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Zoolz Home Overview

Who is Zoolz For?

Zoolz offers unlimited lifetime storage to back up your computers, external and network drives. What makes Zoolz unique is that it stores data lifetime, meaning they do not delete your files after a certain period if you have deleted them from your backup.

That differentiates Zoolz from services like Backblaze or Carbonite where the software deletes files if it can’t find an equivalent on your hard drive for 30 days. 

Our Zoolz Review 2017

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Especially, when backing up external hard drives that can be a problem because you might want to backup a hard drive that is not going to be connected to your computer all the time. 

Zoolz Pricing

PlanPrice PlanStorageDetails
FAMILY (archiving)
$39.95 1 Year
1000 GB

Great for house hold protection, works for 5 users.

HEAVY (archiving)
$99.95 1 Year
4000 GB

Great for heavy usage, works for 5 users.

FREE (intelligent cloud)Free7 GB

3 computers but comes with no support.

PERSONAL (intelligent cloud)
$ 2.99 Monthly
$35.88 1 Year
100 GB

Supports 1 users, 3 devices, comes with standard support.

FAMILY (intelligent cloud)
$ 6.99 Monthly
$83.88 1 Year
500 GB

Supports 3 users, 9 devices, comes with standard support.

FAMILY PLUS (intelligent cloud)
$ 12.99 Monthly
$155.88 1 Year
1000 GB

Supports 5 users, 15 devices, comes with premium support.

Zoolz Uses Amazon Glacier

Zoolz certainly is one of the cheapest cloud backup solutions for consumers out there and that is possible because they make use of Amazon Cold Storage system “Glacier” which allows them to archive files at a very low cost. Why wouldn’t you use Glacier?

Well, you could but it is fairly complicated to set up. Zoolz gives you an easy to manage software client that even your grandma can use. 

Using Glacier not only makes Zoolz cheap but it also makes restores very slow because file retrieval can take a couple of ours. Other services are a lot faster because they use their own file storage and server infrastructure.

Alternatives for Zoolz

Starts from
$ 2.99 per month
Backblaze Review
  • Really easy to use.
  • No frills. Just backup.
  • Private encryption.
  • Few features.
  • Slow restores via web interface.
Starts from
$ 2.99 per month
Justcloud Review
  • 1TB online backup & cloud storage
  • File sync included
  • Fast & secure storage
  • Confusing pricing scheme
  • Annoying pop-ups

Look & Feel

70% – Decent

Getting Started With Zoolz

After downloading and installing Zoolz you can either login with your existing account or create a new one. The account creation is free so you can play around with the software to see if you like it. 

Getting started with Zoolz

Selecting Data

Zoolz allows you to select your files manually. You can add folders or individual files and the you are not limited by the size of the files or how much storage they will occupy as Zoolz offers unlimited cloud backup.

You can try it out for free via this URL: www.zoolz.com. For this review, we purchased the standard one year home plan but the free trial doesn’t limit you in terms of features and accessibility.

Zoolz - Selecting Your Initial Data Sets

The feature we particularly liked the most is how effortlessly we could select our files on our NAS which is rarely seen in consumer backup services. External hard drives can be backed up as well at not cost. Further settings include:

  • Backup scheduling – so that you can run backups while you’re at work
  • Backup throttling – during certain hours, so that Zoolz can’t interfere with other tasks
  • Exclude file extensions 

Zoolz - Advanced Settings Menu

Another feature worth mentioning is “Hybrid Backup” which allows you to transfer your files onto an external hard drive before they are uploaded to the cloud – that way you’ll have a backup even faster. 

Be aware that Zoolz disabled the SSL connection as a standard setting. We’d highly encourage you to reactivate it again. That is certainly something negative we have to point out in this review.

File Restoration

75% – Good

Restoring Files With Zoolz

Your backup isn’t worth a dime if you can’t restore your files properly. That’s why we pay great attention to how the restore process of each backup service works. 

