Jottacloud Review

A very affordable backup provider with great upload speeds, Jottacloud falls short of the bigger names in the market.

By Jacob RoachDeputy Editor
— Last Updated: 13 Apr'18
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Starts from $ 825 per month for 10000 GB
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Jottacloud is a privacy-oriented Norwegian backup and syncing platform that’s both relatively inexpensive and easy to use. The service isn’t without its issues, though: Jottacloud falls behind the bigger names in cloud backup with inconsistent customer support, no block-level file copying and no private encryption.

Previously, Jottacloud had actually limited its “unlimited” plan to 10TB of storage and told users who exceeded that amount that it would delete their data. However, Jottacloud now claims to be truly unlimited.

While it may not be our first choice, it doesn’t mean that Jottacloud is a bad one. You can sign up for a free 5GB of storage on Jottacloud and try out the service for yourself, or read on to see how it compares to our other best cloud backup services.

Alternatives for Jottacloud

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Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Unlimited backup
  • Syncs devices
  • Based in Norway
  • Great photo backup
  • Free 5GB of storage
  • Backs up rare file types


  • Not zero-knowledge
  • Terrible customer support
  • Can’t backup individual files
  • Can’t backup locally
  • No incremental backup


70% - Decent

On paper, Jottacloud would seem to offer more than your typical backup service thanks to the inclusion of device synchronization (sync) capabilities. Sync means you can access your photos, video and documents across multiple devices without having to transfer them manually.

Very few backup services also sync files, with IDrive and SpiderOak ONE being perhaps the best known exceptions (read our IDrive review and SpiderOak review for more on this). Sync is traditionally a feature associated with cloud storage rather than cloud backup. If you’re unclear about the difference between the two, read our backup vs storage article to bone up.

Clients are available for all the big platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android; Team Penguin will have to look elsewhere.

Recently, Jottacloud Photos was added to all subscriptions. This add-on app provides an interface specifically tailored to backup media. With Jottacloud Photos, photos and videos  aren’t compressed like they are with Dropbox, meaning file previews are higher quality (to find out more on what we think of that service, check out our Dropbox review).

Outside of that, the Jottacloud feature set is mostly comparable to other backup services, including having a backup scheduler to let you run backups overnight. It also supports file versioning so you can roll back unwanted file changes or corruptions.  

There are, however, two important features missing, namely a lack of local backup nor zero-knowledge encryption. Neither of these are deal breakers for most, but would be great additions.


80% - Good

Jottacloud has pretty straightforward pricing with four plans total, two of which are free.

  • 5 GB Storage
  • 10000 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 8.25 / month
$99.00 billed every year
Save 17 %
Free Business
  • Max. 2 users
  • 10 GB Storage
  • $6 per month for each additional 100GB.
  • 100 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 8.25 / month
$99.00 billed every year
Save 17 %

Jottacloud has one of the better free plans, particularly for a backup service; Backblaze and CrashPlan don’t offer any free backup at all. However, when it comes to backing up a computer, 5GB won’t get you far.

On top of that, the single-user subscription is roughly twice as much as Backblaze and CrashPlan, both of which also offer unlimited backup. However, neither Backblaze nor CrashPlan offer device synchronization.

Jottacloud subscribers have previously complained they received emails after exceeding 10TB that stated they needed to get below that threshold or their files would be deleted. Curious, we contacted Jottacloud for confirmation and were told that the service no longer punishes subscribers for going over 10TB.

The business subscription is the same price as the individual but with much less space. You get 100GB and each additional 100GB costs $6 per month. The advantage is that you can add multiple users to a single account and get admin tools, like custom reports, to manage them.

Ease of Use

80% - Good

Jottacloud is easy to use from signup to file restoration. When signing up, you automatically get a free subscription, which you can upgrade later online.

Backup plans for your computer are setup via a desktop app. A web interface will show you your files but you can’t upload to backup from there. You can, however, upload files to your Jottacloud sync space.  

In addition to backup setup, the desktop tool has a settings tab from which you can throttle upload and download speeds, schedule backups and set a proxy.

Restoration is more flexible, letting you restore from the application or through the Jottacloud website. Both function much the same way: just navigate to the file or folder you want to recover, click “restore” and select a location.

In addition to desktop and browser access, Jottacloud also has mobile apps for iOS and Android. The tabs shown in the web interface are the same as those in the mobile apps.

