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Taskworld is a pretty cool project management tool that's used by several big corporate names. We can see why: using it is smooth and it has tons of features, plus decent pricing. Read our full Taskworld review to see whether it is for you.

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By James Konik (Writer)
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Starts from $ 1099 per month

Taskworld is a project management platform that offers you the chance to experience zen-like teamwork. That’s quite an offer. Though we didn’t reach nirvana while using it, we found it likeable and effective.

The brainchild of billionaire Fred Mouawad, Taskworld launched in 2012, making it a relatively new player in the market. We’ll see how it compares to the best project management software in this Taskworld review.

It’s trusted by some of the world’s biggest firms, including Sony, Samsung and Volkswagen, so you’ll be in good company if you sign up.

We were impressed by it because it was easy to use while still offering plenty of features. It’s well worth checking out for anyone looking to organize projects online.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Breezy but effective style
  • Responsive, snappy interface
  • Strong basics


  • Few integrations or standout features

Alternatives for Taskworld


80 % – Good

Taskworld is organized by “project.” Projects are broken into “tasklists” and “tasks.” Beyond that, it’s up to you. You can use it as a kanban board or a list of tasks to be ticked off as you work through them.

You can create tasks easily within the app or by sending an email to an address provided for each workspace. If you’re going to do the latter, check out our guide to email security first.

Tasks can be assigned to different people, given deadlines, tagged, labeled and monitored. You can set custom reminders for each of them, track time spent and give them points (which we haven’t seen anywhere else).  If you’re interested in tracking your users’ time and want to keep an eye on the finances, take a look at our Mavenlink review.


Tasks are easy to filter in Taskworld. You can view those that you’ve created, followed or are assigned to you. You can filter by time period, too.


You can also comment on each one, as well as attach files. They have checklists, which work as subtasks.

Taskworld Storage

Files also get an area of their own in case you want to upload anything to share throughout the project. As for storage space, you get 100GB on Taskworld’s Professional plan and unlimited cloud storage at the Enterprise level. Those on the Professional plan who need even more space should read our best online storage for teams article.

Taskworld doesn’t have dependency management, unfortunately. If that’s essential to you, take a look at our Wrike review to learn about a platform that has it.

Taskworld’s main view is the tasks view, but there’s also a calendar and timeline. The list view can be arranged into columns, making it work as a kanban board. The calendar view shows you what you’ve got coming up and allows you to sync your project with external apps, such as Google Calendar, Outlook.com and the macOS X calendar.

The timeline shows when your tasks take place relative to one another. They’re highlighted according to status, so, for example, you can see if they’re overdue or complete.


Taskworld’s analytics page lets you see how many tasks are planned, completed and overdue, and it sorts them into categories. You can see what’s assigned to you, as well as what you’re following, so it’s a good way to see if everything is on track.


If having an overview of the business side of your project sounds useful, check out our LeanKit review, for an alternative.

Taskworld has a chat area that lets you talk to your teammates, wherever they happen to be. You can send direct messages, and there are multiple channels. You can upload attachments and there’s a good selection of emojis, so you can express yourself.

Taskworld Feedback

It’s also possible to give feedback to people and add values to your company that everyone can see. Feedback is private by default, but it can be shared by mutual consent. Overall, it’s a nice place to communicate. It’s better than many of Taskworld’s competitors’ offerings and similar to having a members-only area for project discussion.

Taskworld’s customization options are good. You can tailor it to match your tastes. You can change your workspace background to one of several high-quality photos or choose one of its soft gradients. If you don’t like any of those, you can upload your own picture.

People and chat channels can be given their own pictures, too, so for those of you who like a sense of ownership, Taskworld gives it to you. If you’re into customization, read our Podio review. Podio lets you create custom templates, which is useful if you have similar projects that take a lot of work to set up.

Taskworld projects can be copied and exported to .csv if you want to use your data elsewhere. There’s also a comprehensive activity log that shows you the actions that have been taken and when.

Integrations are thin on the ground, but you can import data from Trello if you export a .json file from it. It has its own API, so you can extend the platform yourself if you have the development chops. Its documentation looks detailed, despite the occasional spelling error.

Unless you’re planning to work on it yourself, though, there isn’t much beyond the features you get out of the box. That said, there’s nothing wrong with those.

Mobile apps are available in the App Store and Google Play Store, so you can use it on the go.

Taskworld gets a good score on features because of its strong selection of views and good customization and communication options. Integrations are its main weak point.

If you’re after a platform that’s easy to use but has plenty of integrations, take a look at our Asana review.

Taskworld Features Overview

  • Management Views

    • Management Features

      • Dependency management: No
      • Tasks
      • Subtasks
      • Custom backgrounds
      • Other customization options: Pictures for chat channels
      • Team size limit: Unlimited
      • Storage space: Unlimited GB
    • General Features

      • Free Trial: 15 days
      • Payment: Credit Card, Paypal
      • Accepts cryptocurrency: No
      • Mobile OS support: iOS, Android
    • Security

      • Two-factor authentication: No
      • Encryption: TLS 1.2 (transit)
      • SOC certification: No
    • Support

      • Ticket-based support
      • Live chat: No
      • Phone support: Sales number provided


    90 % – Excellent

    Taskworld is an easy-to-use platform with almost everything working as expected. Its interface is fast and readable and most things can be figured out the first time you use them.

