Best Free Cloud Storage

Being able to store all your content in the cloud is important.

However, not all files are created equally and some services work better for certain types than others.

In order to help you find the best free cloud storage service for different file types, we have broken it down into four categories.


Not all cloud storage services allow you to view photos as they were meant to be seen. Here are three of the best services dedicated to image files.

Google Photos

One of the best free cloud storage services for pictures is Google Photos.

It allows automatic and easy uploading of files, so that your device is not overloaded with images.  The service also has several other features you will enjoy no file duplication, high quality images, gallery view, editing and photo search.

Google Photos comes standard with all Drive accounts where you get 15GB free. Google also allows users to store images within their drive without taking away from their overall storage amount as long as the pictures are not large.

iCloud Photo

Another option that some should consider is iCloud Photo. This product, which comes standard on Apple devices, allows iOS users to keep track of all their images without using up storage on their local devices.

In addition to automatic uploads, iCloud users get photo editing, high quality images, organization of files, no duplication, auto-sizes, file sharing and anywhere access. Free service with iCloud starts with 5GB of space.

Although we would be remiss not to point out the iCloud isn’t exactly the most secure service for keeping pictures private.


Almost all cloud storage providers will allow users to save music files. However, not all of them will allow playback of these files when you are away from your main system. Some may even force you to download the data again, even if you are at your default device.

We have provided the top three services that allow users to play music anywhere you are.

Amazon Cloud Player

Being able to access your music from anywhere only works if you can actually listen to it without downloading it first. Amazon Cloud Player is one of the easiest ways to stream your library. This service is available for those with iOS or Android devices. It also has applications for Windows and Mac desktops.

While this service is free, it does require you to either upload files into Amazon’s Cloud or purchase the music from Amazon. Either way, you will be able to access the media from any device without downloading. Prime members gain access to a selection of songs they can stream for free.

Google Play Music

Google also has a music player available for their consumers. Like Amazon, users can upload up to 50,000 songs and listen to them on the go. Unlike the competition, this service allows you to listen to radio playlists similar to that of Pandora or Spotify.

Google Play Music has a free tier for you to enjoy. You can still load your favorite music without missing a beat. However, there are some restrictions when it comes to listening to radio. You have to endure advertisements and will not get the luxury of skipping all the songs you don’t want.


Movies were something of a challenge, as many take up a lot of space that could keep you from using a free site to keep your collection going. However, there are still a couple of free services which can help you get your flicks off the DVD and into the cloud.


As the name StreamNation implies, this cloud storage provider is all about letting you stream files wherever you are. This service is especially good with movies. You have to be able to transfer the files from the DVD to your computer via ripping software first.

Once these files are on your hard drive, there is an option to save them to your free account. With this service, you can watch movies on any computer browser at full resolution. Those with iOS devices can take them on the go.

StreamNation gives you a generous 20GB free.


Plex is a little different; while not being exactly a cloud storage service, it does work with your existing cloud provider. This free service is designed to let the user watch all the movies, videos, and any TV shows that you have in your collection.

You can use it to stream movies directly from your PC to any device in the house. In addition, you can use the Cloud Sync service to access off-site storage and stream movies instantly, provided you have an internet connection.


Sometimes, you need storage space for everything from images to documents. You also have several different types of document files to store such as text, spreadsheet, presentations, and even PDFs. Because of this, you might need a one stop shop for everything in between.


We’ve mentioned MEGA before. This site gives an enormous amount of free space and can handle just about any file type you can think of. While it might not be the best for streaming music or watching movies, you can keep them here without worrying about someone getting into the account.

One of MEGA’s biggest draws is the fact that it has secure encryption built in. It is a zero-knowledge provider, which means there is no need to worry about anyone accessing your account without your knowledge.


OneDrive is another good suggestion for the mixed media crowd. Not only do you get 15GB of space free, you can edit documents within the cloud drive.

Microsoft has also been making changes to the way photos are stored. These changes make it easier to view your files and find specific images through their search feature. The company promises more enhancements to come.


Getting the best free cloud storage is easy. But some sites are not one size fits all. That is why we’ve compiled a selection of best services for media.

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When you are looking for the best free cloud storage service, you need to pick the one that works best for your needs. Let us know which one here fits your criteria and thanks for reading!

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