Cloud storage is a great way to save room on local disks.

The problem comes when users have multiple accounts to save their data in. It makes it difficult for the consumer to keep up with the different logins.

Which is where the top 5 best cloud managers for Android come in handy, however, not all of them work well with Android devices. That is why we put together a list of the 5 best online storage plans and managers for the Android operating system.

ZeroPC Cloud

ZeroPC Cloud is a cloud management service available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. The service allows users to use one login to connect several different cloud accounts. The consumer does have to do some setup in order to be able to access all their accounts from one central location.

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Users can drag and drop files from one account to another in order to move files between cloud services. There is no need to download the file and then reupload it to the other provider. In addition, files can be shared from the ZeroPC Cloud area without having to switch to a specific cloud provider’s service.

Files can be opened and viewed without syncing the document to a desktop or mobile device. Users can also utilize the search feature in order to find stored date much quicker. ZeroPC Cloud is free to download and use with some restrictions. The no cost account only allows for 1GB of additional storage, and a monthly bandwidth usage of 1GB.

The Basic plan costs $2.99 a month and includes 5GB of additional online storage and monthly bandwidth limit of 10GB. Pro service gets unlimited bandwidth usage and 50Gb of additional storage for $9.99 a month.


Primadesk is another choice for cloud management service for Android devices. Like the competition, this service allows user to access multiple accounts from a single log in. After an initial setup, users can use this provider to search their various cloud accounts for specific files. One of the main differences of Primadesk from their competitors is the ability to not just manage documents, but also to backup cloud storage accounts. 

This service also allows users to unify their email accounts into a central sign-on so there is never a missed message. Users can utilize Primadesk to manage photos and documents across multiple cloud locations. They can move data from one to the other without having to download and upload files from one provider to the other.

Primadesk does have a free service for those who are interested.

The no-cost account allows connection of up to 10 accounts with limited sharing ability and 1GB of additional storage. Users can also choose from their two paid services. For $5 a month, users can connect an unlimited number of accounts with unlimited sharing and an additional 10GB of storage. Users can get unlimited everything with an additional 30GB storage space for $10 a month.


Android users have another cloud manager option in Otixo. This service gives clients the ability to access files for multiple logins through a single application. Consumers can also copy and move files from one service to another using this portal instead of having to download and reupload the files in order to change the location.

Additionally, those using native WebDAV apps can access cloud files directly from Otixo without using hard drive space. With Otixo, users can share files. They can also load files directly from the central portal to any cloud account without having to go directly to that provider’s application or web login.

Otixo does have a free account option, but it is limited. Users can only do 5 transfers at a time and have one space for cross-cloud collaboration. Premium users can choose from four different tiers, all of which allow for unlimited transfers.

However, they each have a different number of space for cross-collaboration: 5 spaces $4.99/month or $47.90/year, 10 spaces $9.99/month or $95.90/year, 15 spaces $14.99/month or $143.90/year and unlimited spaces $19.99/month or 191.90/year.

Cloud Fuze

Cloud Fuze offers Android users a way to access their files without limiting them to simply using their android devices. Unlike many of their competitors, this cloud manager gives customers unlimited device access with a subscription. Also unlike the competition, this provider doesn’t have a free service available. They do have a free 30-day trial, and afterwards, it is $4.99/month or $49.99/year.

Like all cloud managers, Cloud Fuze is designed to be a central log in point for multiple accounts. This service does not put a limit on the number of accounts connected through their portal. Unlike some of the other choices, this provider is compatible with all types of cloud, including Personal, Private and Hybrid.

Users can drag and drop files from one service to another or copy and paste. All files can be managed via the portal. Consumers can also use the search feature to locate specific files or documents no matter which cloud service the data is located in.


Cloudii labels itself as the “One App to Rule Them All.” This cloud manager is compatible with a wide array of accounts and services. It can sync to all the major providers and FTP/SFTP and WebDAV. In addition to being central spot for accounts across different services, it can also manage multiple accounts on the same service.

Users can upload files and data directly from Cloudii to their service provider. This manager also allows customers to upload images automatically. Consumers can download, search, and share files from the central portal. This is a free manager to use.

However, the no-cost service does have limited features. In order to use all the options, users need to pay $2.49 as an in-app purchase.


Choosing which cloud manager is best for your Android device depends on what you need it to do.

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Most have the same features, but limit users on additional storage or how much can be shared with friends and family–so choose wisely. 

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