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Perfect Privacy packs a slew of features designed to protect your anonymity online, but the VPN has a number of weaknesses, too. Find out the details in this Perfect Privacy review.

Brian Murray
By Brian Murray (Writer)
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The Perfect Privacy VPN gives itself big shoes to fill with its name alone. It manages to back up its claim in many ways, though, as we’ll see in this Perfect Privacy review. Its strengths include a number of unique privacy-oriented features and a good privacy policy.

However, there are a number of weaknesses with Perfect Privacy, such as its dated user interface and high cost. Even worse, despite the fact that we were able to get the VPN to work in our previous Perfect Privacy review, this time around we could not get the VPN to connect at all.

This means that we could not test the features, speed or security of the connection and therefore cannot recommend Perfect Privacy in this review. For this reason, we suggest you take a look at our best VPN article to save some time and find a VPN provider that actually works.

  • Perfect Privacy offers the OpenVPN protocol as well as AES-256 encryption, among other options. This forms a solid foundation for VPN security and should make Perfect Privacy a safe VPN provider in theory. However, due to connection issues we were not able to test for DNS leaks and other issues.

  • We were not able to test Perfect Privacy for speed this time around, meaning it technically gets a zero for speed. However, in previous testing we’ve seen it perform fairly well in speed tests.

  • VPN trustworthiness is constantly changing as new things come to light and VPN companies change hands. At the moment, NordVPN and ExpressVPN are two of the most widely recognized and respected VPN services available.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Lots of unique features
  • Solid privacy policy


  • Unable to connect
  • Expensive
  • Unappealing UI
  • Slow customer service


85 % – Very Good

Perfect Privacy’s features can be split into two groups: those you can change in the software and those you can only edit by logging in to your account on the Perfect Privacy website. 

We’ll start with the things you’ll find in the desktop client. There are six tabs in the settings, the first of which is simply called “Perfect Privacy settings.” This tab includes the username and password login fields and is also where you’ll choose between IPSec and OpenVPN for your protocol. 

Next is the “program settings” tab, which contains options common to most VPN offerings, such as launching on Windows bootup and connecting automatically. This is also the page where you can choose how the servers are sorted and what kind of encryption your connection uses. 

Perfect Privacy settings
Perfect Privacy covers all of the basic features we expect to see and then some.

Privacy & Security Features

The third tab, “firewall and DNS,” is where the emphasis on privacy comes into play with Perfect Privacy. Perfect Privacy uses a firewall as a kill switch, with three settings that range from blocking only non-VPN traffic while Perfect Privacy is connected to an always-on firewall that blocks all traffic — even when the software is closed.

The DNS leak protection functions similarly, with the option to leave it on all the time. (You can also follow our how to change your DNS address article to do this yourself without a VPN.)

Perfect Privacy firewall
Perfect Privacy offers some interesting kill switch options, including an always-on firewall.

Next is the IP and ports tab, which lets you configure port forwarding and offers the option to use random exit IP addresses when available. The final tab that allows configurability is the “cascading and stealth” tab, which again offers features that improve security. 

First, this page allows you to enable what Perfect Privacy calls a “cascading” connection, more commonly called a multi-hop VPN. A multi-hop VPN can bounce its connection between multiple VPN servers before being sent to its destination, which can help improve your online privacy and security by making your activity harder to track. 

The stealth VPN options allow you to use your choice of several kinds of data obfuscation to make it easier for your VPN connection to work in restrictive networks. For example, this could be a good way to work around China’s great firewall or could be used to counter ISP VPN throttling.

Perfect Privacy stealth
The stealth and cascading settings can increase your online privacy even more than a VPN alone normally would.

NeuroRouting Feature

As we mentioned, there are some more advanced features that can only be accessed through your account on the Perfect Privacy website. The first of these is the NeuroRouting feature, which you’ll see is marketed pretty heavily around Perfect Privacy’s site. 

Perfect Privacy features
Some of the features Perfect Privacy offers can only be accessed on the website.

NeuroRouting is an AI-based routing method that will direct your VPN traffic through an optimal route as close as possible to the destination. This is done on a site-by-site and program-by-program basis in real time, meaning that your external VPN IP address will change depending on the destination.

According to Perfect Privacy, this method of routing means that your traffic will remain within the encrypted VPN tunnel for as long as possible — in some cases, the traffic is not exposed to the internet at all. Although it’s difficult to determine whether this feature works as advertised, it would reduce your exposure to potential data attack points and is definitely a solid feature for a VPN with a name like Perfect Privacy.

On its website, Perfect Privacy also offers what it calls “TrackStop,” which is a content filter with a variety of options to block trackers and ads, fraud and malware sites, Facebook and Google. You can even set up a child-protection filter or a fake news filter. The website mirrors some of the features found in the software, such as the random exit IP address option and the port forwarding settings.

Perfect Privacy Trackstop
Perfect Privacy offers a number of features that are unique and useful, such as NeuroRouting and TrackStop.

No Split Tunneling

All of these features go a long way toward privacy and anonymity, especially options like an always-on kill switch, AI-routing and the cascading connection. However, there’s one thing Perfect Privacy missed out on that we’d love to see in the future, and that’s split tunneling.

You can see two great examples of split tunneling in our ExpressVPN vs CyberGhost article. However, in short, split tunneling lets you choose which programs on your computer use the encrypted VPN connection and which ones use the faster, but unprotected, normal internet connection.

This is an increasingly common feature to find and is one of the most useful things a VPN can have, so the addition of split tunneling would make Perfect Privacy one of the more feature-rich VPN services out there. However, none of this matters if users are unable to connect at all.

Perfect Privacy Features Overview

  • General

    • : PayPal, Credit card
    • : No
    • : Unlimited
    • : No
    • : 58 servers in 25 countries
    • : Windows, MacOS, Linux
    • : Android, iOS
  • Streaming

    • : No
    • : No
    • : No
    • : No
  • Security

    • : 256-AES
    • : IPSec, OpenVPN, KEv2, SSH2
    • : No
  • Support

    • : No
    • : 24/7
    • : No


60 % – Fair

Perfect Privacy keeps its pricing simple, unlike the ridiculous myriad of plans we looked at in our CactusVPN review. There’s just one plan on offer, with your choice of three different time frames. 

What’s unconventional about Perfect Privacy’s pricing is that the time frames jump from the shortest option of one month straight to an entire year with no three-month or six-month option in between. 

The monthly pricing puts Perfect Privacy among the most expensive top-shelf VPN providers on the market. Its cost comes in at more than twice what we saw Mullvad charging for a single month in our Mullvad review.

Paying for an entire year up front only brings the per-month cost down to $9.99, while the two-year plan brings this down another dollar to $8.95 per month.

If you look at our NordVPN review, you’ll see that NordVPN has a similar pricing model with a monthly option that jumps up to one-year and two-year plans. However, NordVPN offers excellent long-term pricing, with the one-year plan breaking down to just $4.92 a month and the two-year option bringing this down to a mere $3.71.

Perfect Privacy fails to offer a free trial or free plan. On top of this, its sub-standard seven-day money-back guarantee can’t compete with the 14 or 30-day refundable plans offered by most VPN providers.

With all that said, there are a couple of things Perfect Privacy does right when it comes to pricing. It accepts a wide variety of payment options through Paymentwall, and you can also pay via PayPal or bitcoin. In addition, every plan allows unlimited simultaneous connections, which is a rare thing to find. 

Ease of Use

75 % – Good

Overall, Perfect Privacy is easy to use, if not the most visually appealing premium VPN. Starting on the website, you’re greeted with some walls of text about the VPN’s features. This is great, but there’s already a noticeable lack of visual appeal to the design. However, everything is easy enough to find and signing up requires only an email address. 

Once you sign up, you’re assigned a randomly generated username and password. You can opt to have this information emailed to you, as we did, but otherwise you will need to write it down. 

The software is similar to the website, with a user-friendly layout, but not much thought given to the looks. The menus look dated but are functional, and most of the settings feature small question marks that provide information about what that option does, making it easy for people who aren’t accustomed to VPNs to configure Perfect Privacy to their liking.

Perfect Privacy servers
Perfect Privacy’s UI is dated and ugly, but at least it’s functional and practical.

While Perfect Privacy has made a usable UI, it still lacks the polish and refinement of a more modern-looking interface, like the dark-themed minimalist look we saw in our Private Internet Access review.


0 % – Terrible

Perfect Privacy has VPN servers in 25 countries, but most of them are based in Europe. Unfortunately, since we could not get it to connect at all, we were unable to run our usual gamut of testing on the VPN’s servers. This includes upload speed, download speed and ping time. 

Perfect Privacy connection
No matter what we tried, we could not get the VPN to connect.

If we look at our speed test results from our previous Perfect Privacy review, we can see that it performed respectably well, but its inability to connect this time around means that it gets a failing score in this section and won’t end up on our fastest VPNs list any time soon.


80 % – Good

The backbone of any VPN’s security is formed by the protocol and encryption it uses. For protocols, Perfect Privacy lets you choose between OpenVPN and IPsec. If you look at our VPN protocol breakdown, you’ll see that OpenVPN is widely considered to be the optimal protocol for most users and it offers excellent security with good performance and speed.

As for encryption, Perfect Privacy actually has six options available, including AES-256, AES-128 and Camellia-128 and -256 as well. Again, a look at our description of encryption article shows that AES 256-bit encryption is considered to be the best widely available option right now and offers excellent security when used with OpenVPN.

Because we couldn’t connect, we were unable to perform a DNS or IP address leak test or try any of the special features that Perfect Privacy offers. If you’re looking for our tried-and-true recommendation for a reliably secure VPN, be sure to head over to our VyprVPN review


90 % – Excellent

Perfect Privacy’s privacy policy is a little on the long side, but its relatively simple language makes it easy enough to read. It clearly states that it has a no-logs policy. However, as we’ve seen with some VPNs in the past, just because a VPN says no logs doesn’t always mean it, such as in our IPVanish review.

With Perfect Privacy, the no-logs claim rings mostly true. It does not collect any information about the use of the VPN, including IP address, access time or even duration. The information that it collects on the site is either handed over during sign up, such as an email address, or collected on the site through the use of cookies.

The use of cookies on websites is largely unavoidable these days, and the cookies are mostly used for analytic data to keep the site running. 

Additionally, Perfect Privacy is based in Switzerland, which has some of the best data protection laws in the world. Perfect Privacy also keeps a warrant canary up on its website to let users know if a government or some other organization might be snooping around its servers at any time. 

Streaming Performance

0 % – Terrible

We cannot say for sure how Perfect Privacy performs when it comes to streaming. However, looking to our previous Perfect Privacy reviews shows that this has always been a weak area for Perfect Privacy, and it’s unlikely that we would have been able to stream anything even if we had gotten the VPN working.

We’ve been unable to get any streaming services to work using Perfect Privacy in the past, but to be fair, unblocking restricted content is not something Perfect Privacy claims to do. If you’re interested in a VPN to use for streaming, we suggest you check our best VPN for Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer articles.

Server Locations

70 % – Decent

Perfect Privacy currently stands at 55 total servers in 25 countries. This isn’t the smallest server network we’ve seen, but it’s far from impressive. If you look at our HideMyAss review for comparison, you can see a VPN service that has over 1,000 servers in 190 countries.

Perfect Privacy countries
Perfect Privacy offers a limited list of servers.

While Perfect Privacy covers most of Europe with its servers, coverage is lacking in Africa and South America and there are limited options in Asia. 

Customer Service

65 % – Decent

Customer support with Perfect Privacy is unimpressive. There is no live chat or phone line, but there is a customer support ticket system as well as a knowledgebase and forum. The forum is mostly in German, but it does have an English section that could be useful to some users. 

The knowledgebase is expansive and covers a wide variety of topics, with great attention given to setup manuals and installation processes. Actually getting in touch with customer support can take a long time, though, with most of our requests for help taking between 14 and 18 hours to hear back.

Perfect Privacy issues
After waiting for several days we never heard back more than this.

We reached out to support about our connection issues and were told that our IPV6 was not enabled. We replied that it was, but got no further information as to what our problem might have been.

The Verdict

Perfect Privacy shows a lot of promise with its unique and interesting features. We would have loved to try out the NeuroRouting feature ourselves, but were unable to get the VPN to connect. For this reason, we are unable to recommend this service in this Perfect Privacy VPN review. 

Have you used Perfect Privacy before? Did it work for you? Do any of the Perfect Privacy features seem useful to you, or does NeuroRouting just seem like a marketing gimmick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading.

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  1. For someone who is advising people on ‘security’ you sound like noobs. Maybe you should consider another line of business? PP connects just fine and as far as their no logging goes that’s why they allow unlimited connections, they can’t audit because they don’t log. Also if you were aware of what goes on in the VPN world you would know that they had servers seized in Germany a while back and they were useless to authorities once again confirming they don’t log.

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