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  • Free plan available
  • Multiple 2FA options
  • Zero-knowledge security

LogMeOnce Review

The LogMeOnce password manager can help you create, remember and share strong passwords. Its user interface has improved since our last review, but we’re still underwhelmed by its basic features. Our LogMeOnce review delves into the details.

Jeremy Gan
By Jeremy Gan (Writer)
— Last Updated: 2024-03-09T22:36:34+00:00 Facts checked by Igor Kurtz

Key Takeaways: LogMeOnce Review

  • LogMeOnce is a password manager for storing your login credentials for services and apps, but it can also store credit card information and more. Despite the abundance of features, some basic ones need improvement. 
  • Many of LogMeOnce’s extra functions aren’t relevant for most users, and the lack of technical documentation is concerning.
  • Although you can try LogMeOnce for free, we suggest other free password manager alternatives.

LogMeOnce is a password manager that makes unique functions a selling point. You get eight variants of two-factor authentication (2FA) alone, and upgrading from the free version provides access to a whole host of features — so many, in fact, that we found this password manager more excessive than convenient.

Our last LogMeOnce review noted how unfriendly the user experience was, and years later, it’s still not one of the best password manager services. Having examined its feature set, we’ll guide you through the most important elements. You’ll also learn about its pricing, user-friendliness and customer support. 

Although LogMeOnce offers many security options, we found it overwhelming for users who only want essential password management. There are also issues with its website; some information was either outdated or nonexistent. Plus many of the new functions weren’t helpful to users but instead added confusion.

  • 01/04/2024 Facts checked

    Review rewritten with new features and pricing.

LogMeOnce: Pros & Cons


  • Free plan available
  • Multiple 2FA options
  • Zero-knowledge security
  • Dark web monitoring


  • Outdated website
  • Many unhelpful features
  • Interface needs work


65 % – Decent

LogMeOnce has many more features than most password managers. Having many features opens up more functionality, but these options should be relevant to its everyday users. As it stands, we found most of its functions irrelevant for all but the most demanding users.

Password Generator

A good password manager should help you set up secure passwords, and LogMeOnce lets you create passwords from six characters to 50 characters. You can also see how long it takes to crack the password by brute force. You can customize passwords by toggling uppercase and lowercase letters, digits and symbols.

logmeonce password generator
LogMeOnce lets you keep unlimited saved passwords,
regardless of whether you generated them.

On the mobile app, there’s a password dialer that creates a new password as you turn the dial on your smartphone or tablet. It behaves similarly to the web browser version but doesn’t display the time to crack. Additionally, the textbox for the password is light gray, while the password is white, making it difficult to see. 

logmeonce password dialer
LogMeOnce lets you keep unlimited saved passwords whether you generated them or not.

We find this password generator simple and effective, and the dialer is perfect for mobile devices. After generating a password, you can copy it with a click or tap before using it for your accounts.

Password Sharing

LogMeOnce users can share passwords with other users directly from the password vault. You can share passwords with multiple users at a time. If you’re on the Family plan, you can also share with a family member by clicking their icon on the main interface.

When sharing a specific password, you can attach secure notes. There’s also the option to set an expiration date if you intend to share the password only temporarily. After sending the password, the recipient must accept the password by opening an email before they can use it in LogMeOnce. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Out of all the password managers we’ve tried, LogMeOnce supports the most options for 2FA, having eight different ways to authenticate yourself:

  • Email
  • Voice call
  • SMS
  • Google Authenticator / one-time password
  • USB flash drive
  • X.509 certificate
  • Security key
  • Selfies

An X.509 certificate is a standard public key certificate format for securing transactions or private information. In LogMeOnce’s case, this option is for verifying your identity. Security keys allow access to your password vault. Your smartphone can be a security key if you set it up on LogMeOnce, but other devices also work.

logmeonce 2fa
LogMeOnce’s two-factor authentication is one of its best security features.

The most unique offering LogMeOnce has is selfie-2FA, which involves sending yourself a selfie to another authorized device. You must then approve or reject the login request on the other device. 

LogMeOnce’s rationale behind this is that you don’t have to type your master password to log in. While this removes the need for hardware security devices, we find it unnecessary now that facial recognition is available.

Passwordless Login

Your LogMeOnce master password lets you log in to the password manager, but the software prefers that you use passwordless login methods, such as taking a selfie or fingerprints. 

If you avoid entering an alphanumeric code, hackers won’t be able to get your password, even if they install a keylogger on your device. Keyloggers are software that can steal passwords by tracking your keystrokes. By eliminating contact with the keyboard, this type of malware becomes obsolete. 

Earlier this year, LogMeOnce rolled out Face ID authentication. With biometric authentication like Face ID and fingerprints, you can use passwordless login more frequently on your smartphone or tablet. However, it’s a trade-off as you could be forced to unlock your phone in the real world.

Encrypted Storage

Each LogMeOnce account has some encrypted storage, though you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan to use it realistically. The free plan has only 1MB of secure file storage, barely enough for storing anything today. 

