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nTask Review

With its user-friendly design and numerous useful features, nTask might just be the go-to project management software for your team. Let’s dive into our comprehensive nTask review to discover how it can enhance your team's productivity and collaboration.

Waricha Nitichareon
By Waricha Nitichareon (Writer)
— Last Updated: 2024-04-11T12:37:00+00:00 Facts checked by Igor Kurtz
What Is nTask & Is It Good to Use?
  • nTask is an all-in-one project management software suite suitable for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses.
  • The platform’s key features include workflow and project management tools, team collaboration, time tracking, resource management and more.
  • nTask stands out with its clean, intuitive interface that manages to provide comprehensive functionalities without feeling overly complicated.

Facts & Expert Analysis:

  1. Applications: In our hands-on testing, we found that the nTask web app offers a better and more complete experience than the desktop (currently only macOS) and mobile apps.
  2. Plans: Though nTask’s free version covers basic task management needs for individuals or very small teams, upgrading to the Premium plan unlocks many useful features.
  3. Updates: Despite experiencing some minor bugs and identifying room for improvement in certain areas, we see that nTask is constantly improving and introducing new features.

nTask is a fairly new task and project management tool that has quickly earned a great reputation. If you’re wondering whether nTask is the right fit for your team and how it stands out among other tools, our comprehensive nTask review will provide the answers. We will cover the key features, pros and cons, pricing plans and more.

Though nTask has many powerful capabilities, from team and task management to issue tracking, it lacks certain advanced features that its top competitors have. Still, this didn’t stop us from including the platform in our roundup of the best project management software. Keep reading to find out more.

  • 04/11/2024 Facts checked

    Our nTask review has been updated to include more information and an easier-to-read format.

What Is nTask & Who Is It For?

nTask is a project management software service that allows teams to plan projects, collaborate on tasks, share files, track time and analyze workloads. Founded in 2015, nTask markets itself as an all-in-one solution for managing tasks, goals, issues and workloads. The simple interface and robust features are great for small to medium-sized businesses and remote teams.

nTask: The Cloudwards Expert Opinion

nTask strikes a balance between ease of use, project management capabilities and affordability. Its straightforward design makes it accessible even for beginners, but it still offers enough depth to effectively handle different projects, tasks and workloads.

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However, where nTask falls a bit short is in its lack of advanced features compared to industry leaders, like advanced automation and integration capabilities. Therefore, nTask is not ideal for complex workflows or larger teams.

nTask Pros & Cons


  • Affordable plans
  • Intuitive Gantt charts
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Easy to use kanban boards
  • Efficient workload system


  • Limited knowledgebase
  • Few 3rd-party integrations
  • Not suitable for large teams
  • Lacks advanced automations

nTask Alternatives

  1. 1
      $9 / month(save 25%)(All Plans)
    • 2
        $7 / month(save 30%)(All Plans)
      • 3
          $4 / month(save 20%)(All Plans)
        • 4
            $10.99 / month(save 18%)(All Plans)
          • 5
              $9.80 / month(All Plans)

            Features: What Can nTask Do?

            85 % – Very Good

            nTask covers all the essential project management features, such as task management, team collaboration, file sharing, time tracking and issue tracking. The service executes core capabilities well, though some advanced functions could use further development. Let’s dive deeper into nTask’s key features.

            Project & Task Management

            The free version of nTask offers a robust task management tool that allows users to create checklists, assign tasks to a team member, set due dates, add descriptions and attach documents. However, project management features that let you set project start and end dates, establish milestones and add a project budget are only accessible on paid plans.

            ntask task feature
            In nTask, you can set recurring tasks, plan dates, and add checklists and descriptions.

            Multiple views are crucial for visualizing tasks and projects. Fortunately, nTask provides various options, including list, grid, calendar, Gantt chart and kanban board views. The Gantt chart view stands out as clean and intuitive for planning project timelines. Though its kanban board view is great for managing tasks, we don’t consider nTask to be one of the best kanban apps.

            ntask gantt view
            nTask’s Gantt charts look clean and can be zoomed in and out.
            Team Collaboration

            nTask supports real-time collaboration with team members through comments and @mentions within tasks and projects. All conversations and feedback are consolidated in the dedicated “collaboration” feature, which is accessible from the sidebar. We particularly like how convenient it is for keeping all team communications and relevant files organized.

            Nevertheless, real-time chat on nTask doesn’t work as smoothly as on or Wrike. The platform also lacks collaborative spaces such as the whiteboards on or the mind maps on ClickUp.

            ntask collaboration feature
            You can add comments to and tag teams in tasks and projects,
            which are visible within the collaboration feature.

            Additionally, nTask’s meeting management feature is excellent for scheduling meetings, setting agendas and assigning team members directly within the platform. You can set up meetings for specific tasks. nTask’s integration with meeting services like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams also allows remote teams to create and join meetings within a task.

            ntask meeting feature
            nTask allows you to add and manage meetings within the platform.
            Time Tracking

            With the time tracking feature, individual team members can set time estimates and track the time spent on each task or manually make a time entry. Once team members submit their timesheets, project managers can review and approve the time entries.

