How to Watch Saturday Night Live in 2021: Laughs Galore

Sandra Pattison
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Everybody needs a good laugh, and what better way to get one than from watching your favorite show, Saturday Night Live. Whether you are watching it for your favorite comedian or just want to relax and wind down with a drink, we’re going to show you how to watch Saturday Night Live online.

Saturday Night Live has been on TV for more than 40 years, and in that time some of the biggest names in show business have hosted the iconic series, with some of them hosting the show more than once.

The show consists of a main cast of comedians, as well as a different special guest every week. Together, they act out comedy sketches throughout the show for laughs. 

Saturday Night Live often hits on popular topics, such as what happened in the previous week. Whether it be about politics or celebrities, no one is safe from being included in this Emmy Award-winning late-night comedy showcase. 


You could just use their official YouTube channel to see funny clips from the show (read our article about how to unblock YouTube). However, to watch a full episode, you will need to use one of our methods below.

Watch Saturday Night Live Online

Because Saturday Night Live is an NBC show, you could just go straight to their website or download the app to watch episodes for free. That said, due to geoblocks, these options are only available to U.S. residents. 

If you are out of the country, you’ll need to use a virtual private network to change your location.


You can also watch Saturday Night Live on Hulu. Once you sign up, you can watch any episode from any season. Hulu offers a free trial, too, so you can check it out first. 

Once again, though, it’s only available to U.S. residents, so you’ll need a local IP address to get access. You can learn how to get a U.S. IP address here, and you can also read our best VPN for Hulu guide.


Using a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, will help you watch your favorite program from another part of the world by changing your IP address to the one you need. You won’t be limited on bandwidth and, with it being the fastest VPN out there, you won’t be waiting forever for it to load. It’s also our best VPN for streaming. Read our ExpressVPN review for more details.

Another way to watch Saturday Night Live is by becoming a member of Amazon Prime Video. You can then add it to your package and watch individual episodes or whole seasons, although you’ll need to pay an extra fee. However, these are cut versions of the show, so some of the opening scenes and sketches are missing.


Read our best VPN for Amazon Prime Video guide for some dedicated recommendations, if you find it’s not available in your country.

Watch Saturday Night Live for Free

If you’re stuck for money, you’ll be pleased to know there are some free ways you can watch Saturday Night Live. You may well find it on plenty of free streaming sites. We had a quick browse on Putlocker and found recent episodes, as well as older ones. 


Be careful, though, as there are plenty of copycat sites around with the same name, but there can be malicious content behind the scenes. It will also be beneficial to install one of our best pop-up blockers.

You can use torrenting sites, such as The Pirate Bay, to access the latest episodes, plus, you can use it to watch old favorites if they are still on the server. 

There are plenty of alternative torrent sites available, so you should be able to find what you want somewhere. Always be cautious when using torrents, as malware can hide in some of the files.


You also need to remember that the content on free streaming and torrent sites is more than likely copyrighted material, and using it is breaking the law. It’s up to you what you do, though. We just want to make you aware.

Using a VPN will help keep you protected online by hiding your IP address and keeping you anonymous. If you’re looking for excellent VPN security, we recommend NordVPN, which has custom peer-to-peer servers. That’s why we consider it our best VPN for torrenting. Read our NordVPN review for more information, as well as about how to stay safe in our online privacy guide.

Given the fact that you could be in danger of viruses and other malicious content, we also recommend that you download Bitdefender, which we consider the best antivirus software

It works well in real time, keeping you protected from any cybercrime you encounter while downloading content. (Have a look at our Bitdefender Antivirus review for more information.)

Watch Saturday Night Live on Kodi

Alternatively, you can use Kodi. For those who are not familiar with Kodi, it is an open-source home theater that gives you the ability to stream movies and TV shows, as well as store and organize media within it. 

You can install it on your desktop and mobile systems, as well as customize the preferences to suit your own setup. Check out our Kodi guide to get started. Please remember that it isn’t illegal to use Kodi, in itself. However, due to copyright laws, most of the streams are likely illegal to download in your residing country.

To get access to content, you can install the best Kodi repositories and add-ons. Some of those add-ons are legit, whereas others aren’t. For example, Covenant provides access to pirated content (you can learn how to install Covenant on Kodi here).

We did a quick search on the Poseidon add-on, which is part of the Kodil repository, and found that all 44 seasons of Saturday Night Life were available. The files looked like they were in good working order, too. Take a look at our best Kodi add-ons list for more recommendations.


Keep in mind that if you’re using Kodi to stream Saturday Night Live, you are doing so via a torrent. For that reason, we recommend that you use a VPN, as shielding your identity is a must when torrenting. 

Although you can’t beat ExpressVPN, CyberGhost is a decent choice, too. You can read our CyberGhost review to see if it suits you, or you can check out our best VPN for Kodi roundup for more choices.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, we have helped you find a way of getting your fix of Saturday Night Live wherever you live. Whether it’s to catch up on the latest episode or just watch one of your favorites, there are plenty of ways to do that. 

Most of us hate paying for something that we can get for free, but just remember that some of those ways are risky. You could just take the easy route of signing up to Amazon Prime Video. 

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Still, you can take some of the risks away by using a good antivirus and one of our best VPNs. We recommend ExpressVPN for its excellent security and vast number of features. Plus, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose by trying it first.

Let us know in the comment section if you can recommend another way to watch Saturday Night Live online. Take a peek at our other entertainment articles, too. As always, thank you for reading.