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People that own either a Xbox One or 360 have access to Xbox cloud storage, which taps into the cloud to manage all your favorite games. This feature ships with the latest Xbox 360 dashboard and gives you the flexibility to play from any Xbox console. You can even save your games on Xbox cloud storage and continue playing from another machine.

Just like with any of our best cloud storage options, it allows you to access your files anywhere, anytime. Say, you’re playing a game at home and you want to play it with your friend. Simply save the game on Xbox One cloud storage, head over to your friend’s house and continue your game. It’s really that simple.

However, you’ll have to ensure that your Xbox is connected to the Xbox Live servers and you have a decent Internet connection. This is important because your saved profile has to be downloaded to the console on which you want to play.

Now that you know what’s Xbox cloud storage and how it can make life easy for you, let’s see how you can set it up and use it.

Setting up Cloud Storage

For an Xbox One cloud storage setup, you need:

  • Xbox Live Gold subscription or Xbox Live service account
  • Your console should be connected to the Xbox Live servers
  • A minimum of 514 MB of space for your local cache

With all this in place, go to your Xbox dashboard. Choose “settings” > “system” > “storage.” Select “cloud saved games” and choose the “enable cloud saved games” option. That’s it, you can now save to the cloud.

Before moving on, a word about the size of your Xbox One cloud storage. Each game requires a certain amount of space and as your library grows, you’ll need more space.

The available space is capped at 2GB, so you won’t be able to store all your games on the cloud. This is why it’s best to move game saves only for the current games you’re playing. Store the rest in a hard drive or another physical storage device.

Next, we’ll see how to save and move a game to the cloud.

Save and Move a Game to the Cloud

When you start a new game, it’ll prompt the saving location. Simply choose “cloud saved games” as your storage device and it will save it there for you.

For existing games, you’ll have to manually move it through Xbox One cloud storage settings.

  • Sign into your profile
  • Go to “settings” > “system” > “storage”
  • Choose the storage device where your current game is saved
  • Select your saved game and click “move” option
  • Finally, select “cloud saved games” to move it to the cloud

You can copy, move or delete games from your Xbox One cloud storage just like on your internal drive.

Play a Saved Game

To play a game saved on Xbox one,

  • Sign into your Xbox profile
  • Turn on “cloud saved games” option. This will bring up all the games you’ve saved
  • Choose the one you want and continue playing in another console

So, how does this work?

When you play a game, every save is cached in your console locally. When you’re done playing and exit the game, the last save is uploaded to the cloud. This is an automatic process and you don’t have to do anything at all.

To see the state of your upload, press the “guide” button on your controller, choose “games & apps” and navigate to “active downloads” list.

Now what happens if you’re in a hurry to switch off your console? How will it impact your upload?

Well, nothing changes. When you turn off your console, it continues to stay in a low power mode until the saved game is uploaded to the cloud. Of course, the console should still be connected to the power source and the Internet for this to happen.

In case you unplug your console, the saved game will not be uploaded and you’ll have to wait until the console connects to the Internet the next time you turn it on. However, this does mean that you can’t use the saved game on any other console.

Turning Off Cloud Storage

There may be times when you’d want to turn off your cloud storage, but would want to keep your saved games in it. For example, your Xbox One cloud storage is not working for some reason, so you want to turn it off. At the same time, you want to keep the saved games in your account so that you can play from a different console.

To do that:

  • Go to the Xbox dashboard
  • Choose “settings” > “system” > “storage” and select your primary storage device
  • Choose “system items” and “cloud storage console copy”
  • Finally, choose “delete” and this will remove your cloud storage

You’ll have to confirm if you want the saved games to remain in the cloud. If you choose yes, you can access saved games, but if you choose no, everything will be deleted.

From this point on, the updates you make to your saved games in this console will not be synced with the cloud storage.

How to Reinstall a Game

When you want to uninstall and reinstall a game:

  • Go to “my games and apps”
  • Select “games”
  • Choose the game you want to uninstall
  • Press the “menu” button and select “manage game”
  • From here, choose “manage all”
  • Finally, click on “uninstall all”

This should remove a game from your console. To reinstall, download it from the store or insert the game disc.


Now that we have all the information we need to setup and use our Xbox One cloud storage, let’s look at some common error messages and how to fix them.

Your cloud saved games and the saved game copies on your console are out of sync. Which do you want to use?

If you get this error message, it means there are two versions of a saved game. This occurs when you’ve not uploaded your game saves to the cloud.

In general, choose the saved version on your console, if you last played it here. On the other hand, if you last played on another console that had cloud storage turned on, go for the cloud saved version.

Game not supported

A few games on Xbox 360 can’t be saved to the cloud because they are not “cloud saved games” compatible yet. Though Microsoft has been working with game developers to make these games cloud storage compatible, it is expected to take more time. Till then, use a local storage device such as a hard drive or a USB flash drive.

Can’t enable cloud storage yet

This message simply means you’re cloud storage is not ready to use yet.

To fix this Xbox One cloud storage error,

  • Go to the dashboard
  • Navigate to “settings” > “system” > “storage” and choose your primary storage device
  • Choose “select items” > ”cloud storage console copy” > ”delete”

Check if your problem is fixed now.

We couldn’t sync your info with the cloud

You get this error when your Xbox One cannot connect to the Xbox Live servers. This can be due to problems in your console or a problem with your Internet provider. If it’s the Internet provider, wait till the issue is fixed or choose to play offline, with data on your hard drive.

If the problem is with your console,

  • Go to “settings” > ”all settings” > ”network” > “network settings”
  • On the right side of the screen you’ll find a button called “test network connection”

Click this to know if there’s a problem with your console.

In case there’s a problem, restart your console, check the cables and routers and try to restart your Internet modem. In most cases, this should fix your problem. Otherwise, you’ll have to take your console to an expert.

Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live

This problem indicates a network timeout and occurs when there is an outage or when you try to upload large file saves to the cloud.

If the service is down, you can ask Microsoft to notify you when it’s fixed again. You can do this by clicking on “notify me when this service is up and running” checkbox present inside the service name. However, this service is available in the U.S. only.

A workaround to this error is to try your sync later when the network load decreases. You can also move large game saves to a hard drive or USB flash or you can even choose to delete this save.

In the meantime, Microsoft is expected to come up with additional solutions to handle this problem.


To conclude, Xbox One cloud storage is a handy place to store your saved games as it gives you the flexibility to continue from any copy of the console.

The setup and use is also fairly easy and intuitive and we at hope the above information gives you a good start.

Let us know if you’ve had any problems with Xbox cloud storage and what you did to fix it in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

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