The general Jottacloud approach is straightforward. There’s not a lot to play around with, but there doesn’t need to be. Jottacloud isn’t quite as simple as Backblaze or Carbonite, but less complex than IDrive. Serious techies might be disappointed, but more mainstream users should be pleased.

File Backup & Restoration

60% - Fair

To create a backup plan, first open the desktop app and click on the backup tab. From there, you can drag and drop folders into the application window or click on “add folder” to use your desktop file explorer. After that, the backup will begin and you can add folders as needed.

The process is smooth, but there are significant limitations in backup plan creation. Only folders can be backed up; you can’t backup an entire drive or individual files. Most backup services we recommend here at backup at the file level.

Jottacloud uploaded the folders during testing without any hiccups. I put together some files with extensions like “.jpg-large” and tried uploading them to Jottacloud. To clarify, that file extension is just an image, but has problems opening in Windows. Jottacloud uploaded them with no issues.

At the folder level, you can add exclusions to what gets backed up, but only if those exclusions are folders. There’s no option to exclude specific files or file types like with many other backup tools.

Jottacloud lets you run automatic backups, which are continuous, or you can create a backup schedule.

The scheduler isn’t as customizable as better tools. You can pick what days to run backups on and what time backup starts. That’s at least lets you make sure backups run overnight, when they’re less apt to hog system resources and obstruct your work. Missing options include the ability to stop backup at a certain time and set up notifications.

A bigger issue with Jottacloud is that it doesn’t perform incremental, block-level backups. With incremental backup, when a file changes, only the parts of the file that changed get recopied rather than the entire file. This saves bandwidth. Most other backup services — including Backblaze, IDrive, Carbonite and CrashPlan — backup incrementally.

The restoration process is more flexible than backup, letting you restore both folders and individual files. To download files from the cloud, use the restore tab. Click on “my pc” to bring up the folder hierarchy, tag content to restore, set the restoration path and you’re on your way.

The restoration tab also lets you restore from your Jottacloud trash bin and archive, or restore recently changed files. For simple backups, Jottacloud works fine.

The backup and restoration process is straightforward if you only have a few folders to backup. However, things get difficult fast when lots of folders are added to the list. Also, you can’t create complex backup plans.


70% - Decent

Jottacloud’s upload speeds aren’t the fastest we’ve tested at, averaging about 10 minutes more to backup a gigabyte of content than other backup services. The upload speeds aren’t horrible, either. Download speeds were less impressive.

 First Attempt:Second Attempt:
Upload time:46:19
Download time:37:01

The tests above were run with a test folder containing a variety of different file types, including photos, videos and ebooks. Of course, your results will vary based on your Internet speeds and location. You can find my connection speeds below for context.

During my tests with Jottacloud, I sat around 3Mbit/s during upload and 6Mbit/s during download.

There’s no way to be sure, but it appears Jottacloud prioritizes small files over large ones. This will cause backup to stick some towards the end; it’s not a reason for concern.

Jottacloud lets you control bandwidth usage during backup and restore. Unlike ElephantDrive and Keepit, Jottacloud lets backup consume as much bandwidth as it needs (for more details, make sure to read our ElephantDrive review and Keepit review). By default, that usage is set to unlimited, but you can reduce it to as little as 64 Kbit/s.

Speed throttling controls are found via the desktop application settings tab. Click on “bandwidth” to make your changes. From there, you can also set the maximum number of concurrent uploads and downloads.

Security & Privacy Policy

80% - Good

Jottacloud scrambles content at rest on its servers with AES 256-bit encryption. Files are transferred between your device and the cloud using an SSL channel. All other sensitive information, such as password and credit card information, is secured within an SSL channel.

Jottacloud creates and retains your encryption key and doesn’t support user-generated keys. It’s convenient, but if the servers are breached, your information is at risk. Jottacloud support has informed us that a private encryption feature is in the works but it doesn’t know when it will be available. If you want private encryption and don’t want to wait for Jottacloud to get itself sorted, consider Backblaze, IDrive, Carbonite or CrashPlan.

Jottacloud supports two-factor authentication. With this feature enabled, you’ll be asked to enter a security code in addition to your normal credentials when logging in from an unfamiliar computer. This prevents anyone who might have cracked or stolen your password from access your storage without also having your mobile phone. 