Zoolz opens a separate restore app that allows you to retrieve your files from the “Cold Storage”. As the name suggest your files must first be gathered – and that can take up to 3 – 5 hours. So Zoolz certainly is nothing for people who frequently restore a great deal of data because this process simply takes too long.

Zoolz - Restore Your Files

On the flip side, this technique allows Zoolz to offer such competitive pricing. So in the end you need to decide which one you prefer. Cheap storage or speedy restores.

For most people it should be no problem waiting a couple of hours for their files. When your restore is complete, you can browse your rescued data in the folder that you’ve selected previously (that can also be on an external hard drive). 

Zoolz - Restore status

Web Access

73% – Decent

Accessing Files Via The Web Client

Web access has several advantages: you can see and browse your files doesn’t matter where you are, you don’t even need access to your computer since you can open any browser an login with your credentials. Zoolz allows you to view your files online and download them.

However, we find this features fairly useless as you can’t download your files instantly. You have to wait until your files have been called from the cold storage. 

Zoolz Web Dashboard

Preview RAW files

One of the most interesting and unique features is RAW file preview capabilities. If you are a photographer you might like this feature as you can quickly browse your archived photos. Other than that you cannot preview Word documents or PowerPoint presentations which is a shame. 

Preview Your Camera RAW files with Zoolz

Mobile Access

70% – Decent

Accessing Files on Mobile Devices

One of the most requested features nowadays is the ability to access files on mobile devices. Zoolz provides you with mobile apps for a variety of platforms (iOS and Android). You can:

  • Access encrypted backed up files from your mobile
  • Read your documents and save your photos offline
  • Photo Preview of all your backed up pictures
  • Share any backed up file no matter how large 

Especially the file sharing feature is something that will be interesting to a lot of people.

Sometimes you just don’t want to publish all of your photos on Facebook. Photographers can use that feature to send larger archives to clients without the need of large email attachments. 

Final Verdict

Zoolz is certainly an interesting alternative in the cloud backup space. Especially the ability to get unlimited cloud backup INCLUDING NAS backup is very nice. It doesn’t delete your files after 30 days if you haven’t connected your external hard drive like Backblaze. 

In the competitive cloud backup market, it is hard to come up with something new and noteworthy. We think Zoolz managed that pretty well through an abundance of useful features. 

If you are a photographer you’ll certainly like the ability to preview your raw photo files directly from you mobile device or via any web browser, no need to convert them to JPG. 


Zoolz Home Features
Free Storage
Free Trial14 Days
  • windows
  • mac
PriceStarts from $ 2.99 per month
Mobile Access
Mobile Apps
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • WindowsPhone
Free External HD Backup
Continuous Backup
Incremental Backup
Backup Scheduling
Bare Metal Backup
Exclude File Extensions for Backup
Network Drives
Bandwidth throttling
Web Access
HIPAA Compliant
File Size LimitUnlimited GB
Included Machines1
File Sharing
Multiple Accounts
Share Photo Albums
Music Streaming
Folder Collaboration
Outlook Backup
Local Encryption256-bit
Server Side Encryption256-bit
Keeps deleted filesUnlimited
File VersioningUnlimited

Zoolz Home Review

Basic cloud backup.

Cloud backup with a confusing pricing scheme. Slow upload speeds. Uses Amazon Glacier to store files.
Starts from
$ 2.99 per month
Visit Zoolz Home

28 thoughts on “Zoolz”

  1. I researched web storage using this site, and decided to give Zoolz a try. Their cold storage concept looked interesting, and the price allowed me to go out to dinner once more than I otherwise would have if I had gone with one of the better known sites like Carbonite. I don’t have a lot to compare them to, but so far I am only modestly impressed. The interface is pretty simple – a little too simple even – and not hard to use. Zoolz does seem to work right, but it works VERY SLOWLY. It took literally a week for it to back up 75 gb over a good cable connection. If my computer crashed and I wanted to restore my data, it would probably take a long time. When I emailed them a question about this, there was no reply. So I am not a big fan so far – but Zoolz is inexpensive, and it does appear to get the job done.

