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How to Get an Iranian IP Address in 2023: Telegram to Tehran

Sandra Pattison
By Sandra Pattison (Editor)
— Last Updated: 2022-10-25T07:26:10+00:00

Accessing what you want online isn’t always as simple as entering a URL or clicking on a search result. Sometimes you hit an error message, or more precisely, a geoblock. If that happens when you try to access Iranian content, you need to change your IP address. In this article, we’ll tell you how to get an IP address in Iran.

Connecting to an Iranian VPN server will help, whether you want to access a local bank account or watch IRIB TV online. The right VPN will even help you access Netflix Iran. Once you connect to an Iranian IP address, you can surf the web as if you’re actually there. We recommend using CyberGhost, but we’ve listed some other options, too.

What You Want in the Best VPN for Iran

  1. Servers located in Iran
  2. Decent security and privacy to keep you protected
  3. Fast speeds and unlimited data
  4. Capable of accessing streaming services, like Netflix

How to Get an IP Address for Iran

It’s not a hard task to change your IP address, and you can be connected in a few minutes. There are a couple of ways to do it, the easiest being via a proxy server. However, we don’t recommend going down that route. You won’t be protected by any security, meaning you’re pretty much vulnerable to anything that gets thrown at you (see our VPN vs proxy vs Tor guide).

When it comes to online privacy and security, a virtual private network is a much safer way of getting an Iranian IP address. It’ll keep you protected. Plus, if you choose a decent one from our best VPN list, you’ll be able to get past the Netflix VPN ban. Still, you need to choose one that has servers in Iran or you’ll still be stuck.

Step-by-Step: Get an Iran IP Address With a VPN

  1. Sign up for a VPN with Iranian servers (CyberGhost is the best option)
  2. Download the VPN app for your device
  3. Launch the app and sign in
  4. Connect to an Iranian server and access the sites you want


There aren’t many VPNs that have servers located in Iran — or at least decent ones. Thankfully, CyberGhost does, and it’s one of our top VPNs, so you know you’re in good hands. It has 24 servers in Tehran, and it comes with excellent security and privacy, to boot. Its speeds are good, you get unlimited data and it has dedicated servers for accessing streaming platforms.


CyberGhost is easy to use and works with most devices, plus users can connect up to seven devices simultaneously. You can read our CyberGhost review for more, or you could just try it with the free seven-day trial for Android and iOS (24 hours for desktop); all you need is a valid email address. There’s also a lengthy money-back guarantee to fall back on.


  • Great security & privacy
  • Accesses streaming platforms
  • Free trial and inexpensive plan


  • Inconsistent speeds


VPNArea also has servers in Iran. It’s not a bad service overall and comes with good privacy and security, including double-hop servers. It can also access some streaming platforms. You get unlimited data, and its speeds are decent, too.


It’s easy to set up and use, and it works with most operating systems. Read our VPNArea review for more information. For the service you get, it’s fairly priced, though you’d be better off picking a longer plan. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you change your mind.


  • Decent speeds
  • Double-hop servers
  • Great security


  • Doesn’t work with all Netflix regions
  • Interface could be better


HideMyAss has two servers in Isfahan, meaning you can get an Iranian IP address with it. That’s not surprising, though, as HMA has one of the largest number of server locations around the world. 

It’s a good idea to have more than one option available, but HMA is not on the same level as CyberGhost. HMA’s privacy policy is questionable at best, but you’re better off reading our HideMyAss review for all of that. You can also check out our HideMyAss alternative guide.


HMA’s security is good, though, and it has fairly good speeds. It comes with unlimited data and can get into some streaming services, including Netflix. It’s also easy to use, can be used on most devices and has a lot of features. Like CyberGhost, there’s a seven-day trial, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out first.


  • Seven-day trial
  • Gets into Netflix
  • Easy to use


  • Privacy policy not good
  • Inconsistent speeds

What Are the Dangers in Using an Iranian IP Address?

Using an Iranian IP address isn’t exactly dangerous, but there are still some issues you should know about. Iran’s internet is highly censored, and the government might restrict access to certain sites and services, such as social media. There is evidence of online activities being monitored, too. You can read all about it in our best VPN for Iran guide, but by using a secure VPN, you’ll be fine.

Final Thoughts

If you want to access sites and content in Iran, you’ll most likely need to change your IP address to one located within the country. The best way to do that is with a VPN. You’ll be protected by its security and privacy, and also benefit from many other features, too. You do need to make sure that the VPN has servers in Iran, though.

CyberGhost is the best VPN for the job. It has great security and privacy, as well as dedicated streaming servers. Plus, you can take it for a test drive with the free trial, or make use of the money-back guarantee. 

Have you used a VPN to get an Iranian IP address? Tell us about your experience in the comment section. As always, thank you for reading.

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