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How to Watch Archer Online in 2022: Lana, Lana, LAANAAA

Fergus O'Sullivan
By Fergus O'Sullivan (Writer, Former Chief Editor)
— Last Updated: 2019-07-30T16:47:14+00:00

Archer might be the craziest show of the last few decades, pushing the boundaries of animation and good taste in equal measure. No matter the storyline, the writers throw in inappropriate jokes, out-of-context references and absurd situations. To make sure you can get your fix, we’ve put together this guide on how to watch Archer online.

For the first few seasons, Archer takes place in ISIS, a private spy agency, during the Cold War. The time period is unclear because the computers are cumbersome mainframes, yet the agents and support staff walk around with flip phones. Also, we’re sure the Soviet Union didn’t have a killer android program (if killer androids are your thing, read our guide to watching Westworld).

The main character is the man-child Sterling Archer, ISIS’s top agent thanks to his mother Mallory running the company. He is equal parts cold-blooded killer, womanizer, alcoholic and mama’s boy, but he’s also a massive store of obscure trivia.

Assisting him, against their better judgment, are Lana, an Amazon warrior, as well as ISIS’s bumbling support staff, from well-hung accountant Cyril Figgis, the cage fighter human resources head Pam and the disturbed, glue-sniffing heiress Cheryl.

As you can imagine, the group gets into crazy situations, and the writers are good at balancing the characters’ quips, whacky visual humor and storylines from cheap spy thrillers fed through a magic mirror. It’s a great watch if you’re into dark humor and off-the-wall shenanigans, so let’s check out where you can watch Archer online.

How to Watch Archer Online

Archer is from the stable of the FX network, and like its sibling The Shield, it’s available to stream on FX+, which only costs $6 per month and gives you access to some good shows. It’s only available in the U.S., though, so you’re going to need a U.S. IP address if you’re interested. 

That said, there’s another option for U.S.-based Archer fans: Hulu. Going for Hulu has the upside that its library of shows is massive, so besides watching Sterling and Lana bicker, you can also watch Bleach or any of the other hundreds of shows and movies.


The downside to Hulu is that it has one of the best virtual private network blocks in the business, so if you want to access it from outside the U.S. or even just use a VPN for privacy, you’re going to see a blank screen most of the time. Our best VPN for Hulu selections will help.

If you’re not a fan of Hulu or FX+ and you’re in Europe, you’re in luck, though. All nine seasons of Archer are on offer in EU countries, as well as plenty outside of the reach of Brussels. If you have a Netflix subscription and aren’t in Europe, you can use one of our best VPN for Netflix picks to bypass the Netflix VPN ban and get to watching Cyril’s debauchery.


We like ExpressVPN best for getting to Netflix, and it does a good job of reaching Hulu as well. 

How to Watch Archer Online for Free

In this age of digital piracy, spending your hard-earned cash for entertainment is a conscious decision. For those of you who don’t feel like lining the pockets of well-heeled executives, who are broke or who are simply feeling too nihilistic to pay for anything, there are plenty of other options for watching Archer online.

First up is free streaming, which is usually done on dodgy websites, such as Couchtuner and Putlocker, and involves nothing more than surfing there, dodging a few dozen pop-ups and clicking the show you want. At the time of writing, Putlocker had all nine seasons of Archer, but Couchtuner didn’t.


We weren’t joking when we said those pop-ups are the price you pay, though, so we recommend using a secure browser and installing one of the best pop-up blockers unless you like having your computer infected with more viruses than a CDC lab. 

If you contract something nasty, use one of our best antivirus solutions to get rid of it. You may even want to run a scan after a brief visit. We know we did.

How to Watch Archer on Kodi

Another streaming option, and no less illegal than using Putlocker, is Kodi. It lets you run and install it on almost any device, but it’s tricky to use if you’re not used to it. We have a complete Kodi guide to make it easier for you, though, so check it out if you’d like to know more.


A quick look around shows that the Poseidon add-on has all Archer seasons. You can find it under one of the best Kodi repos out there, Kodil, and it should prove easy to install. Kodi isn’t entirely legal, though, so we recommend using one of our best VPN for Kodi picks when watching Archer or anything else.

Archer Torrents

The last route you can take is peer-to-peer file sharing, or torrenting as it’s better known. As popular as Archer is, there are plenty of torrents for your viewing pleasure. Torrenting is illegal, though, so before we went and checked we engaged one of the one of the VPNs from our best VPN for torrenting roundup, in this case NordVPN.  


That’s just the top results, too, so there’s no shortage of options. That said, a quick look at a few comments below some of those files shows that there’s malware sprinkled among the video files, so exercise caution when clicking.

Final Thoughts

Archer is a great show, and as you can see, there’s no shortage of options if you want to watch it online, so if you like watching foul-mouthed, politically incorrect spies tear each other to shreds with some of the best repartee you’ll ever hear, have at it.

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