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IDrive Pricing Guide

IDrive Pricing Guide for 2024: Comparing Storage Space & Features Across Plans

IDrive is a great solution that has online backup and cloud storage features in one account. However, if you want to purchase a plan -- particularly a Team or Business plan -- there are quite a few options that need clarification. We break down the IDrive pricing plans to help you make the best choice.

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Key Takeaways: IDrive Pricing Explained
  • IDrive has plans for personal, team or business use. All plans have the same core features, but the Team and Business plans have a few additional tools developed for multiple users and business compliance.
  • It is common to see discounts on IDrive’s plans, including offers for new accounts and discounts for current members.
  • IDrive has free trials for its Enterprise plan, IDrive 360, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 cloud-to-cloud backup.

IDrive is a great option for those who want online backup and cloud storage features in one service. It’s one of our preferred providers, topping the list of best online backup services. However, it’s not the perfect solution, and its pricing structure can seem overwhelming. Our IDrive pricing guide will review the different plans and costs.

IDrive has monthly and yearly subscriptions with the option to purchase a two-year plan. Monthly plans include Personal, Business and Team tiers, while a yearly plan gives you access to the Mini tier. For the Team and Business plans, you have multiple options based on users and computers. We break it all down in the sections below.

  • 07/29/2022

    Rewrote this guide to include all IDrive pricing plans, including its new service IDrive e2.

  • 05/23/2023

    Updated to remove IDrive’s discontinued free plan and add its new free 30-day trial.

  • 02/16/2024 Facts checked

    This article was rewritten to include current plans and pricing.

IDrive Pricing: The Different Products

There’s no shortage of options when upgrading or purchasing an IDrive subscription. The main difference between these plans is the amount of storage space. IDrive categorizes its plans into four main buckets: Mini, Personal, Team and Business. It also offers an Enterprise plan, cloud-to-cloud backup and IDrive e2. 

idrive pricing plans
IDrive pricing comes with several options, and the Personal and Team plans scale in size. The Business plan has unlimited users and multiple devices.

IDrive Free Plan

IDrive’s Basic plan is free and comes with 10GB of storage for your backups and 10GB of cloud space. The free plan is a great way to test the service, as it gives you access to most features — only the storage amount on your account is limited.

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It’s critical to note that IDrive intends to remove its Basic plan and replace it with a 30-day free trial. As of writing time, the free plan is still available for personal use.

IDrive Mini Pricing

IDrive Mini 100GB 100GB
One user
Unlimited devices
$2.95 yearly
IDrive Mini 500GB 500GB
one user
unlimited devices
$9.95 yearly

The IDrive Mini plan is only available as a yearly subscription. It’s the perfect option for those who need a little more than 10GB of storage but don’t want to pay for a fully priced plan. It has all the same features as the IDrive Personal plan except for IDrive Express. There are two storage amounts: 100GB and 500GB.

IDrive Personal Pricing

IDrive Personal 5TB 5TB
One user
Unlimited devices
$69.65 for one year ($9.95 monthly)
$149.25 for two years
IDrive Personal 10TB 10TB
One user
Unlimited devices
$104.65 for one year ($14.95 monthly)

$224.25 for two years

IDrive Personal 20TB 20TB
One user
Unlimited devices
$174.65 for one year ($24.95 monthly)
$374.25 for two years
IDrive Personal 50TB 50TB
One user
Unlimited devices
$349.65 for one year ($49.95 monthly)
$749.25 for two years
IDrive Personal 100TB 100TB
One user
Unlimited devices
$699.65 for one year ($99.95 monthly)
$1,499.25 for two years

The IDrive Personal plan is the right choice for individuals. You get full access to the tools and features IDrive offers, minus a few that are specific for teams or have compliance measures designed for businesses. You can back up multiple items, including mobile devices, and each will appear in the “backup” tab of your account.

The IDrive Personal plans scale in size from 5TB up to 100TB. You also have the option to pay for a two-year plan, which includes a discount on the total price. Additionally, all IDrive Personal plans have access to IDrive Express once per year, which we’ll cover in the “IDrive Extra Services” section below. 

IDrive Team Pricing

IDrive Team 5TB 5TB
5 users & PCs
$69.65 for one year ($9.95 monthly)
$149.25 for two years
IDrive Team 10TB 10TB
10 users & PCs
$139.65 for one year ($19.95 monthly)
$299.25 for two years
IDrive Team 25TB 25TB
25 users & PCs
$349.65 for one year ($49.95 monthly)
$749.25 for two years
IDrive Team 30TB 30TB
30 users & PCs
$419.65 for one year ($59.95 monthly)
$899.25 for two years
Drive Team 35TB 35TB
35 users & PCs
$489.65 for one year ($69.95 monthly)
$1,049.25 for two years
IDrive Team 40TB 40TB
40 users & PCs
$559.65 for one year ($79.95 monthly)
$1,199.25 for two years
IDrive Team 45TB 45TB
45 users & PCs
$629.65 for one year ($89.95 monthly)
$1,349.25 for two years
IDrive Team 50TB 50TB
50 users & PCs
$699.65 for one year ($99.95 monthly)
$1,499.25 for two years
IDrive Team 100TB 100TB
100 users & PCs
$1,399.65 for one year ($199.95 monthly)
$2,999.25 for two years
IDrive Team 200TB 200TB
200 users & PCs
$2,799.65 for one year ($399.95 monthly)
$5,999.25 for two years
IDrive Team 300TB 300TB
300 users & PCs
$4,199.65 for one year ($599.95 monthly)
$8,999.25 for two years
IDrive Team 400TB 400TB
400 users & PCs
$5,599.65 for one year ($799.95 monthly)
$11,999.25 for two years
IDrive Team 500TB 500TB
500 users & PCs
$6,999.65 for one year ($999.95 monthly)
$14,999.25 for two years