  2. I have a few terabytes of data that is important to me. My internet connection speeds are consistently 110 MB/s download and 30 MB/s upload. I am, for the most of the time, the only user of the internet. During free trial, the upload speeds were around 2 MB/s to 3 MB/s. Though it was far from taking advantage of full upload speeds, I was happy to see that the time it would take to complete backup would be bearable. But the trial stopped at around 50 GB, after which I would have to sign up for a plan to continue, which I did. Unfortunately, the upload speed had an immediately drop to around 1.2 MB/s soon after I restart the backup. The upload speed has been steadily declining. I have signed up for about 30 days. Currently the upload speed is around 65 kB/s. I had contacted support and had tried very methods it had suggested. Nothing worked! It will take 84 days to upload 4 TB of data. And how long will it take if I need my data back? I would not know it, would I? Because the plan does not work the way
    I was told it would have.

  3. I use the Business plan of Zoolz, 1 TB for $300 and I totally rely on it, I have been saved a couple of times by Zoolz, once from a hardware failure and the second from cryptolocker.

    The solution is way to easy to use and I have it running for 10 of my users and 3 servers, I contacted support once and they were very professional, they asked for logs and information, but the solved my problem in not more than 4 hours.

    I am really glad to be using Zoolz and I am satisfied with the performance and service I am getting for such a small amount of money.

  4. I am testing it for 5 days. Here are some my comments.
    – Upload:
    The files are proceeded with “anaylzing”/”Preparing”, and then uploading. The issue is it spend too many time at the first two steps, that cause the overall upload is very slow.

    – Restore:
    I can restore files successfully from web app. But from client, I have need finished it, the client always pend there, files will downloaded, but a whole day about 45M files downloaded. And you can only request 1 restore from client until it finish.

    Although I can restore file from web, but I am not sure if I can smoothly restore file over 1G from browser, and after 1 day, the restore link will expire.

    – Price
    $3 per month, I can just say it is all right.

    – Other issue
    If you enable multi-thread function in client, you will notice, even you stop the upload, it still doing that( I install some kind system monitor software so I can see it still occupy upload bandwidth ). I think it is a bug.

    By monitoring, the two client:upload and restore, will always use high CPU and bandwidth timely.

    – Support
    I wrote some mails, but only receive Rasha’s reply, he/she is professional, but the other email to others, even a lady who mail me says she is my Home Contact, no reply.

    So I will give up it, the most reason is I cannot restore well.


  5. I’ve singed up with zoolz since all I need a is cold storage, where my files are saved and never got deleted till I decided to delete them. My Bell internet speed is 15Mbs down and 1Meg up. I am monitoring the upload speed in pfsense router and its constantly running at 1Mbps. I am able to upload 10GB per day and so far after a month, I’ve uploaded around 350Gb. The best thing about zoolz, its even let you upload files from NAS drives and external drives. I am extremely pleased with zoolz.

  6. I’ve been trying to back up 120 GB from my home network since November of last year. It still has not completed after almost a year.

    I find this software flaky and I have not been able to stop it from hogging the entire house’s network traffic and grinding everything to a halt.
    I have tried throttling and scheduling.
    I have also tried Netbalancer.
    Zoolz does whatever and whenever it wants.
    Alas after almost a year I’m going to uninstall it.
    I don’t have faith that if disaster happens that I am covered.

  7. Agree with some of the reviews here. I stay in Singapore and initially during trial the speeds were great. Once I sign up, 2 weeks later notice the speed drop.. then later 5 times slower! and now forever slow! Though I kept reading it never throttles.. but I doubt so..
    Easy to used, but not fast enough if you have got Terabytes of waiting to upload.
    Shall try their tech support and see how it goes.

  8. I was impressed by the prices of Zoolz cold storage, I had a pull back when I read the review here regarding the slowness, I gave Zoolz a try (Trial), I was really impressed by the way you can select files, they call it smart selection, it makes the selection very easy.

