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How to Watch The Big Bang Theory in 2023

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If the word “bazinga” doesn’t confuse you, you’ve probably heard of The Big Bang Theory. The goofy sitcom about nerds, science and the hopeless pursuit of women has run for 12 seasons, generated its own spin-off and proven to be one of the most successful American TV shows of all time.

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The show centers around the lives of four awkward scientists and their girl-next-door neighbor as they battle through uncomfortable social situations and failed relationships to nerd out, find love and grow as people. If you like science or sci-fi, you’ll probably love The Big Bang Theory.

Catching up with over 200 episodes is going to be tricky if you don’t know where to look, though. In this guide, we’re going to tell you how to watch The Big Bang Theory online.

How to Watch The Big Bang Theory Online

Netflix is great for binge watching until you find out that it doesn’t have the show you’re looking for. That’s because not every region it serves has the same content. Once you’ve learned how to beat the Netflix VPN ban, subscribing to the right virtual private network, such as CyberGhost (see our CyberGhost review), can enable you to watch content from any Netflix region.


The Big Bang Theory isn’t available on the U.S. or Canadian versions of Netflix, but it is elsewhere. The UK,  Swiss and German Netflix regions carry the first 11 seasons of the show, and the Romanian, Japanese and Greek versions have the first eight.

The show isn’t on Amazon Prime Video or Hulu, either. If you can get an account, you can catch up with the final season of the show on CBS All Access.

Renting or buying episodes from the first 11 seasons of the show is easy with iTunes. If you want to binge through The Big Bang Theory online, though, combining a VPN connection from our best VPN for Netflix shortlist with your Netflix subscription is the best method.

How to Watch The Big Bang Theory for Free

There are ways to watch TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory without subscribing to a streaming service. Free streaming websites exist, but be careful because not all of them are safe to use.

Piracy is a personal choice. If you don’t care about where you get your content, just that it’s free, we’re not going to judge you for it. This article is strictly factual. We’re not recommending that you use free streaming websites or any other copyright infringing methods.

The only recommendation we’re making is to protect your hardware. Install the best antivirus software and keep it up to date to guard against malware.

A VPN subscription is a good second layer of defense, especially if it comes with protection against malware, such as WiTopia personalVPN (read our WiTopia personalVPN review).

You’ll find The Big Bang Theory on most free streaming websites. Old timers like Putlocker and Movies123 are still around, as are a lot of pretenders using the same or similar names, and all of them are likely to have The Big Bang Theory listed.

Just don’t trust what you see. Keep your defenses up, and if it doesn’t stream, try somewhere else.

Watch The Big Bang Theory on Kodi

Not everyone wants to risk infecting their PC just to watch a TV show. Kodi, the media center software, is the perfect alternative, thanks to third-party add-ons.


You’ll need to read our ultimate Kodi guide if you’ve never used the software. Once you’ve installed it on your PC or smartphone, you’ll need to install the right streaming add-on to start watching.

Seren, Placenta and 13 Clowns are popular with Kodi users, but you may need to add some of the best Kodi repositories first to be able to find and install them.

Kodi’s add-ons change from time to time, so check out our best Kodi add-ons guide for some of the best. Most are created by hobbyists who don’t fancy risking the wrath of big content firms to keep their services up to date.

Not So Bazinga: The Big Bang Theory and Torrents

As we’ve already mentioned, whether you engage in copyright piracy is up to you. If it’s something you’re willing to do, torrenting is an alternative to streaming The Big Bang Theory elsewhere.

We can’t say that’s legal, though, because it isn’t in many countries. Don’t risk your safety. Use a VPN service such as ExpressVPN (see our ExpressVPN review) or check out some of the others from our best VPN for torrenting guide.


The Big Bang Theory is one of the best-known U.S. sitcoms, so finding it should be easy. Torrent websites, such as The Pirate Bay, have episodes and full seasons to download, including the most recently aired episodes.

Just be aware that big TV and movie producers will share their own content on torrent websites to build up a list of sharers they can chase for damages, using their IP addresses to identify them.

That’s why using a VPN service that supports torrenting, such as TorGuard (see our TorGuard review), is so important.

Final Thoughts

With The Big Bang Theory airing its final season, there has never been a better time to catch up on hundreds of hours of nerd-filled sitcom goodness. Thanks to the Young Sheldon spin-off, The Big Bang Theory fans will still have plenty to watch when the series ends.

Given the risks, torrenting The Big Bang Theory isn’t something we recommend. If you do, use a VPN, such as VyprVPN (read our VyprVPN review), for extra protection. Streaming using a Kodi add-on is a better option for most people, and it’s worth looking at our how to use Kodi guide first.

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You’ll find the first 11 seasons of The Big Bang Theory on a few regional versions of Netflix, so if you’re a Netflix subscriber, using a VPN provider that supports Netflix, such as ExpressVPN, is your best option.

If The Big Bang Theory isn’t your thing, then give yourself the night off and learn how to watch free movies online instead. We recently published a guide on how and where to watch Young Sheldon.

Do you have recommendations for watching The Big Bang Theory online? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Thanks for your time.

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