With all the free storage cloud providers offer these days, it’s no surprise most users have multiple cloud storage accounts. However, moving files from one account to another can be a hassle.

Traditionally, users would have to download the information then re-upload it to another other service. The traditional method is slow and can be frustrating. However, there are many cloud based data transfer services, which can make the process go a lot more smoother.

Which is why we have compiled five of the best migration providers to help you with the task of cloud based data migration.


First on our list is Mover.io, which allows users to migrate their files from one platform to another. The intent is to give customers the freedom to transfer files between service providers without having to download their data only to re-upload it later.

The transfer wizard is very simple to use with step-by-step instructions provided for those who may need a little extra help.

You start by selecting the source provider, then the destination for your data. Then choose which documents or folders will be moved between services. The best part is that it is not necessary to migrate everything from one cloud to another.

Mover is compatible with all major cloud companies–including AmazonOneDriveBoxDropbox and Google Drive. This provider also offers the ability to transfer to private web hosting companies like Dreamhost, although this list is more limited. We liked Mover because of the simplicity in moving files from one provider to another.

In addition, you can setup a backup service with the transfer provider that will update files automatically as new documents are added or changes are made to existing information.

This automatic service also extends to their transfer services as well. You can automate how often and which files are moved and then sit back and not have to worry about a specific cloud account filling up with stuff. Mover is free for personal use. Business professionals can get plans starting at $20 a month for 20GB of data transferred.


It is common to have multiple service providers and only have certain documents within each one. Seldom do consumers backup all their data multiple times across the cloud. Otixo not only allows you to transfer files in between accounts, it also allows a person to see what is in all their accounts.

This simple app is a great way to see everything, keep an eye on which account is getting close to being full and then do something about it. There is also no need to remember multiple passwords, as everything is accessed through a single login.

If you are a security conscious consumer, rest assured that Otixo does not keep anything on their servers. It simply acts as a portal for you to see what is in various accounts, while giving the ability to move information around in an Explorer or Finder type atmosphere.

The service doesn’t even save credentials for most cloud services. For those that it does save, you can change the setting to ensure that the information is not stored.

We loved the easy access. Files are moved through drag and drop instead of as a wizard. It does lack an automated file transfer feature that we enjoyed from Mover. However, this is not really a deal breaker. You can also use this portal to edit file names and share documents.

Users who have limited files to transfer can use it free and transfer up to five files at a time with one space for cross-cloud collaboration. Users who want unlimited transfers will find paid accounts starting at $4.99 a month for five spaces.


If This Then That (or IFTTT for short) is a unique service that operates on recipes. If there’s a specific app that you use, for example Instagram, then you can set it up to save pictures directly to a Dropbox account.

While there are many different “recipes” to choose from, they do have several, which allow a person to move files between cloud storage accounts. One IFTTT option is Dropbox then Google Drive.

Unlike some of the other cloud based data transfer services on our list, this one isn’t as intuitive. Users have to find a “recipe” card then customize it. Once you select the correct command, simply enter your credentials (for both accounts), authorize access an click “Done”.

This will take guide the user to the step where they have to input the command line.

You must enter the file path where the data is located. From there, enter the name of the file URL and names of the documents. You do not have to include the extension. But keep in mind to enter a name for the folder path.

While it is not overly complicated to perform, the IFTTT recipe it isn’t ideal for a novice. We do think that more experienced tech users will find this service useful in transferring their data from one cloud service to another.

This service is free.


MultCloud’s service gives Otixo stiff competition. The two are similar in the way they work. MultCloud offers a centralized location for users to see their files and move them between providers.

It eliminates the need  to open several browser tabs and login to multiple accounts just to transfer information. It also does not force users to download the necessary documents only to re-upload them later.

We love the simplicity of moving files through a Windows Explorer type service. It makes it easy to grab the necessary file and move or copy it to the new location. There are no hoops to jump. Like Mover, MultCloud does offer a scheduled transfer feature that will allow you to migrate files automatically.

You will receive an email once the information is transferred.

MultCloud also offers the ability to migrate information to multiple servers at the same time. It also allows for the transfer of documents between cloud providers without a computer being switched on.

Of course, MultCloud is compatible with all the major cloud providers including Box, OneDrive, SugarSync, Google Drive and Amazon. You can preview files on MultCloud while online. However, there is no way to edit these files without downloading them first.

Probably one of the biggest features that we enjoyed with MultCloud is its price. This service is absolutely free for user using less than 10TB of data traffic. If you want to use more than 10TB a month– the fee is $4.99 monthly.

Starts from $ 199 per month for 100 GB
Free plan available


Users looking for something completely web-based that will not use up resources should consider Cloudsfer. This relatively new service allows people to migrate their information between service providers without clogging up CPU resources.

Cloudsfer runs entirely online and does not require any software be downloaded to a PC. The positive side to this form of use is that transfers can be done from anywhere, as long as you have your credentials.

This transfer provider works in a similar manner to Mover. You have to select the source system and content you wish to migrate. Then you need to select the destination account where the information is to be copied. After this task is completed, you simply have to sit back as watch as your information is copied from one are to another.

Cloudsfer only moves a copy, which might be a downside for those who only want one version of the file–period. However, while it might be a pain to go delete the additional file, we liked the fact that you are keeping a backup to be certain the data migrated with no errors.

Like the other choices on our list, Cloudsfer does have a free tier for up to 10GB. For those who need to transfer more, pay breaks down like so: for 15GB you pay $0.6/1GB and 40GB is $0.5/1GB. This means you only pay for the data you move–not a flat monthly fee.


There are many other providers out there. Which one works best will depend on your needs and whether or not you want to pay for the service.

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However, we were pleasantly surprised by the five services mentioned above, as they cater to people on a budget, techies and non-techies alike. Have you got anything to share with us in the comments below? Feel free to do so and thanks for reading.

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  1. Can one cloud server provider unilaterally move your data to on other cloud server provider without getting your authorization?

  2. I am looking to transfer from Frontier Content Anywhere, can anyone recommend a service. Please help

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