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How to Get a Taiwan IP Address

How to Get a Taiwan IP Address With a VPN in 2024: Best VPN to Get a Taiwanese IP Address

A Taiwan VPN changes your actual IP address to one of many Taiwanese IP addresses. Our article will show you how to get a Taiwan IP address in minutes.

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Taiwanese citizens abroad may find themselves locked out of their bank accounts or discover that Netflix Taiwan isn’t available. You’ll experience numerous similar situations without a Taiwanese IP address, but instead of using unsafe proxy services, it’s better to rely on a virtual private network (VPN). You can learn how to get a Taiwan IP address below in three simple steps.

Key Takeaways: How to Get a Taiwan IP Address

  • A Taiwanese IP address can bypass restrictions designed to prevent access from other countries.
  • With a VPN, you can get a Taiwanese IP and trick networks into letting you through.
  • We recommend using ExpressVPN, but NordVPN and TunnelBear are two great alternatives. 

VPNs enable users to get a Taiwanese IP even if they’re in a different country. To all other entities, you would appear to be in Taiwan, even while you’re relaxing in a Parisian cafe or elsewhere. Read on for the details.

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Quick Guide: How to Get a Taiwanese IP Address With a VPN

Of all the Taiwan VPN services, ExpressVPN is the best one. We’ll use it as an example for our tutorial. 

  1. Log in or Register

    First, log in to your ExpressVPN account, or register if you don’t have one. Choose any one of the plans and proceed to checkout.

    expressvpn pricing page
  2. Download ExpressVPN

    Download ExpressVPN’s Windows client from the website, or get the app on your mobile device’s app store.

    expressvpn download
  3. Connect to a Taiwan Server

    Launch ExpressVPN and open the server list. Select “Taiwan” from the list and click on the big power button. You’ll now have a Taiwanese IP address that lets you access Taiwanese content.

    expressvpn taiwan connect

What Are the Best VPNs For Taiwan?

Having servers in Taiwan is only the first step to qualify for consideration as one of the best VPNs for Taiwan. Many services offer Taiwanese servers, but not all VPNs are created equal. Here are the VPN providers that stand above the rest.

Online Security

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  1. ExpressVPN — Has everything you’d need from a VPN
  2. NordVPN — The fastest VPN service
  3. TunnelBear — The best free VPN with servers in Taiwan

Security & Privacy

All the VPNs on our list have powerful security features, preventing others from discovering who you are. These measures include DNS leak protection, encryption and a kill switch. In addition, these providers won’t be able to produce any of your data because they have a strict no-logs policy. Not even your internet provider can read your online activity.


Fast speeds and lower latency are hallmarks of a good VPN, which inevitably reduce your internet speed. The best VPNs have less of an impact. However, it’s still important to remember that distance will unavoidably slow the connection. The farther away you are from Taiwan, the slower the connection tends to be.

Streaming Services

Some streaming services and Taiwanese TV channels employ geoblocks due to licensing issues. However, our VPN picks can get through these restrictions without much trouble. Feel free to watch your favorite shows no matter where you are.

The 3 Best VPNs for Getting a Taiwan IP Address

Each of the three VPNs we’ll cover have at least one Taiwanese VPN server. With your new IP address, your internet traffic will appear to be from the island country.

1. ExpressVPN

expressvpn taiwan interface
ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans.


  • Fast speeds
  • Live chat support
  • RAM-only servers


  • Owned by Kape Technologies
  • Expensive

ExpressVPN includes every feature you’d want in a VPN, including a massive network of servers, strong security, split tunneling and more. Its kill switch triggers when the VPN connection drops, preventing any leaks from happening.

Those who want to watch their favorite shows can rely on ExpressVPN, as it unblocks anything from Max to BBC iPlayer. What’s more, ExpressVPN has native apps for various devices and platforms.

It’s the best VPN around, but ExpressVPN is rather expensive, particularly if you only want access to a Taiwan server for small tasks. Even so, ExpressVPN’s reputation as one of the best VPN providers is hard-earned. Check out our ExpressVPN review for more details, or try it out for free using its 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. NordVPN

nordvpn taiwan connect
NordVPN accounts allow up to six simultaneous connections, but routers only count as one no matter how many devices are connected to them.


  • Specialty servers available
  • Plenty of server locations
  • Incredibly fast speeds


  • Has been breached once
  • No Mac/iOS split tunneling

NordVPN is the fastest VPN service available, and having unlimited bandwidth only gives it higher marks. It has unique offerings like double VPN servers and obfuscation, useful for particular tasks or extra security. The Threat Protection feature is NordVPN’s security solution, working almost like antivirus software. Recently, the provider made its Meshnet encrypted secure tunnel free for everyone.

