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Dan Ginn

Dan Ginn

Writer, Script Editor

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  • Knows very well about:project management, Gantt chart, scrum, agile methodology, kanban board, cloud storage, synchronization, file sharing & storage capacity

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Dan Ginn is a writer for Cloudwards. His writing and research for Cloudwards focus on cloud storage and backup. 

Background & Education

Dan Ginn has been at the forefront of tech writing, exploring the intricacies of digital technology for the better part of a decade. With a strong focus on project management software and cloud storage, his expertise has been invaluable to the readers of Cloudwards. Over his seven years as a full-time freelancer, Dan has contributed to leading tech platforms such as Digital Trends, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, and Android Authority. Beyond just writing, Dan’s role at Cloudwards extends to shaping and editing video scripts, ensuring top-notch content quality. Outside of the professional sphere, Dan’s personal passions like photography and travel give him a unique perspective, while his love for football and UFC keeps him entertained during downtime.

Dan’s comprehensive understanding of the digital tech landscape is rooted in his years of hands-on writing experience and constant engagement with the latest industry trends. Although he hasn’t undergone formal educational training in this niche, his prolific career as a writer speaks for his proven knowledge and passion for the field.

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