    Signing up is quick and painless. After you confirm your email, you’re asked for a few details, then given the option to invite colleagues by email or link. You’re then asked to consent to some General Data Protection Regulation-related privacy changes. Our article on the GDPR explains more about what it is.


    After that, you’re welcomed into the app with an animation of a well-dressed man in a hot air balloon. That’s a good indicator of Taskworld’s tone. You’re using it to get things done, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy yourself in the process.


    From there, you into the app, where a brief tutorial is presented to you. It takes you through the basics and lets you try some of Taskworld’s features. After you work through it, you get rewarded with cheerleaders and sparkles, so it’s worth it.


    Creating a project is just a question of filling the details in and picking a template. There are four of these, plus an empty one, and they each offer different approaches and have a brief introduction explaining what they offer.


    There’s a plain kanban board with three columns: “to-do,” “doing” and “done.” If that’s all you need, take a look at our Trello beginner’s guide to learn about a simple, kanban-based application.

    There’s also a weekday-based template with lists named after days of the week (weekends are optional in Taskworld), as well as two templates with task lists for individuals and departments.

    Taskworld Interface

    The interface is responsive, with most actions giving you instant feedback. It feels as snappy as a desktop application most of the time, and that’s a credit to its developers.

    One problem we found is that it’s too easy to lose things, including information you’ve entered, by clicking something different. For example, when setting up a new project, you’ll lose all the data you enter if you click outside the window you’re working in. Be careful not to get caught by that.

    Another minor issue is that its overview and project areas present similar lists of views, but the views are slightly different. The first time we noticed that, we thought the calendar had vanished. These aren’t serious problems, though.

    Taskworld scores well on usability with almost everything working as expected. It’s also quick, which makes it easy to explore and helps you stay engaged when using it. That’s why it gets high marks.


    85 % – Very Good

    Taskworld has a simple pricing structure with just two plans. The Professional plan is reasonably priced and includes almost all of Taskworld’s task management features. The Enterprise tier includes all sorts of extras, giving you better support and security. You also get training, unlimited storage and a choice of 16 data centers for storage, among other things.

    If you’d prefer to use a platform with a free tier, take a look at our Freedcamp review for one such option.

    If you want to check out Taskworld, there’s a 15-day free trial. No credit card is needed when you sign up. If you want to pay, you can do so by credit card or PayPal.

    Taskworld scores well on price because of its straightforward plans and inexpensive standard option. A free tier would be nice, but you can’t have everything and Taskworld offers plenty for your money.

    Security & Privacy

    80 % – Good

    Taskworld uses Amazon Web Services to host your data and encrypts your data in transit and at rest. In addition to making regular backups, you can choose where your data is located, which is useful if a particular country has laws that suit your requirements.

    It complies with the GDPR and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. If you want to know who it shares data with, its extensive privacy policy has a list that tells you.

    If you have privacy-related concerns, read our how to protect your privacy article for tips.

    There are useful options in the Taskworld app, too. You can choose whether to allow third-party access to your data and request a copy of the workspace-related info Taskworld stores.

    On the Enterprise plan, you can set up SAML single sign-on for added security. That will give you more protection from cybercrime.

    There isn’t much else, though, so if you need to fine-tune your security settings, you’ll need to look elsewhere. monday.com gives you a lot to play with security-wise. Read about it in our monday.com review.

    Taskworld doesn’t have two-factor authentication either. You can read more about that in our what is two factor authentication piece. Take a look at our Airtable review to see an application that offers it, along with several other interesting features.

    Taskworld gets a decent score in security and privacy. It gets the basics right, but isn’t especially feature-rich.

    Service & Support

    85 % – Very Good

    Taskworld is nice and easy to figure out, but if you get in trouble, there’s plenty of support available. The help menu has useful options. The tutorial we talked about earlier can be accessed there if you want to go through it again (or, like us, accidentally dismiss it the first time it’s presented).

    Check out our ClickUp review to see a platform that does a good job of welcoming you with a guided tour of its features.

    Taskworld’s user guide has dozens of categorized articles explaining how to do simple and not-so-simple things. They include text and animation, so you can see how things are done. There’s also a selection of recent articles.

    You can leave comments on them if you have further trouble and, from what we’ve seen, Taskworld’s support team always responds and helps anyone having problems.


    It has a workflow tips option that brings up a pop-up with four videos. They’re presented well, but there aren’t many and they’re short.

    Click “contact us” and you’ll be asked to search Taskworld’s support materials before getting to contact its support team. Once you do that, you’re presented with a simple form to submit. We asked a question about two-factor authentication and got a detailed response in just 19 minutes, which is quick.

    If fast support times are important to you, Taskworld has you covered, but for an even faster service, check out our Basecamp review. It got back to us in just three minutes.

    With good response times and plenty of documentation, Taskworld scores well in service and support. It’s an easy-to-use platform, though, so you probably won’t need much assistance.

    Final Thoughts

    Taskworld is one of the best platforms we’ve looked at recently and delivers plenty of features at a decent price.

    Its interface is excellent. When you do something, it just works. It’s snappy, responsive and easy to figure everything out. We recommend it as one of the best project management options out there.

    Its lack of integrations or unusual features are its only issues. What you see is what you get, but it does have an API if you want to extend it yourself. What’s there is good quality, though, and it’s well worth checking out.

    If you’ve taken Taskworld for a spin, please tell us what you thought of it in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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