Jottacloud is headquartered in Norway, a country with some of the best privacy laws in the world. That means it doesn’t allow ISP spying and isn’t susceptible to U.S. surveillance programs like PRISM.

The privacy guarantee from Jottacloud promises it won’t monitor the information you store. However, the privacy policy claims something else. It reads:

“When uploading data up with Jottacloud, you send us that data and you also send file system information, including names of files and directories. Jottacloud may also record your IP address when you submit information. Files are encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) during transfer.”

That means personal information and file metadata is recorded. Generally, however, such information is collected for support, and Jottacloud’s privacy policy states as much.

Customer Service

50% - Poor

Jottacloud fails when it comes to providing good product support. The first line of support comes from the help center. However, most people familiar with backup services will find nothing useful there.

The help center, in fact, reads more like a paper-thin FAQ than a full-fledged knowledgebase. Worse, the topics covered mostly respond to questions that most people don’t need answered. This includes things like how to upgrade your account and how to install the application.

Below each help article is a button to submit a request if you still have questions. However, responses from Jottacloud are reportedly inconsistent. Some people report responses received within a day, while others report it taking weeks.

Our own test email to Jottacloud support actually got a reply back within three days, which included Saturday and Sunday. Even if it takes a few days, support should be consistent. Users should have a timeline that they can count on to receive support. With Jottacloud, how long you have to wait is up in the air.

The best way to receive support from Jottacloud is through an invisible forum that isn’t linked to on the main site. The forum is lively and Jottacloud replies to questions regularly. Since the company buried its forum community and otherwise provides subpar customer service suggests it isn’t interested in spending money to improve customer experience.

The Verdict

Jottacloud seems like an attractive service at first glance but many users may be disappointed when they dig deeper. It doesn’t offer private encryption or customer support. You also can’t backup individual files and Jottacloud doesn’t perform incremental backup.

Redeeming aspects include unlimited backup, the ability to sync devices and Norwegian privacy protection. Also, the overall process is pretty user-friendly, even though it’s weak on features compared to better unlimited backup options. See our list of best unlimited backup options for some Jottacloud alternatives.

Do you plan on signing up for Jottacloud? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading.

Starts from$ 825per month for 10000 GB


Backup Scheduler
Continuous Backup
Incremental Backup
Image-Based Backup
External Drive Backup
NAS Backup
Server Backup
Hybrid Backup
Mobile Device Backup
Unlimited Backup
Unlimited Devices
Speed Throttling
Block-Level File Copying
Multithreaded Backup


Courier Recovery Service
Browser Access
Mobile App Access
Deleted File Retention


Private Encryption
At-Rest Encryption
In-Transit Encryption
Encryption Protocol
Two-Factor Authentication
Hardened Data Centers
Proxy Server Settings
HIPPA Compliant


24/7 Support
Live Chat Support
Telephone Support
Email Support
User Forum


File Sharing
Device Sync
Free Trial

Jottacloud Review

Easy to use but otherwise mediocre

A very affordable backup provider with great upload speeds, Jottacloud falls short of the bigger names in the market.
Starts from$ 825per month for 10000 GB
Visit Jottacloud

23 thoughts on “Jottacloud”

    1. I have been using it for 2 years at least and it works well. I still use Dropbox and GoogleDrive to continue to do some personal R&D and JottaCloud is in the same league…and not US based.

  1. Good evening!
    Jottacloud is best service for synchronization! Really high-speed.

    Does anybody know where can I get jotta cloud gift-cod or discount ?
    Thanks for info.

  2. Hey I want to say that this is a great review but you guys skipped one crucial thing. This service has a lot of bugs, like… A LOT. And their support service is absolutely non-existent. It takes almost a week to get an answer to any emails you send them and if you read their ‘invisible’ forum which isn’t even linked to their main site. You’ll see that they haven’t delivered on a single promise in the last 4 years (adding personal encryption, allowing you to move the sync folder without a full re-install etc). It’s a pretty slack company to be honest. They also don’t seem to post any updates really ever, and their twitter account is pretty much dead, and Facebook is even more dead. To be honest I think the company really, really needs to step up their game with customer support. It’s absolutely horrendous compared to their competitors.

  3. Hamish Z that is very helpful, and very true. I took a quick look at their and two threads jumped out at me immediately.
    One question asked for a Linux client 3 YEARS ago. The initial response from one of the founders was that Linux client development should start in Q2 of 2014. The remainer of the thread is more users asking for the same.