The storage is encrypted with AES and is usable for document types like Word, PowerPoint and PDF. Although you get more storage space on a paid plan, we don’t see the point. Not only is a password manager unlikely to reach the level of the best cloud storage, but for a little extra, LogMeOnce can add zero-knowledge encryption to your existing storage with its cloud encrypter.

If you’re looking for reliable cloud storage, is our top choice — see our review to learn why. 


If you need someone else to have access to your LogMeOnce password collection, you can assign beneficiaries. You can either grant them access to your entire account or selected apps. There’s also the option of setting a wait time before they get emergency access.

Password Shock

After covering the basics, let’s look at some of LogMeOnce’s less useful features. One is “Password Shock,” designed to scare hackers or malicious people away. Whenever there’s an unauthorized login attempt, the “password shock” feature captures device video, audio, the IP address and other data to help identify the person.

logmeonce password shock
Password shock may sound innovative, but we have no assurance it will deter hackers.

They also receive warnings to stop looking around your LogMeOnce account. Password shock may help deter unintended access, but there’s currently no proof that hackers care about the consequences. Without more evidence, it’s just one of the strangest security features other password managers don’t have. 

Scheduled Login

Another feature is the scheduled login. You can schedule your next login time and gain access to your account with a 30-minute tolerance. If you intend to log in outside your window, you must verify yourself further to gain access. You’ll also receive alerts if someone else tries to get in outside the window.

Anti-Theft and Location-Finding

LogMeOnce’s anti-theft capabilities can kick in if your mobile device is misplaced or even stolen. You can set it up so your smartphone can ring, activate its location, log out of LogMeOnce and even display a message for finders to help return your device. 

Dark-Web Monitoring

Dark-web monitoring lets users check if their email addresses’ login credentials have been leaked on the dark web. The free version lets you check for only the email address used for creating your LogMeOnce account, but you can upgrade and protect more credentials. 

logmeonce dark web monitoring
Unless you upgrade, the dark-web monitoring feature isn’t as practical.

Password Tracker

If you upgrade to the Professional plan, you get access to a password tracker. The password tracker shows your password’s daily strength and if you need a more robust password. LogMeOnce also stores credit card information to help you check out quickly.

Account Recovery

You can set a security question to recover your account. We recommend using a unique question instead of the generic questions the service provides.

logmeonce security question
You should create your own security question
for account recovery purposes.

Weather Forecast

Strangely, the LogMeOnce website lists a weather forecast function used to “save time.” This doesn’t appear to be a real feature.

logmeonce weather forecast
This feature doesn’t exist, and we combed through the mobile app to make sure.

Many of these extra features — especially password shock, the selfie login and the nonexistent weather forecast — aren’t too helpful for most users. If you want a feature-rich password manager where each setting genuinely adds something, read our Dashlane review.

LogMeOnce Features Overview

$2.50 / month(All Plans)
2FA keys
Security analysis
Multi-device sync
Backup and recovery
Mobile apps
Password changer
Password generator
Browser extension
Form auto-fill
Browser UI
Desktop UI
Live chat
Help center
24/7 support
Free plan


60 % – Fair

Besides the free plan, LogMeOnce has three paid plans: the Professional, Ultimate and Family plans. They cost $2.50 per month, $3.25 per month and $4.99 per month, respectively. 

All plans, including the free one, let you store unlimited passwords, autofill data, unlimited registered devices and the ability to use the same account on several devices. You can also try LogMeOnce’s free seven-day trial on the Ultimate and Family plans that doesn’t require your credit card information. 

logmeonce pricing
These are LogMeOnce’s pricing plans for most users, as the
enterprise and business tiers have their own plans.

LogMeOnce Free Plan

Besides unlimited passwords and autofill, the free LogMeOnce subscription lets you: 

  • Save three credit cards
  • Share passwords with five people 
  • Keep three secure notes
  • Generate passwords
  • Rate password safety

The free plan displays ads on the browser and mobile apps. If you’re on Google Chrome, you can download an ad blocker extension or use an ad-blocking VPN to remove the ads. 

The Professional subscription adds: 

  • Unlimited credit cards
  • Sharing passwords with up to 50 people
  • 50 secure notes
  • Multi-factor authentication options
  • 1GB of storage
  • Advanced reports 
  • Live password tracker
  • Priority technical support

Those who purchase the Ultimate plan get these addtional features: 

  • 10GB of secure cloud storage
  • Unlimited notes and sharing
  • Anti-theft solutions (like automatic LogMeOnce logout and ringing at full volume) 
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Scheduled logins
  • Remote logouts
  • Setting up emergency access with photos
  • Customizable dashboard options

The Family plan adds unique features geared toward family protection, such as:

  • The family manager dashboard for sharing passwords
  • 10GB of storage
  • Emergency access
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • The ability to designate an account or app beneficiary

Still, LogMeOnce isn’t on our list of best password managers for families. For the other plans, we are also not impressed; we find 1Password’s subscriptions more worth your money. We cover the reasons in our 1Password review.

