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Best Cloud Storage for Teams 2022: Group Work the Easy Way

Storing your files in the cloud is one thing. Using those files across a team is another. The best cloud storage for teams makes collaboration and sharing a breeze.

Jacob Roach
By Jacob Roach (Writer)
— Last Updated: 2022-06-25T15:16:01+00:00

Cloud storage has been at the core of business for years, serving as a way for smaller teams to share and collaborate in the office and around the globe. The best cloud storage for teams makes sharing and collaborating easy, and in this guide, we’re going to count down our top five picks. 

Key Takeaways:

Each of the services below are built to make working with your team easy, from Huddle’s real-time document management tools to pCloud’s dense user control. Out of all our picks, though, Egnyte Connect stands out. Although other services may beat Egnyte in certain areas, it offers the best balance of features, integrations, usability and pricing.

  • 06/25/2022

    Updated’s plans and pricing information.

  • The best cloud storage for small business is Egnyte Connect, offering a long list of integrations, excellent security and dense user management for a reasonable price.

  • Microsoft Teams doesn’t have cloud storage on its own, but it works with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service.

  • Microsoft offers Teams and OneDrive are part of a Microsoft 365 subscription, allowing you to use cloud storage with Teams.

  1. 1
    • :
    • : 150 GB
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    5 TB - 10 TB starts from $10 / month (All Plans)15-day money-back guarantee
  2. 2
    • :
    • : Unlimited GB
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    1000 GB - Unlimited GB starts from $6 / month (All Plans)
  3. 3
    • :
    • : Unlimited GB
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    1000 GB starts from $7.99 / month (save 20%) (All Plans)
  4. 4
    • :
    • : 20 GB
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    starts from $20 / month (All Plans)
  5. 5
    • :
    • : 100 GB
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    • :
    • :
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    starts from $5 / month (All Plans)

What Makes the Best Cloud Storage for Teams?

Collaboration is key when it comes to choosing a cloud storage service for your team. Although there’s a lot to consider when picking a cloud storage provider, we focused this list on services that handle collaboration and sharing especially well. 

That took priority, but we also considered security, pricing, ease of use and more. We’ll touch on why we made our picks as we go, but if you’re interested in a particular service, we recommend reading our full review for all the details. 

  1. Egnyte Connect — Egnyte seems to do it all, and do it all well 
  2. for Teams — Cloud storage doesn’t come much cheaper than
  3. pCloud Business — pCloud is all about the details, offering excellent user management and sharing options 
  4. Huddle — Huddle handles document collaboration unlike anyone else, and that’s a good thing 
  5. Microsoft OneDrive for Business — Microsoft’s ecosystem is second to none, and OneDrive is at the heart of it

Egnyte Connect stands above the pack, thanks to its robust list of integrations and user-management features. The other options excel in certain areas, too. For example, Huddle is great for teams that need document management and real-time collaboration, while OneDrive for Business stands out with Microsoft’s suite of office apps. 

The 5 Best Cloud Storage for Teams

With a bit about how we made our picks out of the way, let’s run down the five top cloud storage services for teams. 

1. Egnyte Connect

best cloud storage for teams
From features to security and everything in between, Egnyte is one of the best cloud storage services on the market.

More details about Egnyte Connect:


  • Google Workspace & Office 365 integration
  • Highly secure


  • Limited storage space

Egnyte Connect is not only the best EFSS service we’ve tested but also the best business cloud storage. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it shows up in first place here, too. It’s an excellent service all around, but it stands above the pack here, thanks to its excellent Team plan for one to 10 users. 

For $10 per user per month, the Team plan comes with 1TB of storage and all of the collaboration features available to Egnyte’s Business subscribers. Office 365 and Google Workspace are the standout integrations, allowing you to open, edit and collaborate on documents within the Egnyte app. Other native integrations include Slack, Salesforce and Amazon Web Services, to name a few.

Egnyte also has excellent user management and sharing features. In addition to collaborative and private workspaces, Egnyte allows you to share files directly through the app or a link. For sensitive links, you can set a password, and for sharing outside of your network, you can set a link expiration date. 

