CrashPlan subscribers woke up to an unpleasant email from the company’s CEO, Joe Payne, today, August 22, 2017. In it, Payne announced that the company will be “transitioning” — that’s corpspeak for “getting rid of” — CrashPlan’s consumer plans and in future will focus exclusively on SMB solutions. Current customers will be able to use CrashPlan until October 22, 2018, giving you 14 months to find a good CrashPlan alternative.

Though we’re a little ashamed to admit it, we here at should have seen this change coming when around two weeks ago we got an email detailing quite a few changes to CrashPlan’s affiliate program. That said, 14 months is plenty of time to decide which of our best online backup providers suits your needs.

CrashPlan is offering a special arrangement where users can roll over their current plan into one with Carbonite, which is one of our favorite providers. However, as you can read in our Carbonite review, this service isn’t for everyone; another option is Backblaze, a very easy-to-use and fast provider, as detailed in our Backblaze review.

Though there is an exhaustive FAQ in case you have any questions regarding this rather big change in CrashPlan’s policy, a few details remain unclear. Keep an eye on in the coming weeks as we update you on all the particulars as they emerge.

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