Well-known for its culture, nightlife, beaches and diverse food, Thailand is a popular destination for tourists and digital nomads. Chances are, while you’re there you’re going to want to use the internet at some point and you’ll probably want to do so with one of our best VPN for Thailand picks.

This isn’t just because using a VPN is always a smart idea: Thailand suffers from some internet censorship. Nothing compared to the Great Firewall, of course, but still enough to give pause.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, for example, are monitored and filtered, as are search engine results, news and Youtube (although, we have a way to unblock YouTube). Sites featuring sexual content, online gambling and blogs with political content are blocked completely. Authorities block comments critical of the monarchy and such comments can result in prosecution under Thailand’s strict lese-majeste law.

There are other things to think about when going online in Thailand, too. Other than the authorities being able to monitor your activities whenever they feel like it, there’s also the security aspect. Public networks in Thailand are among the top in terms of cyberattacks so it’s pretty dangerous to log into your online banking app to make sure you didn’t go too crazy the night before.

Best VPN for Thailand 2019

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What Makes a VPN the Best for Thailand?

You could just go searching among our VPN reviews and randomly pick a service, but there are some specific questions you need to ask when choosing a VPN for Thailand. Due to all the restrictions, even the websites of many VPN services are blocked. While you could get around that by installing it before you arrive, it’s best to just choose one that isn’t blocked by Thai authorities in the first place.

Besides that, there are a combination of factors that are important, one being security. Choosing a provider with good encryption to protect you is crucial. The last thing you want is cybercriminals getting their hands on your confidential information.

This will also play a part in keeping you shielded from authorities and the ISP you’re using. You may not have much to hide, but you can still get yourself into trouble for things you would not have given a second thought to back home.

Privacy is just as important: you want to make sure the VPN you choose doesn’t keep any logs. This basically means that the company does not keep any information about you, where you’ve been or what you have viewed. Even if authorities asked, a service can’t hand over logs if it doesn’t keep them.

Another key factor is speed. Some VPNs can decrease your speed by 60-80 percent. While even the fastest VPN will decrease your speed a little, using one that has better servers will ensure you get the best speeds.

While those are the top criteria in this case, there are a couple of other factors that make a good service to keep in mind. Usability is one, it doesn’t matter how good the product is if you can’t figure out how to use it.  Also, good customer service and, depending on your budget, price may be things you’ll want to consider.

With security and privacy as our main criteria, let’s have a look at what the best VPN for Thailand is. We’ve chosen five from among our best VPN providers that have the right combination of factors. Read on to find out more.

Best VPN for Thailand: ExpressVPN

Our top choice for Thailand is ExpressVPN; it’s a favorite here at Cloudwards.net and often ranked number one for its excellent service. While other VPNs come close, ExpressVPN just has that little edge over them all. Take a look at our full ExpressVPN review to read more about this service.


Security provided by ExpressVPN is some of the best around, offering 256-bit AES encryption, so you can browse safely. You also have the ability to increase encryption manually if needed, a must if you plan on visiting China (which is why it’s our best VPN for China as well). It also provides a killswitch, and has a strict no-logs policy so there’s no record of what you’ve been up to.

ExpressVPN has plenty of servers to choose from, including some located in Thailand and surrounding countries, so you’re sure to find a suitable one. Having more servers also means there are more options to get around any geoblocks in place.

Other Reasons We Like ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is very easy to use. Setup is simple, even for the least technically minded; you’ll be connected in just seconds after downloading. To add to this, it supports multiple devices so you can use it on your Windows, Mac or Linux, as well as Android or iOS devices, too.

Another reason we like ExpressVPN is its fantastic customer support. While there are slightly quicker services out there, it takes good care of its customers by offering live chat to get you sorted as soon as possible. Email is a second choice, which, although not quite as fast, is nothing to be sniffed at. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable as well as being friendly.

The only downside to ExpressVPN is that it’s not the cheapest option. However, with the excellent service it provides, it’s definitely worth it and does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide you don’t like it (we’re sure you will).


  • Secure
  • Killswitch
  • Fast
  • Easy to use


  • Pricey
Starts from $ 666 per month
Save 49 %


Another of our favorites, only just missing out from the top spot because of its slightly decreased speed, is NordVPN. It is a great choice and is one of the most secure around due to its excellent encryption protocols, plus the added bonus of double-hop encryption.

Privacy is also high on the list here as, again, it keeps no logs. It barely knows anything about you except for your sign-up credentials. Speed can be a little slow, especially over long distances but it does have servers located in Thailand and other countries nearby, so you’re sure to find one that suits. It is fast, however, at switching servers and has ExpressVPN beat in this regard.

There are other reasons we like NordVPN, which you can read in our full NordVPN review. Once signed up it has a very smooth setup that can see you sorted in minutes. It has a simple layout as well so it’s easy to use. Just like ExpressVPN you can use Nord on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS too, so it’s great for traveling around.

Other Reasons We Like NordVPN

Customer support is helpful and has a large knowledgebase with FAQs which should be enough for most problems. If, however, you find you’re still having trouble, they offer thorough support through chat and email. Email isn’t the quickest so you’re best bet is to use the chat option, which is fast and easy to access.

