Best Cloud Storage with Sync 2017

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Best Cloud Storage with File Sync

Dropbox is not always the right answer, since a lot of services offer better file synchronization, privacy and customer support. That’s why we love our top pick with 5GB of free storage and a great attitude to privacy. Join us on as we introduce the top five best cloud storage services for syncing.

Trying to manage data is a real pain, especially since we access it from a smattering of different device types, including:

  • Computers
  • Smartwatches
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

Whether personally or professionally, people need to make sure they have access to the most up-to-date versions of their files. Without cloud storage, however, syncing data can become a massive headache that eats up time. The truth is, cloud storage services with syncing features are the best way to share data among several devices.

But, before we take a look at the leading cloud storage providers, let’s examine their benefits more carefully.

The Various Benefits of Cloud Storage

Many of you are probably wondering: “Why not just use a flash drive or other type of physical medium to transfer files?” Well, there are many answers to that question. First and foremost, flash drives and other similar media get easily lost, stolen, or damaged.

If all current versions of a user’s files are on a flash drive that gets stolen, they’ll lose hours or years of work. This simply isn’t acceptable. Also, many devices don’t have USB ports or disk drives, like smartphones and tablets for example. The only alternative to using a flash drive or an external HDD to transfer files onto these devices, is a web-based service.

Cloud storage services will ensure that you never lose another file again and they’ll help sync data between an unlimited number of devices, too. Sure, you could email files to yourself but that’s is a contrived and tedious solution. Furthermore, it doesn’t allow for adequate file version tracking, failing to ensure you have the latest and most up-to-date version of data.

Next, consider time constraints. It takes a heck of a lot longer to physically copy everything from one device to another using physical media. And every time a file gets updated, a user will need to copy that data to their other devices, yet again.

The biggest problem with physical media is that it is a manual process. The miracles of modern computing and cloud storage make the process automatic, so users don’t even have to give synchronization a second thought.

As long as they keep files in a shared folder or sync directory, everything runs on its own. Furthermore, cloud storage providers frequently have file versioning features which protect data from being accidentally overwritten or deleted. The benefits are too valuable to ignore, so let’s review the five best cloud storage for syncing services.

Best Cloud Storage with Sync in 2018

Rank Company
Price Link
1 Winner
$ 4.08 per month 500 GBStorage All Plans
Visit Review
$ 7.49 per month 100 GBStorage All Plans
Visit SugarSyncSugarSync Review
$ 4.34 per month 2000 GBStorage All Plans
Visit IDriveIDrive Review
$ 9.90 per month 10000 GBStorage All Plans
Visit JottacloudJottacloud Review
$ 4.99 per month 500 GBStorage All Plans
Visit pCloudpCloud Review

1. is currently one of the most popular Dropbox alternatives out there. Offering 5GB of free cloud storage and great user privacy, it enters into the competitive space with a bang. Based in Canada, provides end-to-end encryption; so hackers can’t steal your data as it is in transit to their servers.

And you won’t ever have to fear about data getting compromised by the NSA. Though they offer fantastic syncing features, also has an automatic backup feature, that removes the burden of manually running system backups.

And, you won’t have to worry about deleted or overwritten data, since they keep track of file versioning. Last but not least, they are extremely affordable, starting at a mere $4.08 per month.

Why We Like

As the name implies, is our top pick for the five best cloud storage for syncing services. As far as cloud storage providers go, their file access and syncing features are hard to beat. Users can access their files and data from any computer or device via the software/web client.

Read the review here.

2. SugarSync

SugarSync is a good file syncing service that comes with backup. It also has decent collaboration features. SugarSync uses a shared folder mechanism, whereby a user can dump all their files to sync and propagate their data with other devices automatically.

SugarSync Business Review

Though they do have a 5GB free trial, it is limited to 90 days and only serves testing purposes. They are a bit less secure than, since SugarSync only has TLS and AES-256 encryption, and lack zero-knowledge security.

Instead of a shared folder, they have a “magic briefcase” feature, which mostly functions in the same way. One handy feature I found impressive was the ability to set file priorities for uploads/downloads. Unfortunately, they don’t have a way to sync files locally across a LAN.

Last but not least, SugarSync has ancillary features, such as adequate backup options and reliable servers.

Why We Like SugarSync:

SugarSync is our second best pick for users looking at cloud storage syncing services. Their syncing features allow users to share data among PCs, Macs and the other leading operating system platforms.

They are highly competitive with, and provide tools that help share public links with friends and family. And you can collaborate with co-workers via shared folders, and the service even has features designed for Outlook.

Read the review here.

3. IDrive

IDrive has incredibly fast transfers, while doing both backups and restores. But it’s certainly not a backup solution for technophobes. IDrive is a bit different than our previous two providers because it’s geared towards backup, rather than cloud storage.

That said, they do have an excellent syncing feature, that automatically updates changes to data across an unlimited number of devices. What’s even better is that they have extremely competitive pricing, starting at only $3.72 per month.

And when compared with the previous two providers, you’ll find that they have better backup features.

Why We Like IDrive:

If you’re the type of user who’s concerned about the integrity of backups; they’ll even send you hard copies of data upon request. They also make it easy to share that data with other users, by creating download links that can easily be shared.

Read the review here.

4. Jottacloud

Jottacloud provides unlimited storage, decent usability and good speed. Which it combines with online backup, file syncing and sharing.  Since Jottacloud is based in Norway, they are free from NSA involvement and encrypt data in transit to their servers.

Jottacloud Review

Though not the cheapest provider, they are reasonably priced at only $9.90 per month.

But, Jottacloud isn’t just a syncing and cloud storage provider; the desktop software includes backup options as well. The backup feature even includes automatic backups, so users won’t have to worry about manual file management. Users will also love the fact that they provide 5GB of free storage.

Why We Like Jottacloud:

Jottacloud has syncing features similar to our previous providers, and as well as Dropbox. They use a shared folder mechanism to sync data with an unlimited number of devices automatically, as long as the devices have Jottacloud installed.

Read the review here.

5. pCloud

pCloud is a good Dropbox alternative, that comes with a generous amount of free storage space but lacks a few collaboration features. pCloud comes with a 10GB free plan, which can be doubled through their referral program, but they’re actually pretty affordable and start at only $3.99 per month for a whole terabyte of data.

pCloud Review

Users will also find that it is easy to share files by creating upload/download links. One of the real advantages of their service is that the interface is very clean, intuitive, and easy to use. It’s not bustling with advanced features, which make the service hard-to-use.

Why We Like pCloud:

pCloud will instantly and automatically synchronize data between multiple devices, via its apps or web platform. It’s a pretty cut and dry synchronization process, without extra bells and whistles, which might feel overwhelming.

Read the review here.

In Summary…

Though synchronization has become so ubiquitous that it is an expected feature of most cloud storage services, not all syncing features and services were created equally. These are the five best providers with regards to their syncing tools, but there is a lot more to be considered, such as security, price and additional functionality.

Lastly, I would also advise that the best way to sync and backup data across multiple devices, is to use a service that can mount the cloud storage service. Like a virtual partition, thereby eliminating the need to run manual backups.

What do you think about our top five picks? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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