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The cloud is great for businesses great and small, but regular people have as much to gain from it as any corporation. No matter if you’re storing your holiday pics or want to make sure your after-hours novel doesn’t perish when your hard drive succumbs to old age, we have plenty of options that will not only serve you well but won’t break your budget, either…

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If you want to put your files away safely and keep your hard drive running clean, check out our articles on cloud storage. Online backup is for those who like to keep things on their computer, but want to make sure there’s a copy in the cloud should it fail due to a power outage or a sudden fire. If all else fails, you can always try to recover your data with our recommendations, too. has been in the backup and storage review business for over five years and we’ve reviewed every service out there several times over those years. We know what we’re talking about and hope we can help you make the right decision without too much fuss. If you’re still feeling lost check out our cloud storage comparison.

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