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Titus is a writer for His speciality is in cloud backup solutions.

Background & Education

Titus Kamunya is an emerging writer at Cloudwards, specializing in cloud backup solutions. With a background in software engineering, Titus brings a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise to his writing; his in-depth software knowledge and dedication to continuous learning make him a valuable addition to the Cloudwards team.

Prior to his writing endeavors, Titus honed his skills as a software engineer, gaining valuable insights into software development and cloud technologies. His work has been featured on platforms such as, where he has showcased his expertise. 

Titus earned a software engineering certificate from Moringa School, where he gained practical experience in software development and cloud computing. He also holds a Bachelor of Business Management from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, providing him with a strong foundation in business principles.

His diverse educational background provides him with a well-rounded perspective that enriches his writing on cloud backup solutions.

Titus Kamunya’s background in software engineering and business management, coupled with his passion for technology, position him as a valuable Cloudwards expert in the field of cloud backup solutions. With a commitment to delivering informative and insightful content, Titus continues to make strides in the tech industry. Outside of work, Titus enjoys spending time on the golf course.

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