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How to Watch The Good Place in 2024: Careful of That Time Knife

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The Good Place is a rare show in that it manages to do several things at once, and do them well, indeed. Though you may find yourself wondering at times whether it’s a comedy, a mystery, a character study or an exercise in absurdity, you’re never going to have a dull moment. For that reason, we figured it’d be a good idea if we put a guide together on how to watch The Good Place.

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The series starts with the death of Eleanor Shellstrop, who finds herself in the Good Place, the part of the afterlife where we go if we lived a good life. This surprises Eleanor as she was a pretty horrible person. In humorous flashbacks, we’re shown the kinds of things she did, all of them simply horrendous, from littering to stealing to betraying people who placed their trust in her.

The rest of the cast is made up of a motley assortment of well-written characters, including intellectual and anxious Chidi, stuck-up do-gooder Tahani, simple and oblivious Jason, and Janet, the guide to the Good Place who can conjure just about anything from thin air. 

Stealing the show, however, is Ted Danson as Michael, the architect of the Good Place and the man who runs things. Danson is obviously relishing every second of his role, and a good chunk of the enjoyment you’ll derive from The Good Place is watching him simply crackle on the screen. We hope that whets your appetite, so let’s get to showing you how to watch The Good Place online.

How to Watch The Good Place Online

The Good Place is an NBC show and can’t be found on a proprietary streaming service, unlike shows from HBO or the CW (read our guide on how to watch The Wire or our guide on how to watch the CW for examples of both).

However, like any other NBC show, The Good Place can be found on Hulu in the United States and on Netflix in Europe and parts of Asia. Hulu has all three seasons up right now, and it is primed to start airing The Good Place season 4 in September 2019. 


Hulu is a great streaming service, with plenty of shows on offer, and there’s a chance after reading a few of our guides (like how to watch Archer and how to watch The Resident) that you may want to subscribe. If you’re in the States, that’s no problem. However, if you’re anywhere else, you’re going to need a virtual private network to spoof your location as being in the U.S.

In short, a VPN will reroute your connection to whichever location you want and encrypt it, as well, so you can’t be traced when you use one. They’re very handy tools if you want to keep yourself anonymous while browsing, while also having an entertainment benefit. Hulu is pretty good at finding out if you’re using one, though, so make sure to use one of our best VPN for Hulu picks for best results.

A VPN will also come in handy if you want to watch The Good Place on Netflix. We looked around several European countries’ Netflix offerings and found that you can find all the existing three seasons there, although there’s no word on when the fourth season will be added.


If you’re outside of Europe but prefer Netflix over Hulu, you’ll need to use one of our best VPN for Netflix picks to get past the dreaded Netflix VPN ban. It’s a tough one, but we’ve tested several VPNs over and over to make sure they work, with our favorite here at being ExpressVPN.

How to Watch The Good Place for Free

Of course, the internet wouldn’t be the internet without good ol’ piracy. We did some searching and found three avenues with which you can watch The Good Place for free online. Keep in mind, though, that for all of these, you’re going to have to use one of the best VPN services or risk fines.

First up is illegal streaming. Much like with other shows we’ve covered, like Outlander, you can find all seasons of The Good Place on PutLocker, a streaming site. It works much like Netflix and Hulu do, except that instead of paying with money, the currency is your patience.


PutLocker and sites like it generate their revenue through ads. These ads pop up at you whenever they feel like it, and sometimes even redirect you to dodgy pages. To prevent this from happening, we recommend using a VPN in conjunction with any of the best pop-up blockers.

How to Watch The Good Place on Kodi

Your next less-than-legal option is to use Kodi, a streaming platform you’ll need to install on whatever device you’re rocking. It’s pretty easy to do, especially as we have a full Kodi guide to help you along. Make sure to also check out the best VPN for Kodi, though, so you can’t be tracked using it.

A quick check of Poseidon, our favorite and best Kodi add-on, shows that all three seasons of The Good Place are present and accounted for. If you don’t have Poseidon, you should. You can find it under one of the best Kodi repos, Kodil.

The Good Place Torrents

To finish up, we also checked The Pirate Bay to see if we could find any decent torrents of The Good Place, of course using ExpressVPN, the best VPN for torrenting. If we hadn’t, we could have bet dollars to doughnuts that we would have been hit by our equivalent of a DMCA notice, which is no fun.


We could find torrents for all seasons, but, as usual, we won’t vouch for the quality except to say all the uploaders have a high rep. If you’re not a fan of The Pirate Bay, we have an article on the best alternative torrent sites, too.

Final Thoughts

The Good Place is a truly unique show, and we recommend it to anybody who likes some philosophy to go with their giggles. It’s won a bunch of awards, and we can see why: There’s nothing quite like it out there, and we’re waiting on the edge of our seats for the next season.

If you prefer to watch The Good Place on Hulu, you get an opportunity to watch The Patient Series and other captivating movies and TV series.

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What do you think of The Good Place? Would you rather watch Cheers, instead? Let us know in the comments below, or if you feel we missed any way to catch the show online. Thank you for reading.

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