Another plus for NordVPN is its price. Its monthly plan is affordable but where it really stands out is on the longer term plans. These offer great value with the only downside being that you have to sign up for a year or more. However, rest assured that in case you find it’s not the one for you, NordVPN does offer a 30-day refund.


  • Secure
  • Double-hop encryption
  • Well priced


  • Lack of detail on server location
  • No split tunneling
Starts from $ 299 per month
Save 75 %


CyberGhost holds a third but strong place on our list. Despite fewer options than our first two choices, its security is still great, just not as customizable as, say, NordVPN’s. Once again it offers a killswitch and a strict no-logs policy so privacy should be of little concern.

While it doesn’t quite get the speeds of ExpressVPN, it’s still pretty fast thanks to a great network, including servers in Thailand. There are more located in other countries nearby as well. You can read more on this in our full CyberGhost review.

CyberGhost is easy to download, although some might not favour the tiled interface. Even so, it’s easy to use and work out where you need to be on there. It can be used with Windows and Mac, and has an Android and iOS app, as well.

Other Reasons We Like CyberGhost

One of CyberGhosts top features is its customer support. It offers an extensive knowledge base with FAQs for the most common problems. Plus it offers live chat and email support, with the live chat being the obvious choice for the fastest response. The staff are quick to reply and thorough in their answers.

It’s an affordable monthly service but, as with most services, the biggest savings is seen when purchasing longer plans. If that puts you off then you could take advantage of its seven-day trial to see if it suits you before committing.


  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Easy to use


  • Dynamic tile interface
  • No split tunneling
Starts from $ 275 per month
Save 79 %


VyprVPN is another good provider. Along with our other choices, it offers plenty of security to keep you safe and also has its own Chameleon protocol which offers more encryption to the VPN tunnel.

You also get access to its Cyphr messaging app which stops snooping, however, to use it with any of your friends they would have to download it too. It includes the much recommended killswitch as well so you don’t have to worry about the authorities.

It ranks well with privacy by maintaining a no-logs policy. Speed isn’t too bad either, but it definitely isn’t as good as our other choices as it only has one location in Thailand. There are more servers not too far away in neighbouring Malaysia and also in Vietnam. You can find more details in our VyprVPN review.

Other Reasons We Like VyprVPN

Set up is easy and you’ll be done in a few minutes. While the desktop client’s layout isn’t the best, you can use to it fairly easily.  Having said that, the mobile app for Android and iOS looks much better with a far more practical layout.

You will find a help section with FAQs that should get you back on track should any problems arise, although it’s not as good or as clear as the other options on this list. If you you need more help, they do offer live chat and, while quick, it isn’t fantastic. Email is the best option here if your issue is more technical as you’ll get a much better response fairly fast. It’s not bad, but could be better.

Price is reasonable but VyprVPN doesn’t offer a refund policy. However, unlike most other providers, they do offer a three-day trial which should be enough time for you to decide whether you like it or not.


  • Secure
  • Killswitch
  • Chameleon Protocol
  • Cyphr encrypted messaging


  • Bit slow
  • Network disappoints
  • No refund policy
Starts from $ 500 per month

Private Internet Access

Last but not least, our final recommendation is PIA. While it might not have all the bells and whistles of the other providers, it’s still a good choice and serves its purpose. Its security is still excellent but, it uses 128-bit encryption as default, which is why it comes last. You can manually set it to use the much preferred 256-AES easily. However, doing so will slow down your connection a bit.

One of its main features is speed, but, as noted above, the reason it’s so fast is because of the lighter encryption. Even so, it’s a decent choice. However, outside the U.S., server coverage isn’t great with none located in Thailand itself, so you lose some speed as you’re connecting to a server further away. The nearest location stated on its website is in Singapore.

Other Reasons We Like PIA

Even though it’s in fifth place, PIA may be your preferred choice if your wallet is spitting dust and cobwebs. PIA is number one for price when it comes to VPNs. It provides a full service at a good monthly rate, but, as usual, the best value is seen when signing up for long periods.

PIA is easy to set up and gets you connected fast. Much the same as the others, you can use it on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Private Internet Access Homescreen

Support isn’t the fastest as you don’t get live chat. It sneakily has a chat button, but that just sends an email. When put to the test in our PIA review, we found that, while much slower than other providers, the help was polite and thorough.

It also offers a seven-day money-back guarantee so you can decide if it’s right for you with nothing to lose.


  • Malware blocker
  • Fast
  • Easy & fast server switching
  • Cheap


  • No live chat support
  • Mediocre service network
Starts from $ 349 per month
Save 65 %

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re traveling to Thailand or relocating, your safety online is key. With the authorities monitoring activity and the risk of cyber attacks, there’s no better way of ensuring you’re safe than using a VPN service. Also, getting some of the services you are used to over there will most likely mean you need a VPN anyway.

We recommend you choose a service that offers guaranteed security, keeps no logs and has a killswitch. ExpressVPN is definitely the best choice in our eyes as it covers everything you need and has an excellent service all round, allowing you to browse without worry. Plus with its 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

However, just in case you have slightly different preferences, there are others available that will do the job as well. If you’ve been to Thailand before and have used a different VPN to the ones on this list, let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

Starts from $ 666 per month
Save 49 %
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