IDrive’s Business plans are similar to the Team plans, with the main difference being that they offer unlimited user accounts and computers. Another significant difference is that you can back up servers and access server cloud backup. These servers include:

  • MS SQL
  • MS Exchange
  • MS SharePoint
  • Microsoft 365
  • Hyper-V
  • VMware
  • Oracle

IDrive e2 Pricing

Monthly $4 per TB
1TB $15 per year
2TB $30 per year
5TB $75 per year
10TB $150 per year
20TB $300 per year
30TB $450 per year
40TB $600 per year
50TB $750 per year
100TB $1,500 per year
200TB $3,000 per year
300TB $4,500 per year
400TB $6,000 per year
500TB $7,500 per year
600TB $9,000 per year
700TB $10,500 per year
800TB $12,000 per year
900TB $13,500 per year
1000TB $15,000 per year

IDrive e2 is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that focuses on low cost per storage and ease of use. It’s designed to interact with software and competes with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. 

idrive e2 pricing
IDrive e2 pricing plans scale by storage size and have
an excellent monthly price of $4 per TB.

You only pay for the storage you use at an affordable $4 per TB per month. IDrive e2 doesn’t charge you for uploads, and you can download your storage up to three times annually. For more, check out our IDrive e2 review.

IDrive First-Year Discount

IDrive offers discounts on most of its plans when you choose the annual option. The personal plans have a discount on the first year or if you opt for two years upfront. You’ll get 30% off the one-year price or 50% off the first year of a two-year plan. IDrive e2 also has discounts — up to 50% off when you subscribe to a yearly plan.

idrive pricing discounts
You may see a discount offer for your IDrive account after you sign up.
Initial discounts on IDrive plans are common.

Depending on your account, there are other potential discounts. We’ve seen discount upgrade offers for free plans, and using this link will take 75% off a new 5TB account. You may also get an email offer to upgrade for 90% off the 5TB cost, which comes to $9.95 for the first year.

IDrive runs frequent promotions throughout the year, which means the standard prices found in this article may be discounted further at the time of your purchase.

Free Trials

As mentioned above, the Basic free version will be discontinued in the near future and replaced by a 30-day free trial. The Enterprise plan offers advanced backup features for large-scale operations, including workstations. It also has a 30-day free trial. IDrive 360, which offers centralized backup and management through a web interface, has a seven-day free trial.

idrive free trials
IDrive has several free trials, which include the Enterprise plan and
cloud-to-cloud backup for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

IDrive also has a cloud-to-cloud backup that lets you protect data stored on either Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. Using these services lets you back up your data from Gmail and Google Drive as well as your contacts from Google Workspace. With Microsoft, you can include OneDrive, Exchange and Teams. Both of these services have a seven-day free trial.

IDrive Extra Services

Sometimes, the amount of data you need to back up is too large or takes too long to upload using an internet connection. IDrive Express addresses this potential issue by sending you an external hard drive by mail. Once you upload your data, send the hard drive back and IDrive will upload its contents to your account. 

idrive express
IDrive Express is a courier service that will upload large data sets
to your account when it’s too slow over the internet.

Every subscription except the Basic and Mini plans comes with this service. The Personal plans can use it once per year, while the Team and Business plans include three uses. Any additional requests beyond those allowances will cost $59.95. If you need to restore data using IDrive Express, it costs $99.50 per request.

How Does IDrive’s Pricing Compare?

IDrive offers good value for a service that has online backup and cloud storage features. When paying annually, the monthly price of the 5TB plan is $8.30, not including the first-year discount. Choosing a similar plan through Acronis that includes 5TB and five computers is $30.83 per month. You’ll see a comparable price with SpiderOak One, as 5TB costs $29 per month or $320 annually.

Online backup providers with unlimited storage space like Backblaze and Carbonite have a monthly price that’s similar to IDrive, although they don’t allow for unlimited devices on a single account. Backblaze costs $9 per month or $99 per year, and Carbonite is $11 per month or $131.99 per year. If you have one device, these two providers are great options. For multiple devices, Backblaze and Carbonite come up short.

If you are more focused on cloud storage services, and pCloud are better options and have some basic online backup tools. IDrive competes well with these services on the cost-per-storage front. Additionally, IDrive’s backup features are unmatched by traditional cloud storage providers.

Final Thoughts

IDrive has many affordable plans for personal, team or professional use. Backing up multiple devices on one account is a great feature. It also has some cloud storage features like file sync and sharing. The Team and Business plans have many options, and the 5TB Personal plan offers great value. For those who don’t need a lot of storage, the IDrive Mini account is an excellent alternative.

What’s your take on IDrive’s pricing structure? Are you considering an IDrive account? If you’re a current IDrive user, what’s been your experience? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading our article. 

FAQ: IDrive Pricing

  • As of this article’s publish date, yes — you can still sign up for an IDrive Basic account with 10GB of storage space.

  • Restoring your data from a backup on your account doesn’t cost anything, as you can download the folders and files you need from a previous backup. If you have to use IDrive Express to restore lost data, it costs $99.50 per request.

  • IDrive Express is included with the Personal, Team and Business plans. Personal plans can use it once annually, while the Team and Business plans get three annual uses. Any requests beyond those thresholds cost $59.95 each.

  • Yes. IDrive is phasing out its free Basic plan and replacing it with a 30-day free trial.

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