NordVPN was indeed breached once in 2018, but the attacker didn’t manage to endanger anyone due to the lack of logs. The attack only confirmed NordVPN’s dedication to user privacy, and an independent audit has proved its strict no-logs policy is in effect. Our NordVPN review goes into further detail. The service is more affordable than ExpressVPN and also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • *The prices are charged in the first billing cycle only. Renewal prices vary.
  • Unlimited GB
  • 10
  • Yes
  • *The prices are charged in the first billing cycle only. Renewal prices vary.
  • Unlimited GB
  • 10
  • Yes
  • *The prices are charged in the first billing cycle only. Renewal prices vary.
  • Unlimited GB
  • 10
  • Yes

3. TunnelBear

tunnelbear taiwan connect
TunnelBear is the best free Taiwan VPN that we trust. 


  • Free plan has every feature
  • Expanding global servers
  • 5 simultaneous connections


  • No anonymous payments
  • Limited feature set
  • Poor at unlocking streaming apps

TunnelBear takes this spot as the best free VPN for Taiwan because it’s the only service that provides a Taiwan VPN server address for free. It may not be the best for streaming on Netflix or other platforms, but you can still access geoblocked online services without a hitch.

We wouldn’t say it has a small server network, but we’ve definitely seen better. The VPN has a kill switch, obfuscation protocol and split tunneling, the latter only on mobile devices.

The free plan comes with every feature but limits users to 2GB of monthly data, while paid users enjoy unlimited data. TunnelBear has some flaws, but we trust its no-logs policy and are confident it keeps you safe from threats. You can find out more by reading our full TunnelBear review.

  • 2GB
  • 2GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited GB, unlimited devices, priority customer service
  • Unlimited GB
  • Unlimited
  • Yes
  • Unlimited GB, centralized billing, account manager, price per user per month (minimum 2 users)
  • Unlimited GB
  • Unlimited
  • Yes

Can I Use a Free VPN to Get a Taiwan IP Address?

TunnelBear is the only trustworthy free service for getting a Taiwanese IP address that we know about. Windscribe and Proton VPN are two other free services, but the Taiwanese servers they offer are part of their paid plans. 

Many other free VPNs may offer a Taiwanese IP, but besides several not working, most free VPNs sell user data to corporations, who use it for nefarious purposes. Even if your real location is hidden, user data might end up in the hands of criminals or advertisement companies. Therefore, while you can get a Taiwanese IP for free, you should only use TunnelBear.

What Are the Dangers of Using VPNs for a Taiwan IP Address?

Taiwan is a country that believes the right to privacy, including online privacy, is a basic human right. In addition, the country doesn’t prevent users from downloading or using VPNs. Thus, using a VPN to get an IP address in Taiwan is completely safe. This is reflected by how many providers have at least one Taiwan VPN server.

As a relatively safe country, Taiwan has usually been ahead of cybercrime, but the pandemic changed things, with people being stuck indoors. In 2020, Taiwanese police busted a telecom fraud ring located in Montenegro. Since then, online crime in Taiwan has been rising.

The Taiwanese government doesn’t have the legal right to probe into anyone’s personal data without a good reason. People must be notified prior to governmental data collection as well. 

As you can see, obtaining a Taiwanese IP address is safe, but you should still practice caution when using the internet. VPNs aren’t antiviruses, though some have antivirus functions built in. They can’t prevent scams or other attacks if you aren’t careful.

How to Get IP Addresses for Other Asian Countries

To get IP addresses from other Asian countries, just select a different server location instead of the Taiwanese one. Each VPN provider offers a different network, and some countries may not be on their location lists.

Final Thoughts

Out of the many VPNs with servers in Taiwan, we find that ExpressVPN, NordVPN and TunnelBear perform better than various other picks. They unblock geoblocked content with ease while keeping you safe from people who want your data. Getting a Taiwanese IP address has never been easier.

If you’ve managed to get a Taiwanese IP address in the past, what VPN did you use? How did it fare unblocking the content you want to peruse? Let us know in the comments section. As always, thank you for reading.


  • Using a VPN in Taiwan is completely legal as long as you follow the local laws.

  • You can use a VPN to connect to a Taiwanese server, which lets you get a Taiwanese IP.

  • A VPN is necessary for getting a Taiwanese IP address from outside the country.

  • ExpressVPN, NordVPN and TunnelBear all work in and outside of Taiwan, along with several other services such as Private Internet Access.

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