How to Get a German IP Address 2021: Spoof Your Way Into the Heimat

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If you’ve been hit with an error message online while you’re out of Germany and need to access a site there, you’ve most likely encountered a geoblock. It can be frustrating when you can’t access the content you’re used to, but there’s a simple solution. All you need to do is change your IP address. In this article, we’re going to show you how to get a German IP address.

Websites and online services can tell where you’re located just by your IP address. That can lead to you being prevented from accessing content that’s restricted to a particular country if you’re outside of it. You’ll be able to view it once you change your IP address to one from that country, though.

You may want to catch up with a local news channel or stream from services such as ARD Mediathek or ProSieben Video. Maybe you want to watch the German version of Netflix. Whichever it is, you’ll need a German IP address to do it.

The blocks occur because the streaming service needs a license for each show from the country in which it is to be shown. Some may not be suitable for certain countries because of the language or their target audience. Netflix is in lots of countries, but its library differs because of those laws. Many people want U.S. Netflix because it has the most variety.

Read more about that in our piece on the Netflix VPN ban. If Netflix is what you’re after, have a look at our best VPN for Netflix for more suggestions.

You may also need to access your financial accounts. Let’s say you need to log in to your bank account, but no matter how much you try, you can’t access it. As annoying as it is, most financial services don’t allow logins from another country as a security precaution. Just change your IP address and you’ll be fine.

How to Get a German IP Address

You could go the easy way and use a proxy to get a German IP address (our best free proxy guide has a few suggestions). We wouldn’t recommend it, though, because they are untrustworthy. They don’t always work and there is no security included, leaving you open to attacks. Plus, your IP address is exposed and things can be traced back to you. Read our VPN vs. proxy vs. Tor comparison for a better understanding.

We recommend using a virtual private network because they are loaded with security and value your privacy. They will also protect your IP address. You can take a look at our best VPNs, but you’ll need to make sure the one you want is a good choice for Germany.

For starters, it has to have servers in Germany. If it doesn’t, you’ll still be stuck. If you want to get into Netflix, be aware that it is great at detecting VPNs, so you’ll want to make sure you choose one that can bypass its system. Take a look at our piece on the Netflix proxy error for more details.


CyberGhost is an excellent provider that has many servers, including a whopping 575 in Germany, so you should have no problem getting a German IP address. It has good security and privacy, so you know you are protected. Its speeds are decent, it has unlimited bandwidth and it can access Netflix and other streaming services.


It can be installed on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. CyberGhost earned a top spot in our best VPNs for multiple devices piece because it lets you connect up to seven devices simultaneously, which is more than its competitors allow. You can use the seven-day trial to see what it’s like, and if you’re still not sure after that, there’s a money-back guarantee.

Read our CyberGhost review to learn more about the service.


NordVPN is also capable of getting you a German IP address because of its thousands of servers, with 257 of them being in Germany. It is among the best for security and privacy, too. Its speeds are good and there are no bandwidth limits. Plus, it can get into most streaming services, including Netflix, without issue.


You can use it on the major operating systems and connect up to six devices at the same time. With the 30-day refund period, you should have enough time to see if you like it. You can also read our NordVPN review to get a better look at the service.

Astrill is another decent choice. It’s server network isn’t as large as those of its competitors, but it does have six servers in Germany, including Munich, Hanau Am Main, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt Am Main and Cologne. Its security will keep you protected and it has many protocols to choose from, including two that are exclusive to the company.


You’ll be able to get into streaming services, and it has good speeds with no bandwidth caps. It’s compatible with the most popular operating systems and will let you have up to five devices connected at the same time. A seven-day trial is available for you to make use of and you can read our Astrill review for more details.

Dangers of Using a German IP Address

You can use a German IP address without worry, but you should keep some information about the country in mind.

If you regularly post online, you should know that certain categories of speech are illegal. That includes defamation of religions and talk of forming a terrorist organization, as well as others laid out in the German Criminal Code.

A hate speech rule called NetzDG has been in force since October 2017. It demands that social media giants remove illegal material posted on their platforms. If they don’t, they risk being fined. Though that doesn’t affect users much, there were concerns that the rule would limit freedom of expression.

As in most countries, torrenting copyrighted material is illegal in Germany and can result in a fine or jail time. There could be law firms trawling popular torrents for German IP addresses in hopes of catching someone, too. Read our best VPN for Germany guide for more information.

Public WiFi is becoming more popular, so more people are at risk of experiencing cybercrime. You can never tell how secure those hotspots are, so it’s a good idea to use a VPN when connecting to protect yourself. That said, a decent antivirus is good for defense, too.

Final Thoughts

You should now know how to get a German IP address easily and safely. Using a VPN is by far the best way because you’ll be protected by its security and stay anonymous.

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Our three selections will get you what you need, but CyberGhost is the best choice for Germany because it has 575 servers there, way more than any other provider we looked at. You can use the seven-day trial to see how you like it. If you’re still not sure after that, there’s a money-back guarantee, too.

If you have tips on getting a German IP address, pop them in the comments section below. It would be great to hear them. Thank you for reading.