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Best Password Manager for Families

Best Password Manager for Families in 2024: Paid and Free Digital Vaults

Having a weak password, duplicating passwords across multiple accounts or sharing passwords makes you vulnerable to cyberattacks. The best password manager for families helps you safely share sensitive data and protects your family’s online assets.

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Key Takeaways: These Are the Best Password Managers for Families
  1. 1Password — The best password manager overall.
  2. Dashlane — The best password manager for large families.
  3. Keeper — Most secure password manager for families.
  4. NordPass — The easiest password manager to use.
  5. Bitwarden — The best open-source password manager.

Facts & Expert Analysis About Password Managers:

  • Strong passwords keep you safe: As the number of online accounts and passwords per person increases, password security remains paramount to cybersecurity.
  • Passwords are a weak spot: Passwords are a weak link in cybersecurity, and 80% of hacking-related breaches can be traced to stolen credentials.1
  • Essential features: The ideal password manager for families should be easy to use, affordable and have robust security features like safe password sharing and multi-factor authentication.

The best password manager for families helps you manage all your online credentials without a struggle. In the digital world, your social media, email, bank account and more require top-notch password security to help fight cybercrime. You also need to be able to safely share credentials with family members.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to password security. Weak passwords can expose you to cybercrime, as cybercriminals can break weak passwords without much effort using brute force. If you duplicate your password for multiple accounts, one security breach will mean all those online accounts are exposed.

We researched multiple password managers to come up with this list of the best password managers for families. We highlight the features, security, usability and pricing of each option to help you pick the best one for your family. 

  • 05/21/2024 Facts checked

    Updated to include current information about features, pricing and company news.

Cloudwards Editor’s Choice: 1Password

Our editor’s choice is 1Password. This user-friendly, secure and feature-loaded password manager has multiple plans that cater to individuals, families, teams and businesses alike. 

1Password is affordable and syncs seamlessly across multiple devices. It helps users create strong, unique passwords and save them for future use. You can try it out with the 14-day free trial.

Editor’s Choice

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Password Manager App for Families?

The main reason why you need a dedicated password manager is for password security. A reliable password manager stores all your passwords in one place. You can then share passwords securely with family and be alerted in the event of a data breach or compromised passwords. These tools also offer two-factor authentication for better online security. 

Online Security

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The autofill feature on password manager apps helps young children and the elderly easily access their accounts. Autofill saves them the stress of having to remember or manually fill in passwords every time they log in. In addition, password generators can help individuals create strong passwords.

How to Choose the Best Family Password Manager

Family password managers work well when they’re accessible to multiple users and simple enough for kids and the elderly to use. Consider the following factors when choosing the ideal family password manager.

  • Multi-platform availability: A good password manager for families will be accessible on multiple devices and web browsers. Each family member will use the same manager on their own individual devices. 
  • Secure password generation: An effective password manager will generate strong password suggestions whenever you create a new account.
  • Two-factor authentication: This secures your password vault by ensuring the person logging in is authorized to use the password manager account.
  • Robust security: Your passwords should be secured through encrypted file storage, passkeys, frequent security audits and data breach notifications. Look out for biometric authentication options to ensure that only authorized family members are using the password account.
  • Emergency access: In the event that your family needs to access your passwords in an emergency, an excellent password manager will allow automatic access without manual triggers.
  • Easy to use: The best family password managers are easy enough for children, adults and even the elderly to use. 
  • Password autofill: Autofill saves time and energy since it logs you in immediately after you enter your master password or use biometric authentication. It also makes the password account easy for all family members to use.
  • Customer support: Since passwords are a sensitive issue, you need to be able to contact support whenever something goes wrong. Good password managers offer responsive phone, chat, email and ticket support. 
  • Affordability: We’re sure you don’t want to break the bank on a password manager for your family. Choose one that fits your budget and offers all the essential features.
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    $2.99 / month(All Plans)
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    • : iOS & Android
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    $4.99 / month(All Plans)
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    • : Android/iOS
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    $1.83 / month(All Plans)
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    $1.19 / month(save 29%)(All Plans)
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    • : Android, iOS
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    $0.83 / month(All Plans)

At a Glance: The 5 Best Password Managers for Families

This table shows the key features we considered when picking the five best password managers for families.

TitleBest password manager for families overallBest for large familiesBest for families who value securityBest for families who value ease of useBest for families that like open-source software
Multi-Platform Availability
Two-Factor Authentication
Security Alerts and Encryption
Emergency Access
Customer Support24/7 email support, forum & social mediaLive chat supportTicket system24/7 email support, live chat and help center24/7 email support, knowledgebase and forum
Password Autofill
Free Plan
Family Plan PricingFrom $59.88 per yearFrom $89.88 per yearFrom $74.99 per yearFrom $66.96 for the first two yearsFrom $40 per year

1Password — Best Family Password Manager Overall

1Password homepage
1Password is a user-friendly, secure and feature-loaded password manager for families.