    I did not have any issues with the speed or performance at all, I contacted the Zoolz support to check why some users reported the slowness, they said that all the slowness was fixed in the new builds.

    I currently use zoolz for my business usage and I am satisfied with it

  9. Love it, we are using it for our company, we got 5 TB of data, and its supper fast, its using Amazon AWS, which is amazing for us, also we have 10 Servers and 5 TB of data on NAS Units, we uploaded everything, great work guys , Keep it up, the new users management with Labelling is amazing

  10. Wow…I just got out of the entire zoolz experience after a year of bad tech support, glitchy software, and finally having my upload capability throttled to 20MB a day.

    The final saga started by being being zoolz-less since early June due to the software crashing non-stop. I went back and forth with tech support folks who had no clue what to do. At one point they actually told me “you just have to wait for the new build”. LOL. That didn’t work either, but eventually one of them solved the problem.

    Yet then I found another problem–the big thing zoolz sold themselves on, RAW file previews for photos, stopped working with .dng format. The universal Adobe format wasn’t recognized! Don’t worry, they said–“it will be fixed in another build”.

    So then I then proceeded to re-upload EVERYTHING for the fourth time in a year. I am a home user on a Mac, with about 2TB in files, all personal.

    Then…about 25% of my way through rebacking everything up, my uploading suddenly all of a sudden, my upload slowed to 20 MB per day. After a couple days, then I realized it wasn’t going to change…so I email the ever-so-helpful tech support.

    “Support” said it’s because other users have compromised the unlimited plan I was on (was–notice the past tense) because of uploading illegal files and using zoolz as a business repository. So therefore, they couldn’t guarantee any upload speeds. So they said they would refund me the rest of my contract so I can purchase a new plan.

    WHY was this a problem? Well I purchased a five year contract for about £100. With unlimited upload capability. I don’t need crazy unlimited, about 2TB with the room to grow perhaps (I am an avid amateur hobby photographer). So the only plan that would suit my needs (which are not much as a home users, maybe 2TB of data) would cost £200 per year.

    Hmm…so let’s strongarm the guy who purchased our low-money maker plan just before we got rid of it, get him on a plan that would cost him £900 more over five years.

    Amazon is now offering cloud storage for $60 per year, unlimited everything. Only $12 per year if you want to back up only photos. And zoolz uses the amazon glacier system anyway…

    Despicable company, bad software. Avoid. Don’t bother with these incompetent crooks.

  11. Needed to upload about 112 GB to start with. I have HS internet. Lost exact count of time but it only took about 19 hours which really surprised me. Uploads started at about 2-3mbps and I was upset thinking it would take 15 days at that rate, but later upload speeds increased significantly and I noticed speeds of around 16-18 mbps. This works great for me since I don’t need instant restore from this service.

  12. Stay FAR FAR away and DO NOT TRUST ZOOLZ. Complete scam. We started with an unlimited plan for $60/year, and they jacked it up to $1620 after 2 years, literally holding 5TB of data hostage unless we paid. Absolutely unbelievable, and probably illegal. Who knows how much they would charge to actually restore a lost backup. Please spread the word- this company is BAD NEWS.

    1. UPDATE: I am sure I am just rare customer who got caught in the cracks, but we had a tough experience with Zoolz. We started with an unlimited-space plan for $60/year, but after 2 years, our price apparently increased to $1620 (we uploaded 4.5T of data). Zoolz ended our subscription without notice, and only offered to upgrade to a much more expensive service. Happily, they did finally offer to continue with the same deal we started with. I guess I wish it didn’t take complaining and threatening to post bad reviews.

  13. I had an account for just under a year, the support was useless, these people managed to make a complete mess of 5 TBs of important documents, lost most of it due to their incompetence, I am now with Datacastle RED who are not only less on cost but actually provide support when needed, the tool is very easy to use with great performance on both uploads and downloads.

    Also did some research on this business due to all the problems as I was very concerned how secure my documents were being managed – look further up this thread for fake reviews on Zoolz from Ahmad Bushnaq 2014/06/23 at 00:50 and Mo 2015/04/20 at 22:54, one works in Zoolz sales and the second is the CEO. Not sure if there reviews are appropriate on here. Also, this is NOT a UK business, they’re based in the middle-east.