    Another asked for RSync support. This thread is 4 years old and doesn’t contain a single official response. It’s mostly users asking for this feature.

    1. I received a response to an email query the same day. So had a good experience with customer service.

  4. I left them 4.5 years ago for not having any 2 Factor Auth available (even a mail with a code), seriously.

    Asked if they wanted to implement it and they never answered.

    Tried again today, still no 2FA.. come on, that’s the most basic security option today..

    After 35 TB of stored data got message that they Will delete all the data if i wont get as low as 10TB.

    SO the 10TB is the REAL fair amount of storage according to their support.

    1. 10 TB is enough for all documents/photos from my computers and the computers of my parents and my 8 TB NAS.

  6. Impressed with the upload speed; Did 5TB during Christmas. I pay for 30Mbit upload bandwidth, and got a steady 28,8-29,8. In Norway, though…

  7. Been using Jotta for couple of years now, the paid service which now is 77 usd per year.

    I pay in SEK, maybe there is a tip for you right there, choose a scandinavian country as origin, you get by cheaper 🙂

    The service is outstanding, never a hickup, and past 2 years i have not needed any support what so ever.

    ATM i am hosting some 400GB of personal pictures and videos, happy that they are protected by some of the strictest private protection laws anywhere.

  8. Jottacloud also launched their great photo service, Jottacloud Photos, late 2016. I love it and it is basically the reason I bought unlimited subscriptions for my whole family (the photo service is included in the subscription)

  9. What about two factor auth? Finally there?

    Does the automatic picture upload finally work on android as well?

  10. I didn’t try it, but 2FA is definitively in the accounts options (added last week apparently!).

    I am testing Jottacloud right now, and so far it seems to work correctly.

    First findings:
    – Speed is really good (seems to be capped at 11 Mb/s per connection, the settings allow 6 uploads and 6 downloads simultaneously – tested from Paris, France)
    – Versioning lacks to possibility to set a passed date and get a folder as it was then. This is really a limitation I think (in fact it works only on individual files)
    – Overall, the combination of any number of devices, file sharing, archiving and backup is really nice
    – The Photo service is a nice addition.

    1. Some other points:
      – File access rights are not maintained across backup and restore – this is really annoying for a backup solution. I have opened a ticket regarding it, waiting for an answer (they usually answer within 24/48h)
      – The web and app are really fast and ergonomic

  11. Just wanted to mention, I signed up three days ago and the 7TiB backup is maxing out my 300/300 mbit/s connection! And yes, I do live in Norway

  12. We use the business version of Jottacloud, and it is working flawless.

    However I have one negative thing about…
    Why does companies have to pay more, compared to family account in terms of storage?

    It does not make any sense, and if this is not changes, we will migrate to other cloud service.

    1. Jottacloud User Rating

      Could it be because there is some account management, admin interface or extra features that they have to maintain?

  13. You forgot to write in the review, that they are de-duplicating content using hash MD5, on file level. Lucky the md5 hash is unique per user, and not globally for all the JottaCloud users.

    That means if you upload two different files with same MD5, then the second file will never be uploaded and you will have two files with different names on JottaCloud. But these two files will have the content of the first file.

    You will never know it has happened. So it is a corruption of files without you knowing.

    I know that it will be a limited number of files, if any. But I would have been more happy if they had written about it openly.

    SHA-1 or SHA2 would have been better, I think that many other cloud providers have this. But none are talking about it.

  14. Jottacloud User Rating

    Have you experienced that two of your files actually have same MD5 and thus are corrupted?

  15. Jottacloud User Rating

    Do NOT buy into this.
    Do NOT buy into this.. Recently the kind people behind Jottacloud realized that their business plan with unlimited space is unsustainable, so they have started a campaign, where they simply send you a letter claiming that they think you are violating their terms of service, by using your private account for commercial purposes. They will do that whenever they feel that you use more space than is worthwhile for them. I know several clients receiving this letter in recent weeks, which evidently shows that they are trying to limit their customer base to those who pay more than they use.

    If you are looking for an unlimited backup storage cloud service. Dont look here

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Jottacloud Review

Easy to use but otherwise mediocre

A very affordable backup provider with great upload speeds, Jottacloud falls short of the bigger names in the market.
Starts from$ 825per month for 10000 GB
Visit Jottacloud