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How to Get a Ghanaian IP Address in 2023

Elsie Otachi
By Elsie Otachi
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If you’re traveling or have relocated from Ghana, you’ve probably noticed that you can’t access some of the usual stuff you do online. All you get is an error message. That’s because the online service or website you’re trying to access is restricted to Ghana. You’ll need a Ghanaian IP address to view the content, and we’re going to show you how to get one. 

An IP address is like an ID that’s unique to each person online and tells every online service or website you visit where you are, your internet service provider and browser information. That and license restrictions are why you encounter geoblocks when you try to view content that’s restricted to Ghana unless you’re physically there.

Changing your IP address can make it look as though you’re in the country and enable you to watch your favorite Ghanaian TV, such as MultiTV, Viasat-1 or GH One, as well as Ghanaian shows on Netflix that you can’t watch elsewhere because of license restrictions. Read more in our Netflix ban article and check out our best VPN for Netflix guide for our recommendations.

Another reason to get a Ghanaian IP address is to access your online banking services because banks restrict people from logging in from other countries as a security measure against fraud. You won’t have trouble logging in with a Ghanaian IP address, though. Plus, your identity will be hidden from the Ghanaian government, hackers, and your ISP.

How to Get a Ghanaian IP Address

Using a proxy is one of the easy ways you can change your IP address – our best free proxy guide explains the process – but proxies don’t include security features and can be unreliable, leaving your IP exposed for anyone to look at. Read our VPN vs. proxy vs. Tor comparison for more information.

We recommend using a virtual private network. It’ll change your IP address, protect your true IP address and offer better security to keep you safer online. Plus, it won’t keep a record of your activity. 

Many of the providers in our best VPN article will get you what you need, but some are more suited to Ghana than others. The VPN you pick needs to have servers in Ghana or you won’t be able to get a Ghanaian IP address.

Some VPNs are better at unblocking streaming services such as Netflix, which has a smart VPN detection system that’s difficult to bypass. Our article on the Netflix proxy error explains that.


Ivacy has an excellent mid-sized server network, providing more than 1,000 specialty servers in over 100 countries worldwide, including Ghana.

It’s an inexpensive service, but it falls short in speeds, which we explain in our Ivacy review. That said, it offers a robust feature set that includes AES 256-bit encryption for strong security, a kill switch and the ability to get into Netflix.


Ivacy has a clear dedication to user privacy and offers great customer service in terms of quality and ease of access. 

It supports applications for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, as well as an application for Kodi. You can also configure Ivacy on Linux, BlackBerry, routers, smart TVs and game consoles.

Its flaws include inconsistent speeds and making you disconnect to change servers. It also has an odd interface because of its strange design. If those areas are concerning to you, take a look at the other options.


HideMyAss has good security, with AES 256-bit as standard, more than 900 servers covering over 190 countries, including Ghana, which is way more locations than the other two providers. It also has a kill switch for extra security, no bandwidth limits and the ability to get into most streaming services.

As you can read in our HideMyAss review, its privacy policy is worrying because it retains usage logs of connection and disconnection times for 30 days. You can check out our HideMyAss alternative guide for VPNs with a solid privacy policy.

The privacy issue aside, having a server in Ghana means you can access content restricted to that location, which is the main reason HideMyAss made this list. 


HideMyAss supports Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. It offers easy-to-use clients and great support from its knowledgebase if you need help. You can also contact customer support via live chat or email. 

A free seven-day trial is available, but make sure you cancel before it ends or you’ll be billed for a 12-month subscription. You’ll still get to use the full seven days upon cancellation, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you forget.


The only reason we included PureVPN here is because it has servers in Ghana. If you need the servers and your activities aren’t sensitive, it’s a fair choice, but for any other purpose, use one of the other options.


Its security is okay, but you’ll have to set encryption to 256-bit. A kill switch is also available. That said, its privacy policy is wanting because it contradicts its no-logs policy. Our PureVPN review explains that more. Still, its speeds are okay and it has unlimited bandwidth. You can use it on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, but the tile interface isn’t great.

Customer service can be reached through live chat and email 24/7, but it could be better. PureVPN is also cheaper than others and offers a 31-day money-back guarantee. That said, price isn’t the deciding factor here.

Dangers of Using a Ghanaian IP Address

Ghana was the third country in Africa to connect to the internet and allows almost uncensored access, but the limited censorship in the country doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a VPN. 

The constitution allows for freedom of information, but no law implements the guarantee. A 2017 Freedom House report said security officials seized Danish journalists’ equipment in April 2016. A month later, a senior police official proposed to block social media during the year’s general elections to maintain security and prevent the spread of misinformation, but it didn’t happen.

In June 2016, though, the Ghanaian government withdrew the “spy bill,” officially known as the Interception of Postal Packets and Telecommunications Messages Act, from parliamentary consideration. It had provisions that local and international rights groups opposed for what they said was the potential to undermine the right to privacy in private communications.

Fortunately, a VPN can help you bypass region-blocked content, secure your WiFi connection, keep your data safe and secure your data from the hands of surveillance agencies and cybercriminals.

Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve helped you understand the importance of using a VPN to get an IP address from Ghana and guided you to a suitable provider. The same method applies if you want to get a Nigerian IP address.

Pick one with great security, a solid no-logs policy and a built-in kill switch. A large server network will help you bypass blocks and you’ll need one with servers in Ghana if you want content exclusive to the country. 

Ivacy ticks all the boxes for privacy and security. Plus, it has a modest server network to choose from, but its speeds are inconsistent and switching servers is troublesome. If those are priorities for you, HideMyAss is a great alternative, as long as you’re cautious about what you’re doing.

For similar guides, check out how to get a Danish IP address and an Egyptian IP address.

Share your recommendations for using a VPN in Ghana with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear them. Thanks for reading.