Although some other services offer more storage space for the same price (read our MEGA review for that), Egnyte’s features are simply unmatched. It’s impossible to list Egnyte’s features in this format, so we recommend reading our Egnyte Connect review for the full details. If you’d rather take it for a spin yourself, you can sign up for a 15-day free trial

  • : 1 to 10 users, price per user; 1TB of online storage. Read on for more
  • : 5TB
  • : 10 - 100 users, price per user; 1TB + 10GB per employee. Read on for more
  • : 10TB
  • : 50+ users, 50GB per employee. Read on for more
  • : 1TB

2. for Teams

best cloud storage for teams sync is one of the cheapest cloud storage services around and comes packed with features.

More details about for Teams:


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Inexpensive


  • Limited third-party integrations for Teams lacks some of the collaboration features of Egnyte, but it more than makes up for them with excellent security features, a lot of file storage space and a low price. If your team doesn’t need to collaborate often on documents, or if you deal with highly sensitive information, is one of the best cloud storage solutions. 

End-to-end encryption makes the difference. We’ll leave the technical details for our full for Teams review, but the short of it is that is one of the most secure cloud storage providers on the market. The security model earned it first place in our best zero-knowledge cloud storage roundup, in fact. 

Even better, is cheap: $6 per user per month gets you 1TB of storage, while $15 gets you unlimited storage. That’s per user, so even small teams will end up with a lot of file storage. allows you to easily share files internally and externally — and securely, at that. Even with the extra security, though, is accessible. The web app is easy to use, and offers mobile apps, allowing you to access your files no matter where you are. If you want to give a shot, you can sign up with a 30-day money-back guarantee

  • : Price per user. Users: 2+
  • : 1TB
  • : Price per user. Users: 2+
  • : Unlimited GB
  • : Users: 2+
  • : Unlimited GB

3. pCloud Business

best cloud storage for teams pcloud business
pCloud Business does it all: top-notch encryption, excellent usability and robust sharing capabilities.

More details about pCloud:


  • Top-notch encryption
  • Granular user control


  • A little slow

pCloud’s personal service ranks near the top of our list of the best cloud storage services, and its business service is equally as impressive. Like, pCloud offers client-side encryption as a standard feature for business subscribers. However, you can choose to use server-side encryption, too, opening up features like block-level sync

Additionally, pCloud comes with excellent user-management features. Instead of assigning users a role, you can individually choose what permissions they have. Admins can also segment users into teams, allowing them to store and share files in a collaborative space. That’s one of the reasons pCloud ranked in our best cloud storage for sharing guide. 

Sharing is easy internally but also externally, too. Direct links allow you to host files and folders through a direct link (to create HTML websites, for example), and file requests allow people outside of your account to upload files directly to it.

pCloud isn’t as cheap as, but still reasonable. It only has one business subscription available, which provides 1TB of storage per user at $7.99 per user per month (when billed annually). Make sure to read our full pCloud business review to learn more or sign up for a free 30-day trial to take pCloud for a spin.  

4. Huddle

best cloud storage for teams
For teams that need real-time collaboration, there isn’t another service quite like Huddle.

More details about Huddle:


  • Unmatched collaboration tools
  • Native Office 365 integration


  • Expensive

No one does collaboration like Huddle. It’s part cloud storage provider, part private file-sharing service, and absolutely perfect for teams moving documents back and forth quickly. When it comes to cloud services, Huddle is pretty unique. As mentioned in our Huddle review, it’s a service built for files in motion.

At the core of Huddle is a collaborative workspace with a built-in task management tool. As files move around, users can comment, attach other files, send documents off for approval and more. While other cloud storage solutions may sit in the background, Huddle is a service that’s built for your team to use every day.

It’s not just task management with cloud storage attached, though. Huddle comes with a long list of native integrations, including Microsoft Office. It even integrates with other cloud storage providers, like Dropbox (read our Dropbox review), allowing you to seamlessly move files into your collaborative space.

