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Best Roku games

The 15 Best Roku Games in 2024: Killing Time

Roku can do more than stream content. You can also play games. We’ve put together a list of the best Roku games available, including free, freemium and paid Roku games for you to play on the TV screen.

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Roku is among the top streaming players on today’s market, especially for cord-cutters because of the number of free Roku channels available. Still, streaming TV shows and movies are not the only thing you can do on Roku. You can also play Roku games. Sure, they’re not up to PlayStation or Xbox standards, but they’re similar to mobile games and great time-killers.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are lots of Roku games available, including free, freemium and paid games.
  • Roku games aren’t the same quality as, say, AAA video games, but they’re similar to mobile games and can be fun time-killers.
  • Some Roku games allow you to play with other people, either in your household or online.

The 15 Best Roku Games

We’ve listed 15 of the best Roku games. That includes paid and freemium games, as well as completely free Roku games, in case you’d prefer to keep your Roku costs down.

To find them, all you need to do is go to the “games” category in the Roku Channel Store menu either on your Roku streaming device or the Roku website. You can add a game to Roku in the same way that you add channels to Roku.

1. PAC-MAN Championship Edition

Enjoy some classic arcade gaming on the TV screen with PAC-MAN Championship Edition. This sequel — created by the original developer, Bandai Namco — brings better graphics and a whole bunch of new features, too, such as larger mazes, chompin’ combos and more. It costs $4.99, but if you’re a PAC-MAN fan, it’ll be the best $4.99 you’ll spend. 

roku games pac man championship edition
PAC-MAN Championship Edition brings better graphics and new features to Roku.

2. Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a great in-person game, but you can also have fun on-screen. Play against the computer or four players and enjoy smooth animation as you hit the puck into the goal. There are two versions of this game available: ad-supported or ad-free. If you don’t mind some ads here and there, then you can play Air Hockey totally free. If not, the ad-free version costs $0.99 per month.

roku games air hockey
You can play Air Hockey against the computer or up to four friends.

3. Galaga

Galaga is another classic arcade game developed by Bandai Namco. If you like Space Invaders, you’re sure to like Galaga, where you can control your spaceship and take down each wave of invaders. 

Each wave brings a new formation and speed, so you’re going to need to shoot and maneuver your spaceship like your life depends on it — well, three lives. There are 250 levels, too, and each level you pass gives you the power-ups needed to succeed. Galaga costs $4.99, but you’ll get your money’s worth from the addiction.

roku games galaga
Galaga is a classic arcade game similar to Space Invaders with 250 levels.

4. Downhill Bowling 2

Fancy a bit of a twist to traditional bowling? Then Downhill Bowling 2 should be right up your alley — no pun intended. Instead of bowling down a conventional lane, you’ll come across different terrain, ramps, slopes, obstacles and more. Collect coins and power-ups as you go while earning as many points as possible. The game costs $1.99, but you get fast-paced entertainment all the way.

roku games downhill bowling
Downhill Bowling 2 is traditional bowling with a twist.

5. Snake

Who can turn down a good ol’ game of Snake? The apple-munching game became a favorite on cell phones such as Nokia, and now, Roku has brought this piece of nostalgia to the TV screen. Snake is free, but it may require additional fees.

roku games snake
Enjoy a classic game of Snake on your Roku.

6. Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf isn’t like ordinary golf. Rather than just swing and hope for the best, you need to apply some physics to this puzzle game. You take on 32 courses needing different angles to get the perfect shot. You can collect special abilities and power-ups, as well as earn achievements along the way. Originally released on iOS and Android, the Roku version costs $1.99.

roku games super stickman golf
Super Stickman Golf includes 32 courses for you to get the perfect shot.

7. Anna Montana

If you like time-management games, then you should love the iPhone original game, Anna Montana. The game takes you through a complete story in which you help to send Anna to school by doing housekeeping chores, such as vacuuming, laundry and organizing, for the residents of Glamour Lane. There’s a free demo available, and the full game costs $1.99.

roku games anna montana
Take on the household chores of Glamour Lane in Anna Montana.

8. Tiles

Tiles is an action-puzzle game that never ends. You can play levels created by other players and create and share levels for others to play, too. Tiles is the perfect game for puzzle-lovers to get their brain cogs going. It’s also free, though additional fees may be required.

roku games tiles
Tiles is the perfect game for any puzzle-lover.