    Think very carefully before trusting your documents with these people!

  14. I saw the Zoolz special ($39 for lifetime 500gb/500gb). I bought into it. But after comparing the files I checked off to back and the files at the site, I noticed that it only backed up about 70% of the files I marked to backup. When I checked my local files (marked files that have been backed up), they all show as backed up.. I sent a support ticket, but it look like they have never had this issue before. I even asked if there is a way to do a total reset (they don’t know.). It’s also seems that tech support doesn’t work on weekends. I’ll be asking for a refund..

  15. What a waste of time. We went with a rigid plan to backup 3 million files about 10 TB of data to keep off premises for an emergency recovery.

    What a joke! After 3 months of running backups daily, the data has not been completed (I have 200 MB Internet up/down service).
    The tech support is USELESS. They take 24 hours to respond each time, and when they respond they ask you to run logs reports for another 24 hours and send then the logs, which you can’t because the logs are so big you can’t email them.

    After 7 days of back and forth on emails from support, their recommendation was to restart the backup from the beginning because I have “TOO MANY FILES”

    WTF ???? These F***ing geniuses sell a backup service but you can’t put too many files?

    Deduplication service doesn’t work because, (you have to laugh here) they said and I quote “It seems that you have uploaded a lot of files that you have already uploaded before (not recommended). Please be informed that the De-Duplication feature was designed to save only your bandwidth. This way, you have to delete all your files and start a new backup job.”

    GO with another service.

    Recommended – NO F***ing WAY!!!

  16. I’ve been customer for few years Genie and afterword of Zoolz and canceled recently after I understood that:
    1. You can never downgrade memory just upgrade.
    2. Their cost is higher than their competitors.

    In addition after I canceled they charged me for an additional month.

  17. I have bought the lifetime 500GB live + 500GB cold so that I can browse my 200GB+ of photos more-or-less anywhere. So far I have only been using the ‘live’ (‘vault’) storage. Over the last few weeks I have ‘dropped’ most of my 200+GB of files onto my ‘live vault’ under the ‘My computers’ tab of the Zoolz web page interface. I have used the Android app to spot check the upload; no problems spotted.

    The Zoolz Android app is simple and obvious in its operation and lets me browse my directory structure easily. Its speed and smoothness (lack of glitchyness) make browsing quick and pleasant. The web page interface on the other hand is clunky and I have been having troubles with browsing directories with more than 100 files.

    Though the web-based upload is clunky it has (apparently) been working well. If I drop a several thousand files on the page (limit is 1000 at a time but I have been able to drop many times) and a particular file fails it can be tedious to find it to resume the download.

    I have not been able to get the web-based browsing to operate nicely for directories with more than 100 files. Upon navigating to a directory 100 files are shown. If ‘grid’ if chosen (rather than ‘list’) I can find no way to scroll to more files (than the 100 showing). If ‘list’ is showing then ‘page down’ key will expand the length of the list when the end of the scroll bar is reached. However, I then see 2 or more copies of the same file in the list and it apparently gets worse as I use pageDown repeatedly.

    So, for a place to keep all my photos for convenient browsing *via an Android* device its it
    actually quite nice. The one-time price for lifetime storage is also very good. The laptop-based upload via a web-based app is clunky but seems to work. As things stand now I will only use an Android device (but that’s nice) to browse and will avoid browsing on my laptop since that interface is so quirky for large directories. (I have been in contact with tech support. Yes, 24 hours for an exchange seems standard but they have kept at it. Unfortunately they want remote access to my computer to explore the problem. I am not inclined to allow that – if the web interface shows the same quirky behaviour on any of my 5 computers on any of Chrome, FireFox, or Edge then I’m thinking they should be looking at the code for their interface, not one of my computers.)