Teams & Business Plans

There are also plans for teams and businesses. They go for $4 and $7.99 per user a month, respectively, and are billed annually. Enterprise users can get a quote for a customized plan. The business plans have features geared toward corporate teams, including group management and integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Ease of Use

80 % – Good

We’re happy to report that LogMeOnce’s user-friendliness ratings have improved. The password manager used to be riddled with stock clipart that made it appear comical, but it now sports a modernized interface that’s much more acceptable. Some of the text is still awkwardly placed, but it’s a big step forward from the old interface. 

LogMeOnce on Desktop: macOS & Windows Apps

After creating a LogMeOnce account, you need to install a browser extension available for Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Even on a desktop, the primary way to access LogMeOnce is to visit its web app in your browser. The browser extension has fewer functions, but you can use it everywhere on the web.

logmeonce extension
The browser extension has some core functions, like the password generator and backups.

The old 15-minute tutorial has been replaced by a streamlined onboarding process. You can immediately start using LogMeOnce as you would with other password managers. The tutorial is easily accessible if you need to refresh your knowledge. 

logmeonce tutorial
You can learn how to use LogMeOnce’s security tools
without sitting through a tedious tutorial.

The modernized display takes a little more time to understand, but it didn’t take us long to figure out where everything is. There’s an introductory paragraph on each page in case you aren’t sure what the section is for. Some functions have short definitions right beside them.

logmeonce interface
The main dashboard has been reworked to conform with modern standards.

One peculiarity about the web dashboard is the productivity dock. It’s a standard dock you can use to navigate LogMeOnce’s functions, but it’s locked behind a paywall. While it’s unnecessary for the best user experience, it makes the free plan slightly less friendly.

We recommend using the full web app for most purposes, as it grants access to more functions than the browser extension. However, the browser extension is best for generating passwords, as the web app’s password generator isn’t immediately accessible. You must click on “add” on top of any web version screen and then “add app” to open it. 

LogMeOnce on Mobile: Android & iOS Apps

The LogMeOnce mobile apps have a slightly dated look, but everything crucial is available on the main screen. Unique to the mobile app are the secure browsing and “secure & private browsing” options. There’s also a “recent activity” button that shows the last four sections you were in. 

logmeonce mobile interface
The mobile interface has every major feature on one screen.

The interface isn’t particularly striking, but the icon organization is practical. The two buttons on each side of the screen also reveal a few more features, like your account and private browsing settings.

logmeonce recent activities
While not particularly useful later on, this screen helps newcomers go back to the previous few sections.

We noticed some ads on the Android app, a worrying feature not present on the browser version. They appear on every screen at the bottom. 

logmeonce private browsing
We find privacy-focused browsers like Brave to be better choices than LogMeOnce’s secure browser.

LogMeOnce Device Compatibility

You can use LogMeOnce on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems with a browser that supports the extension. Android and iOS users can download and install the corresponding apps. There is no support for other operating systems at this time, such as Huawei smartphones.


60 % – Fair

LogMeOnce is a zero-knowledge provider, so it has no idea what your master password or other passwords are. Everything on your account is protected by SHA-512 and uses AES 256-bit encryption, which is necessary for the service to be secure. This is the industry standard for password managers and we’re glad LogMeOnce meets it. 

Customer Support

70 % – Decent

LogMeOnce’s customer support begins with standard offerings like an FAQs section, video tutorials, feedback forms and ticket submission. There’s now a chatbot option that sends tickets to the customer support team. 

logmeonce customer support
LogMeOnce’s support page is now in better shape than before.

The last time we reviewed LogMeOnce, we got an answer within hours. This time, we were surprised to receive nothing even after several days. Note that we were testing on the free plan, which doesn’t come with priority support, but this slow customer service is still unacceptable.

The good news about the tickets is that you don’t need to register an account to seek assistance. All you need is some information about yourself, the problem and some device details. The chatbot only asks for your name and email address. 

Some of the articles on the LogMeOnce knowledgebase are now updated, but many are still dated to at least five years ago. The user interface has changed immensely compared to the images in the old articles, so most of the guides are confusing at best. 

We checked the LogMeOnce YouTube channel and were pleased to see recent videos from a month ago. Previously, the video guides were as outdated as the text guides, so it’s a good sign that LogMeOnce has paid some attention here. Still, we can’t rate it higher until the text help center gets a similar update.

The Verdict: Is LogMeOnce Safe?

LogMeOnce is a decent free password manager, as you can get by without touching some of the complicated functions. Its user-unfriendly tutorial has been removed and the interface received a much-needed overhaul. Still, we recommend other free password managers as they’re both safer and offer more relevant features. 

What was your experience using LogMeOnce? Are there any features we missed? Let us know in the comments section below. As always, thank you for reading.

FAQ: LogMeOnce Password Manager

  • LogMeOnce has a free plan, but you can pay $2.50 a month for the Professional subscription, $3.25 a month for the Ultimate plan and $4.99 a month for a Family plan.

  • LogMeOnce has standard password management features like zero-knowledge and AES encryption, but it also has many other functions, such as multiple authentication methods and dark web monitoring.

  • LogMeOnce claims to be safe, but the lack of online technical information doesn’t help prove its claims.

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