9. Retaliate

Retaliate is similar to Galaga and Space Invaders in that it’s a scrolling shooter game, but the difference is that your space hero isn’t armed with infinite ammo. Instead, you have to absorb your enemies’ ammo and shoot it back at them. It’s a free game, but additional fees may be required.

roku games retaliate
Retaliate is similar to Galaga and Space Invaders, but you don’t have infinite ammo.

10. Video Poker

If you fancy your luck at some poker, then Video Poker has five varieties to play. Choose from Jacks or Better, Double Double Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild Poker, Joker Poker or Double Joker Poker. You can also choose from two modes: normal mode for a Las Vegas casino experience or tournament mode for a more competitive game. Video Poker is free but may require additional fees.

roku games video poker
Take on five different varieties of poker in Roku game Video Poker.

11. Tic-Tac-Toe

Some of the simplest games offer the best entertainment when you’re bored, and what could be simpler than Tic-Tac-Toe? You can play three-in-a-row or five-in-a-row, and you can play with a friend or against the computer. It’s a free game, but there may be additional fees required.

roku games tic tac toe
Play a classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe against the computer or with a friend.

12. Chess Live

Whether you’re a chess master or just dabble in the odd game here and there, Chess Live could become a favorite go-to on Roku. Not only can you play against the computer, but there’s also the option for a two-player game or to play online with friends, family and other Roku users.

You can choose your level of play, schedule games and even have a quick game of Solitaire, MineSweeper or Sudoku while you’re waiting for players to come online. It’s free but may require additional fees.

roku games chess live
Show your skills playing Chess Live against the computer, a friend or online.

13. Bubble Shooter

If you’ve ever played Bubble Shooter, you’ll know how addictive it can be. If not, it won’t take long to understand. You simply aim and shoot to match three or more of the same color bubbles and pop them. Clear the board to earn the highest score, but be sure not to let the bubbles reach the bottom, or you’ll lose. It’s totally free and lots of fun.

roku games bubble shooter
Clear the board and aim for the best score in Bubble Shooter.

14. Rainbow Dash

Fill boring, gray levels with as much color as possible as you bounce your way through. The more color you fill, the higher your score. Rainbow Dash is simple but addictive. It’s also free but may require additional fees.

roku games rainbow dash
Fill a gray world with color as you bounce along in Rainbow Dash.

15. Candy Bear

Move your way through different obstacles to collect as much candy as possible. Dodge bunnies, clamber over bricks, float on moving platforms and more. There are lots of levels to get through, and each level is a little harder than the last.

Two versions of Candy Bear are available: the first release of Candy Bear, which costs $2.99, and the newer Candy Bear 2, which costs $4.99 and includes better graphics, extra features and more levels. There are free, ad-supported versions of both available, too.

roku games candy bear
Collect candy while avoiding obstacles in Candy Bear.

Final Thoughts

Although Roku isn’t a dedicated gaming device, there are lots of Roku games available, from puzzler games to traditional board games to classic arcade games and more. 

Many games are completely free, but some are paid or include paid add-ons. If children are likely to install games, it’s a good idea to set up a PIN on your Roku payment method, so they don’t make any purchases without your consent.

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What’s your favorite Roku game? Do you agree with our list of the best Roku games? Is Roku gameplay good? Let us know in the comments below and read our Roku scams piece to ensure you stay safe. As always, thank you for reading. 


  • Yes, you can play games on Roku. There are lots of Roku games available in the Channel Store, including free, freemium and paid games. You simply use the arrow keys and other buttons on the Roku remote to control the game.

  • There are lots of Roku games available in different categories, such as trivia games, puzzle games, arcade games, and you can even enjoy a card game or board game, too. It doesn’t matter if you have a Roku TV or a Roku Streaming Stick+, the games are available on all Roku devices.

  • Yes, there are lots of free games on Roku. Keep in mind, though, that some free games may require additional fees.

  • Unfortunately, you can’t get Jackbox Games on Roku. Most Jackbox Games are compatible with Apple TV, Firestick, Android TV, consoles, Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) and many more devices. If you have the Jackbox Games mobile app and want to play on your TV screen, you can cast to Roku.

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