  18. Zoolz is a complete farse! This so-called “Reinventing the personal cloud. Smart and secure backup for all your precious photos, videos and personal documents.” lost over 4 terabytes of important documents.

    I sent 4 terabytes to my Zoolz home acct, which took weeks to upload. Then I noticed some documents had disappeared, I asked for help from Zoolz who came back after several weeks with nothing they could do. I also tried calling them, but got nowhere.

    I’ve put this bad experience down to my poor judgement in trusting a business that doesn’t seem to have any idea what they’re doing. I’m now with another cloud backup business who are not only cheaper, but they help me whenever I need help.

    Please think twice before choosing Zoolz Home if you value your documents.

  19. An aquaintance had account terminated by Zoolz for copywrite infringement. But all of uploaded files were securely encrypted before leaving the computer. How is it that Zoolz can identify infringing files unless the software passes the encryption key to them, or that encryption doesn’t even happen. Vary suspicious. I would not trust.

  20. Definitely not happy with this. It keeps stopping the backup. I have left my computer on for days trying to upload all my files but keeps stopping. I continually have to manually reset it. I wish I could get my money back. Not compatible with my OSX Sierra. Customer support is terrible.

  21. I prefer pCloud. I have used the pCloud service for several months and it has not disappointed me.

  22. If zoolz uses Amazon Glacier, why don’t you use Amazon Glacier directly if all you want is to store your files?

    However, Glacier becomes very expensive if your files exceed more than a terabyte.

    I have practically used every storage out there and here are my takes.

    1. Cloud storage with direct file hosting and API:
    a. Amazon AWS (fastest. I’m only using S3 and Glacier. 10,000 put/fetch so you mostly pay for storage
    b. Google cloud (10,000 put/fetch, so you mostly pay for storage
    c. Backblaze B2 (easiest & friendliest. Generous put/fetch. Cheapest cold storage)
    d. Microsoft azure (requires programming background and advanced knowledge. steep learning curve)

    2. Cloud storage with collaboration and file sharing (I don’t bother with less than 10 GB)
    a. box (best for business)
    b. pcloud (best upload speed, best virtual extension drive. Has some problems syncing sometimes)
    c. OneDrive (best for documents. I will not extend subscription. All files will be migrated to pcloud. Will keep downgraded 5 GB storage. I initially had free 25 GB but microsoft downgraded that. missed the extension request. with seagate offer, I got 300 GB, which expires this December 2017. Microsoft has 50 GB only of paid storage, which is not enough for my files. The next upgrade size is 1 TB, which is costly for things that are included which I can normally do on a pc)
    d. Google drive (storage for personal files)
    e. mimedia
    f. mega (best free storage and sharing for audio and video , 50 GB)
    g. 4shared (best for searching other people’s media files)
    h. yandex
    i. mediafire (best for sharing big files and file hosting)

    3. Private cloud storage
    a. Amazon cloud (unlimited storage. Slow upload speed. Can also share but very slow speed. Storage for bluray movies, hi-res audio)
    b. mail.ru (free 25 GB cloud with sync included in mail subscription. Sync app available. Can also collaborate)

    4. Specialized hosting
    a. adobe cloud (hosts pdf files only. slow interface)

  23. It seems to be a great app as well of the others just depending what ur wanting as well as it comes with a lot of different ways and files that you can save them and the memory is a lot very good

  24. I subscribed to Zoolz some months ago. The upload (at 12 mps via Comcast) was slow for 707 GB of data from one computer and several networked hard drives. However the major problem occurred when I rebuilt the computer’s Win 10 OS. While the Zoolz web site identifies my account, reinstalling the Zoolz software to my computer would not recognize the computer. Seems the service’s programming views the computer as ‘new’. Instead of having access to the current uploaded files, the company wanted me to create a new backup. So, what happens when the customer replaces their computer? How do you access the earlier files backed up?

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Zoolz Home Review

Basic cloud backup.

Cloud backup with a confusing pricing scheme. Slow upload speeds. Uses Amazon Glacier to store files.
Starts from
$ 2.99 per month
Visit Zoolz Home