dropbox account, you get access to the 2GB free version. Dropbox Basic includes cloud storage, sharing and support. You can sync across three devices and restore previous versions of files for up to 30 days. 

    Unfortunately, this plan is very limited in space and also lacks advanced sharing and collaboration features, such as password-protected link sharing, file watermarking and branded sharing. If you need a higher data limit, the paid plans are more suitable.

    2. Dropbox Plus Plan

    Dropbox Plus is great for one user looking for basic features. It offers 2TB of storage space and allows you to recover and restore files for up to a month. It also lets you transfer up to 2GB of data per transfer. 

    On this plan, you can create and share content with Dropbox Capture, which gives you 120 minutes of recording time and full HD video quality. The Plus plan also lets you assign tasks, specify who can open a file, leave comments in documents, and get notifications when your file is viewed or edited. You can get Dropbox Plus for $119.88 billed yearly, or $11.99 per month.

    3. Dropbox Family Plan

    Allowing up to six users, the Family plan gives you 2TB of storage space and lets you send up to 2GB per file transfer. It also lets you restore deleted files and recover older versions of files for up to a month. 

    dropbox pricing family
    Dropbox Family is a good choice if you need a central hub for sharing files with your loved ones. 

    The “family room” feature lets users work on files together in a central folder. You can also use file permissions to control who can view or edit files, and share files with plan members of your choice. Dropbox Family costs $203.88 per year, or $19.99 per month. 

    4. Dropbox Professional Plan

    The Professional plan is tailored for solo workers. It comes with 3TB of cloud storage, and you can recover and restore older versions of files for up to 180 days. You can also send transfers of up to 100GB. This plan offers shared links control, so you can protect shared links with passwords and revoke access for users.

    You can also add a digital watermark to any file before you share it. Branded sharing lets you add a company logo, name or background image to any shared files. Subscribing to Dropbox Professional costs $198.96 per year or $19.99 per month.

    Dropbox Business Pricing

    Dropbox offers three business plans, which all add team management tools to the offered features.

    dropbox pricing teams
    The Dropbox business plans offer several tools for teams needing strong communication, efficient work and task management.

    Business Standard Plan

    Dropbox Standard is the first pricing tier of Dropbox business options. It is an enterprise cloud storage plan aimed at small businesses, offering 5TB of storage space and allows users to transfer files of up to 2GB. You can retrieve old and deleted versions of files for up to six months. 

    With branded sharing, you can imprint your company name, logo or background image on shared files. The device approval tool lets administrators limit member access to company files and block devices that appear suspicious. The Standard plan costs $180 per user per year, or $18 per user per month — with a minimum of three users.

    2. Advanced Plan

    This pricing category contains all the features in the Standard plan, but is better suited for larger organizations. This plan gives users up to a year to recover and restore files, and its maximum file-per-transfer limit is 100GB. 

    dropbox pricing advanced
    Dropbox Advanced is great for larger organizations that rely heavily on team collaboration. 

    Dropbox Advanced includes the viewer history tool, which allows administrators to keep tabs on which users have viewed certain files and what times the viewing occurred. This helps the organization protect cloud security and privacy.

    The Advanced plan also lets admins set up and manage user accounts, assign roles and permissions, manage groups and ensure security compliance. Dropbox Advanced costs $288 per user per year, or $30 per user per month — with a minimum of three users.

    3. Enterprise Plan

    The Enterprise plan is the highest-tier Dropbox business plan, designed for larger businesses that require special capabilities. Providing storage space based on the unique needs of each enterprise client, it includes all the features in the Advanced plan, plus team-friendly features like domain ownership and team training. 

    dropbox pricing enterprise
    Dropbox Enterprise is a customizable plan for big enterprises that store large quantities of data. 

    The Enterprise plan comes with a private domain, so only people with email addresses from your organization can access your Dropbox account. The Enterprise plan is also the only Dropbox business plan to offer hands-on team training to organizations, helping teams use Dropbox more efficiently. You’ll need to contact Dropbox for an Enterprise quote.

    How to Get Dropbox Deals

    You might be eligible for Dropbox deals if you’ve recently bought a new device or set up accounts with any of the following companies: 

    • Dell
    • HP
    • Lenovo
    • ASUS
    • Acer
    • Chromebook
    • Pixlr
    • Upwork

    However, you won’t be eligible for these deals if:

    • You’ve already redeemed this promotion on an eligible device. 
    • You purchased a refurbished device.
    • You’re using a Dell promotion only accessible to new Dropbox users. 
    • The Dropbox app was not loaded on your device before you bought it. 

    There are two other ways to earn free space on Dropbox: completing the Dropbox “getting started” checklist and referring friends, family and coworkers. When you finish at least five of the Dropbox “getting started” steps, you get a 250MB bonus.

    You also get 500MB per referral on Dropbox Basic and can earn up to 16GB. Referrals on Dropbox Plus earn you 1GB per referral, and you can earn up to 32GB of data.

    Final Thoughts

    We hope this article has given you a clear understanding of all the Dropbox plans. To recap, Dropbox offers a free plan for users that don’t require much storage space. The paid plans offer more storage space and features. While some are tailored to individuals, others are geared towards multiple users and teams. 

    Which Dropbox plan did you choose? Have you tried any of the Dropbox deals? Let us know in the comment section below and, as always, thanks for reading. 


    • If you need to store larger files, such as photos, or need more sharing features, then the paid plans are worth your investment.

    • Dropbox is popular for its team management features and simple user interface. Google Drive offers more free storage space than Dropbox and integrates with other Google software like Gmail and Google Docs.

    • Dropbox offers a free plan with 2GB. Its lowest-priced plan costs $11.99 for 2TB.

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