            Moreover, nTask offers a resource management tool that helps project managers allocate tasks efficiently based on team members’ availability and workload. Users with the Business plan can also use the report feature, though it is currently in beta. As per our inquiry with customer support, users must contact the nTask team with their emails to activate this feature.

            ntask track time feature
            Teams can easily track time spent on tasks and projects or enter time manually.
            Risk Management

            nTask’s risk management feature allows teams to identify and document project risks, as well as assign risk owners. Teams can also develop mitigation plans, analyze risks using assessment graphs and risk matrices, and take the necessary actions to mitigate potential problems.

            ntask risk matrix
            The risk matrix allows teams to visually assess and prioritize
            project risks based on their likelihood and impact.

            Additionally, nTask offers customization options for users to tailor the risk module by creating new fields according to their specific needs.

            Issue Tracking

            Software development and IT teams can greatly benefit from nTask’s issue tracking feature for managing and prioritizing bugs or other issues tied to specific tasks. The tool allows you to select an issue type and plan start and end dates. You can also assign an issue owner, set severity levels and update the issue status.

            ntask issue tracking
            Project managers can use the issue tracking feature to
            organize any issues during the course of a project.

            nTask Features Overview

            $3 / month(All Plans)
            Management Views
            Kanban board
            Spreadsheet view
            Gantt charts
            Workload planning
            Long-term planning
            Management Features
            Multiple project management
            Dependency management
            Native scrum management
            Set user permissions
            File storage
            Built-in integrations
            Reporting features
            General Features
            Free plan
            Free Trial14 days
            Web app
            Ticket-based support
            Live chat
            Phone support

            User-Friendliness & Hands-On Testing

            85 % – Very Good

            nTask is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use project management software programs on the market, even for complete beginners. The visual designs are modern and uncluttered, though the interface could use a few more customization options.

            That said, there are areas where improvements could be made. For instance, aside from a left-hand sidebar that enables users to quickly create projects, navigating between project views like kanban boards, Gantt charts, lists, grids and calendars is not particularly seamless. Integrating these functions more consistently could enhance the user experience.

            nTask does offer an automation feature, but it’s only available on paid plans and is more of a minimum viable product. This means you can use it for basic tasks, unlike the more robust features found in other workflow management apps.

            In addition to meeting software, nTask integrates with third-party services like Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and Slack. It’s also worth noting that nTask supports Zapier for automating tasks with other apps. However, using Zapier requires additional steps from the user, which plays into nTask not being the most user-friendly platform.

            nTask macOS & Windows Apps

            nTask currently only offers a dedicated desktop app for macOS, which you can download from the App Store. Windows users, on the other hand, need to access it via a web app. However, while testing on Windows, we noticed issues in the calendar view. Even though we assigned separate dates to the tasks, they all appeared on the same day, which is concerning.

            ntask macos
            nTask’s macOS app looks clean and modern but lacks
            some of the functionality found in the web app.

            The macOS app boasts a sleek design, but its interface differs from the web app version. Though it includes core project management features, the macOS desktop app is missing certain capabilities, like collaboration tools and custom fields. Overall, we find that the web app provides a superior experience, offering a more complete set of nTask’s features.

            ntask windows
            Using the web app on Windows offers a more complete experience,
            but we found some bugs that need to be fixed.
            nTask Android & iOS Apps

            For project management on the go, nTask provides mobile apps for Android and iOS. In the Android app, you’ll find a dashboard that gives an overview of all tasks. The navigation bar at the bottom provides quick access to key areas like your projects and tasks, which is a handy feature. However, it’s worth noting that the Android mobile app currently only offers a list view.

            ntask android
            nTask’s Android app provides quick access to key areas and essential functionalities.

            Similarly, the iOS app looks and feels clean and consistent. Performance is smooth and responsive across both the Android and the iOS app. Though not as feature-rich as the web version, the mobile apps provide essential functionalities for task updates and collaboration on the move.

            ntask ios
            The iOS app has a sleek and streamlined interface that is easy to navigate.

            nTask Pricing: How Much Does nTask Cost?

            95 % – Excellent

            nTask offers a great free plan and three paid plans suitable for individuals and businesses of different sizes and budgets. nTask’s affordable prices and good value for the money place nTask at the top of our list of cheap project management software.

            nTask Free Plan

            The Basic plan is nTask’s free plan and allows you to add up to five team members, with unlimited workspaces, unlimited tasks and 100MB of file storage. It also includes unlimited access to meetings, issue tracking, timesheets, integrations, and fundamental list, grid and calendar views.

            Pricing Plan Breakdown

            nTask’s pricing structure is based on the number of users. Plans include Premium, Business and Enterprise. Here’s a breakdown of each plan:

            nTask’s Premium plan provides project management features like recurring tasks, Gantt charts with task dependencies and milestones, and kanban boards. The Premium plan starts at $3 per user per month, billed annually.