Like most unique services, Huddle is on the expensive end of the pricing spectrum. For example, 500GB of storage costs $20 per user per month, and Huddle requires at least 15 users. Still, if you’re moving files around quickly and collaborating on documents, there’s nothing quite like Huddle. 

  • : Users: 15+, Total Storage: 500GB, Price is per user
Huddle Plus
  • : Users: 25+, Total Storage: 1TB, Price is per user
Huddle Premier
  • : Minimum Users: 100+, Total Storage: Unlimited, Price is per user

5. Microsoft OneDrive for Business

best cloud storage for teams onedrive business
OneDrive for Business is the heart of Microsoft’s ecosystem, which features a robust list of collaboration and productivity tools.

More details about Microsoft OneDrive for Business:


  • Inexpensive
  • Wide range of productivity & collaboration tools


  • Few third-party integrations

For most mid-sized teams, OneDrive for Business is a really compelling offer. On its own, it’s a solid cloud storage service. However, OneDrive for Business earns a spot in this guide because it integrates with two other important Microsoft apps: Teams and SharePoint.

Even the cheapest Microsoft 365 plan comes with all three, and that’s not by accident. From sharing OneDrive files directly in Teams to setting up a meeting in Teams to collaborate on a SharePoint site, the Microsoft ecosystem works together to make collaboration, communication and storage easier.

Those are just the apps related specifically to teams. Of course, Microsoft’s Office suite integrates with OneDrive, but there are plenty of other useful apps, too, like Microsoft Flow. Even Google Drive struggles to keep up with OneDrive, and the list of apps supporting it (read our Google Drive review).

OneDrive for Business is surprisingly inexpensive, too: $5 per user per month gets you 1TB of storage per user and access to OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint and Exchange. The $12.50 Business Standard plan is identical, but it comes with Microsoft’s Office Suite, too. You can read our OneDrive business review to learn more or sign up for a free 30-day trial to see how you like it.

OneDrive for Business Plan 1
  • : Price per user, 1TB storage, User count: 1 – 99+
OneDrive for Business Plan Two
  • : Price per user, Unlimited storage, User count: 1 – 99+
Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • : Price per user, 1TB storage, User count: 1 – 99+
Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • : Price per user, 1TB storage, User count: 1 – 99+

Honorable Mentions: Best Cloud Storage for Teams

In addition to our top five picks, there are a couple more services we want to highlight that didn’t quite make the cut. 

Dropbox Business

best cloud storage for teams dropbox
Dropbox is still one of the best cloud storage providers available, thanks to a long list of integrations and excellent usability.

Dropbox remains one of the better cloud storage options on the market, even amid some stiff competition. That’s because Dropbox is highly functional. Its integrations open up all sorts of possibilities, allowing you to do things like upload video files to Vimeo directly from your Dropbox Business account.

It can go toe-to-toe with the best of them, and that’s because Dropbox remains a market leader. As such, it’s very easy to use, making everything from uploading files to sharing them simple. You can learn more in our full Dropbox business review or sign up for a 30-day free trial, no credit card required.

Box Business

best cloud storage for teams box
Box is a little expensive, but it comes packed with features and integrations.

Box is a cloud storage service that feels like it can do anything. Like Egnyte, it comes with native Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 support, allowing you to collaborate on documents no matter what office suite you use. Box Business comes with an extensive list of integrations outside of those two, as well, including DocuSign and the Adobe suite. 

Unfortunately, Box Business is on the expensive end of things, though the price is worth it if you need to connect a lot of third-party apps. You can read our full Box review for the details or see how you like it with a 14-day free trial

Final Thoughts

A good cloud storage service can serve as a hub for your team, allowing you to share, store and collaborate in a shared space. Egnyte Connect tops our list in terms of integrations, features and usability, but that doesn’t mean you should discount our other picks. is remarkably inexpensive given its storage space and usability, and pCloud Business offers a lot for teams, including top-notch encryption while still having robust sharing capabilities. 

Between five picks and two honorable mentions, there’s a cloud storage service listed above for just about everyone. What service is your team using? Why did you choose it? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading.