Good EFSS Providers

Egnyte Review

Egnyte Connect Review's favorite EFSS provider, Egnyte Connect offers speed, ease of use, security and a decent pricing scheme, making it perfect for almost every small business.

By Joseph Gildred21 Mar'172018-11-20 23:38:17

Starts from$ 800monthly
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Dropbox Business Review

Dropbox Business Review

An excellent service that doesn't quite manage the number 1 spot, Dropbox Business is a good EFSS for most SMBs

By Joseph Gildred13 Oct'152017-10-08 05:52:29

Starts from$ 1250monthly
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Box Review

Box Business Review

A great service that has plenty of third-party integrations and wonderful customer service, Box Business is kept from the top spot due to its slow speeds.

By Joseph Gildred13 Oct'152018-11-27 04:59:13

Starts from$ 1000monthly
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Citrix ShareFile Review

Citrix ShareFile Review

If keeping track of your company's goings-on is your main criteria when selecting an EFSS, look no further than Citrix ShareFile.

By Joseph Gildred13 Oct'152017-10-08 06:04:42

Starts from$ 1200monthly
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OneDrive for Business Review

OneDrive for Business Review

OneDrive for Business is a good, cheap option for SMBs that don't need too many features and want an EFSS solution that gets the job done, no more, no less.

By Joseph Gildred20 Sep'172017-09-20 11:24:47

Starts from$ 500monthly
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IBM Connections Review

IBM Connections Review

SMB owners looking for a cloud collaboration tool with a social media twist might find what they’re looking for in IBM Connections.

By Joseph Gildred20 Sep'172017-09-20 11:38:20

Starts from$ 600monthly
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Decent EFSS Providers

FilesAnywhere Review

A bit too pricey, but otherwise solid provider.

FilesAnywhere is a solid EFSS provider that doesn't quite offer what its better predecessors do. While it gets its sharing and syncing right, its pricing could be a little kinder and its interface could be cleared up. Read our full FilesAnywhere review for the details.

By Branko Vlajin08 Nov'182018-11-21 01:02:12

Starts from$ 375monthly
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Huddle Review

Huddle Review

An service that's as much a task management app as an EFSS provider, Huddle will likely win loyal fans with some, while turning others away just as quickly.

By Joseph Gildred20 Sep'172017-09-20 11:52:27

Starts from$ 2000monthly
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Syncplicity Review

Syncplicity Review

Syncplicity boasts some of the cheapest prices in cloud storage at just $60 per user per year

By Joseph Gildred20 Sep'172017-09-20 11:41:20

$ 500monthly
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EFolder Anchor Review

eFolder Anchor Review

A decent service that will likely scare many of its potential customers away as purchase requires going through a middleman.

By Joseph Gildred20 Sep'172017-09-20 11:58:24