            The Business plan unlocks more advanced functionalities like custom fields, risk tracking and reporting tools. You’ll also have priority support and data management software. The Business plan costs $8 per user per month. You can sign up for nTask’s seven-day free trial of the Premium or Business plan to test out the features.

            Lastly, the Enterprise plan is suitable for larger teams that need customizations and advanced security features like SSO. Contact nTask’s sales team for a custom price.

            • Maximum 5 team members.
            • No minimum or maximum team members.
            • No minimum or maximum team members.
            • Self-hosted option. 50 team members minimum.

            Security & Privacy: Is nTask Safe?

            90 % – Excellent

            nTask meets basic consumer security expectations while providing advanced enterprise-level project management software features. The privacy policy clearly states that nTask respects users’ privacy regarding any information collected. nTask also made our roundup of the best healthcare project management software, as it meets all HIPAA requirements.

            Detailed Security Analysis

            nTask utilizes AES 256-bit SSL encryption to protect data in transit and at rest. All data is hosted on SOC 2 Type 2-certified AWS and Azure data centers, with additional security measures like DDoS protection. It is also compliant with standards like HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS and ISO 27000.

            Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security for user logins. Role-based access control allows you to restrict which areas of the app different team members can view and edit. Single sign-on (SSO) support is also available to Enterprise plan users, allowing for centralized user authentication.

            nTask Privacy Policy

            nTask states in its privacy policy that the company collects and stores user information primarily within the United States, though data may also be processed in other countries where nTask or its service partners operate.

            nTask’s collection and use of personal information is mainly to enable core platform features, process payments, communicate with users, conduct marketing activities and perform analytics to improve the service. However, users can submit a request to nTask to restrict the collection or use of certain personal data.

            Additionally, the privacy policy outlines that users’ personal information may be disclosed to third-party service providers in order for those providers to perform services. This could include services like website hosting and data storage.

            nTask Customer Support

            85 % – Very Good

            nTask users have access to various customer support options, including a knowledgebase, live chat and email support. Though the platform doesn’t provide phone support, customers can schedule an appointment with the nTask team for a demo and general support.

            The help center is easily accessible through the sidebar. The knowledgebase is decent for getting started, but some topics returned a “page not found” error as we navigated through it.

            ntask live chat
            nTask provides responsive live chat support accessible
            within the nTask manager dashboard.

            Live Chat Support Speed & Quality

            Users can contact the nTask team directly through live chat on the dashboard. We received a response within a few minutes, but the follow-up responses took much longer. Furthermore, we emailed the customer support team and received a response within 24 hours. The support agent provided a detailed answer and resolved our question.

            nTask vs Other Project Management Services: How Does It Compare?

            Though nTask is a good all-around project management software, it has to deal with tough competition from several market leaders. Let’s take a look at how it compares to top alternatives like, ClickUp and Zoho Projects.

            Both and nTask stand out for their user-friendliness and clean, intuitive interfaces. However, offers deeper automations with its powerful workflow builder and integrations. In terms of reporting and data visualization, also takes the lead with its highly customizable dashboard. Read our review for the full details.

            When comparing nTask to ClickUp, nTask wins over ClickUp in terms of interfaces. Nevertheless, ClickUp excels in all other areas thanks to its robust workflow and project management features, such as advanced custom fields and enhanced collaboration capabilities. You can explore our ClickUp review to find out more.

            Though Zoho Projects provides inexpensive paid plans, nTask remains the best option for an affordable solution, offering a wider range of project management features out of the box. However, Zoho Projects makes up for it with more in-depth reports and extensive integrations, especially with other Zoho products. Check out our Zoho Projects review for more information.

            Kanban Boards
            Gantt Charts
            Calendar View
            Resource Management
            Custom Fields
            Workflow AutomationBeta
            Time Tracking
            *On an annual plan

            Community Feedback: nTask Reviews

            We generally found positive community feedback on nTask while exploring real-world user reviews in online communities like G2. Many appreciate the free version for its numerous functionalities and simple interface. However, some users have criticized the slow loading times, suggested improvements to the user interface and requested more integrations.

            Furthermore, one user, a non-profit organization supporting veterans, shared a negative experience where nTask automatically withdrew money from their account without authorization.

            The Verdict: Is nTask Worth It?

            For teams seeking a well-rounded yet simple project management solution, nTask is certainly worth a close look. Its modern design makes it easy to plan projects, collaborate, and track progress and time in a single, cohesive interface. nTask provides a good blend of capabilities and value, offering a generous free version and an affordable Premium plan for small teams.

            However, it’s not without limitations. Larger teams and enterprises that need advanced customization, integrations, automation and premium support may find alternatives like or ClickUp more suitable.

            What has your experience with nTask been like? Is there another project management software you prefer? Which key features are most important to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

            FAQ: nTask Project Management App Review

            • Yes, nTask is HIPAA compliant, as the application is hosted on AWS HIPAA-compliant infrastructure.

            • nTask is a cloud-based project management software platform suite that provides tools for teams to plan projects, share files, collaborate on tasks, track time and productivity, and manage workloads and risks. It is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, agencies and freelancers.

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