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Freelancing & Small Business

The cloud makes launching and running a business a lot easier.

Plenty of people have dreamt of running their own business or becoming a freelancer, but let’s be honest: doing so is terrifying. You’ll have no safety net and that overhead is beyond daunting. However, the computer age has taken away at least some of that overhead, though, unfortunately, the lack of a safety net remains.

What do you need for your small business?

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Thing is, thanks to the cloud, you no longer need offices or a brick-and-mortar storefront. Plenty of successful businesses have been started by people sitting at home in front of their laptop, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join their ranks. Figure out which of your skills is marketable and you’re off. It’s capitalism at its finest and, as an extra bonus, pants are not a requirement.

No matter whether you’re a freelancer or running a small team, has selected the very best tools for the job. From storing and backing up your vital business data, to launching a website, to managing your tasks (or even your own team of freelancers), to keeping the books: if you need it, we have it, plus plenty of sage advice, to boot.

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