  • Multi-device accessibility
  • Travel mode 
  • Easy to use


  • No free version
  • Lacks phone & chat support

1Password is the best password manager on our list. Its robust security features and easy-to-use interface make it ideal for family use. The family plan accommodates up to five users, with the option to add more members for $1 per user per month. Each user gets 1GB of storage, and you can add unlimited items and devices to your account.

You can activate travel mode while crossing borders where customs officers require access to your devices. This lets you specify the password vaults they can access. 1Password has a zero-knowledge policy, 2FA and AES-256 encryption to firmly secure your data. You can also create shared vaults with family members, eliminating the need to share your master password. 

1Password Hands-On Testing
1Password adding members
1Password lets you easily add members to your account for password sharing.

We found 1Password to be user-friendly and simple to navigate. Everything you need is easy to find, making it a good pick for children and adults alike. You can add family members with just a few clicks and modify account settings without breaking a sweat. 

If you run into an issue, customer support is available to assist 24/7 via email, social media and a forum platform. However, there’s no live chat or phone support to get help fast. 1Password also lacks one-click password updates and a password inheritance feature that lets a designated member take over your accounts and login credentials in the event of an emergency. 

1Password Security Analysis 
1Password security features
1Password offers robust security features to safeguard
your credentials from unauthorized access.

1Password applies a zero-knowledge policy, meaning no one else can view your credentials. AES-256 encryption firmly secures your data from cyberattacks and breaches. 1Password is GDPR-compliant and sends users security alerts from the “watchtower” dashboard if it detects suspicious activity. 

1Password Pricing & Value

1Password offers no free plan but does have a 14-day free trial. There’s no money-back guarantee, so we recommend using the free trial to test the tool out before buying a plan. The Individual plan goes for $2.99 per month and accommodates only one user. Other plans include Family, Team Starter Pack and Business. Our 1Password review has more details.

1Password Individual
  • Unlimited storage, 1GB document storage
1Password Families
  • Up to five users, Up to 5 additional guests
Teams Starter Pack
  • 1GB of document storage per user, up to 10 people
  • 5GB of document storage per users, Free family accounts for members, Up to 20 guest accounts

2. Dashlane — Best Password Manager for Large Families

Dashlane homepage
Dashlane is user-friendly and feature-packed, but more
expensive than other password managers.


  • Has a VPN and security alerts
  • Biometric account recovery
  • Free plan


  • Limited free plan
  • Expensive paid versions

Dashlane is as easy to use as 1Password and includes a VPN to help you access your favorite websites from anywhere in the world. Unlike other password managers, Dashlane offers a free plan. However, it’s limited to just 25 logins and is only accessible from one device at a time. You’ll get 1GB of file storage and secure autofill features with the free version.

Dashlane lets you reset your master password using biometric account recovery. The Family plan accommodates up to 10 users and unlimited simultaneous devices, and has access to live chat support. The Business and Enterprise plans have access to email support seven days a week and a customer success manager. However, Dashlane is pricier than its competitors. 

Dashlane Hands-On Testing
Dashlane dashboard
Dashlane has a user-friendly dashboard that the
whole family will find simple to navigate.

We had an easy time setting up and using Dashlane. Its web version and apps have a similar flow, making the platform easy to use across devices. To get the app, you can simply scan a QR code on your desktop or download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Dashlane Security Analysis
Dashlane security features
Dashlane sends security and phishing alerts to intercept
potential breaches before they happen.

Dashlane sends users personalized security alerts and phishing alerts that help identify potential breach points. The Family plan offers dark web monitoring that identifies compromised passwords and potential vulnerabilities. Single sign-on (SSO) is also available, but only for Business and Enterprise plans.

Dashlane Pricing & Value

The free version is free forever and offers 25 logins from one device at a time. The premium version comes with a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Paid plans start from price [id=”24479-UPGX”] and include Premium, Friends and Family, Business and Enterprise. Our Dashlane review has more details.

  • One device at a time, 25 passwords and login details, Autofill fields, Password Generator, Set up account without a master password
Personal Plan (Premium)
  • Billed annually, Unlimited devices, Unlimited passwords & passkeys , Secure sharing, Dark Web Monitoring, VPN for WiFi protection, Real-time phishing alerts, Passwordless login (currently new mobile users only)
Personal Plan (Friends & Family)
  • Billed annually, 10 accounts, 1 subscription, Everything in Premium
More plans
Professional Plan (Business)
  • Billed annually, Unlimited seats, Unlimited group & Collection sharing, Single sign-on (SSO) integration, SCIM provisioning, SIEM Integration, Activity Logs & advanced policies, Enterprise deployment, Free Friends & Family plan for all Business users, On-demand phone support, VPN for WiFi protection, and more
Professional Plan (Enterprise)
  • Everything in Business, Dedicated Customer Success Manager, Onboarding Customer Support Specialists, Onboarding Technical Engineer

3. Keeper — Most Secure Password Manager for Families

Keeper homepage
Keeper is FIPS 140-validated and has the most robust
security features of any provider on this list.


