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We believe strongly in the need for people to protect themselves from the many threats that you find online. From hackers to activists to surveillance agencies, it seems that everyone on the internet is after your precious data. As nobody is working particularly hard to stop these threats, it’s up to regular people to build up their own defenses.

Top software choices for online security

Here you’ll find a legion of articles that will not only explain the dangers you face on the web, but also guides on how to protect yourself from them. Every facet of do-it-yourself cybersecurity is examined, so no matter if you mainly access the internet using an iPad or via a hardlined Linux desktop, you’ll find what you need.

We recommend that you first pick a solid VPN for your needs (helps with streaming and torrenting content, too), then find a password manager to add that extra layer of security to your accounts. Lastly, install a solid antivirus solution to clean up any threats that somehow managed to hitch a ride despite these precautions (there won’t be many).

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