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Jason Stagnitto

Jason Stagnitto


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Jason Stagnitto is a writer for Cloudwards. His writing and research for Cloudwards focus largely on cloud storage and online backup. 

Background & Education

With a writing journey spanning over a decade, Jason Stagnitto seamlessly bridges the worlds of tech and literature. Transitioning from a background in creative and screen writing, Jason has cemented his position as a go-to tech writer, focusing especially on cloud storage and online backup domains. His writing style is informed by his deep appreciation for consumer technology, making his contributions to Cloudwards both informative and relatable.

In the realm of freelance writing, Jason has delivered quality content for platforms such as Dogtown Media and CBT Nuggets. Beyond the pages of his written work, Jason is an avid reader, particularly fond of fantasy and sci-fi literature. When not absorbed in the latest novel or tech write-up, he enjoys watching movies and exercising.

Jason earned his Masters in Information Technology from Southern New Hampshire University. Prior to that, he obtained a Bachelors in English and Historical and Political Studies from Chaminade University. Supplementing his academic achievements, Jason also pursued training in business writing and dynamic response copywriting.

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