  • Robust security features
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Free plan available


  • Limited free version
  • File storage requires add-ons

Keeper offers a generous 10GB of file storage and five private vaults with its Family plan. The KeeperFill feature lets you autofill passwords and automatically log in to your accounts. In addition to offering unlimited password storage and secure cloud backup, Keeper can be used on unlimited devices, and passwords can be shared securely with family members.

The emergency access feature lets loved ones log in to your accounts in case you’re unable to. There’s a ticketing system for all plans except Business, which enjoys 24/7 live chat, phone and email support. You’ll have to accept cookies to use the live chat, though. The free plan is limited to one mobile device and only saves up to 10 passwords and passkeys.

Keeper Hands-On Testing
Keeper import passwords
Keeper’s interface is clean and user-friendly.

We found Keeper’s new dashboard simple to navigate and user-friendly. Its theme colors (black and yellow) are easy on the eyes, making the platform pleasant to use. You can integrate Keeper with Dashlane if you already have an account with them. Importing your current passwords requires nothing more than the click of a button.

Keeper Security Analysis 
Keeper security audit
Keeper lets you audit your password strength
to ensure top-notch password health.

Keeper is the most secure password manager we researched. Not only does it use AES-256 encryption, but the platform is also FIPS 140-validated. What’s more, it supports multi-factor and SSO authentication. Keeper has a zero-knowledge policy and lets you conduct security audits to see how strong your passwords are or whether you’ve already used them. 

Keeper Pricing & Value

Keeper has a limited free plan and designated paid plans for personal, family and organizational use. The Personal and Family tier is divided into two plans: Personal for $2.08 per month and Family for $5 per month. Keeper doesn’t have a money-back guarantee, but you can take it for a spin with the 30-day free trial before paying for it. Our Keeper review has more details.

  • *Prices are in GBP Price per month, billed annually Single user
  • *Prices are in GBP Price per month, billed annually Up to five private vaults
Business Starter
  • *Prices are in GBP Price per month, per user, billed annually Min 5 users Max 10 users
More plans
  • *Prices are in GBP Price per month, per user, billed annually Private vault for each user

4. NordPass — Easiest Password Manager to Use

Nordpass homepage 2024
NordPass is the easiest password manager to use and offers
all the basic features you need for personal use.


  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Easy to use
  • Free plan available


  • Limited customization options
  • No monthly payments
  • Limited free plan

NordPass is the easiest password manager to use for non-technical and tech-savvy individuals alike. It has browser extensions so you can access your passwords in a jiffy while using the app or web version. NordPass lets you save unlimited passwords and passkeys, and it syncs your data across multiple devices. 

The email masking feature hides your credentials, preventing your email from being exposed online. You can store up to 3GB of documents in DOC, PDF, MP4 or JPEG format. It detects weak or reused passwords and alerts you to change them to prevent a breach.

NordPass Hands-On Testing
NordPass hands-on testing
Since NordPass is so simple to use, it’s a good password
manager for families and other beginners.

NordPass has a friendly interface and a left-hand drop-down menu with all the features you’ll need. However, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan to access advanced features like email masking. The mobile apps are visually appealing and let you access all the features available on the desktop apps.

NordPass Security Analysis
Nordpass security
NordPass premium plans let you access the data breach scanner,
password strength analysis and email masking features.

The “password health” tool checks for weak, reused and old passwords to avoid potential breaches. You can securely share your passwords through an encrypted channel and control each user’s level of access. NordPass also offers a complex password generator, biometric login, multi-factor authentication and emergency access. 

NordPass Pricing & Value

NordPass offers a basic free version that provides access to one user account, autosave, autofill, password import, a password generator, multi-factor authentication and automatic sync across devices. A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all plans except Business. The Personal and Family tier offers Free, Premium and Family plans.

The Family plan breaks down to $2.79 per month and provides up to six premium user accounts. Read our NordPass review for more details about the service.

    • *Renewal price for the 1-year plan is $71.88; and $143.76 for the 2-year plan.
    More plans
    • $5.99 is the price per user per month in the 1-year plan. And $5.39 is the price per user per month in the 2-year plan.

    5. Bitwarden — Best Open-Source Password Manager

    Bitwarden homepage
    Bitwarden is an open-source password manager with a free plan and limited customer support options.


    • Open-source
    • Free plan
    • Affordable paid plans


    • Limited customer support
    • Unintuitive interface

    Bitwarden password manager is the only open-source manager we found worthy of featuring on this list. It offers free cloud hosting, unlimited vault items and encrypted data exports. Bitwarden has a password autofill feature, but form autofill is not available. 

    Both Android and iOS apps are available, in addition to browser extensions for Firefox, Safari, Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. The only customer support options with Bitwarden are a ticketing system, a help center and a forum, which are quite limited compared to its competitors. 

    Bitwarden Hands-On Testing
    Bitwarden secure sending
    Bitwarden allows you to safely send your passwords to family and friends.

    We found Bitwarden’s interface to be airy and easy to navigate. You can send passwords securely with the click of a button and use the password generator to create secure passkeys. Reports inform you of exposed, reused or weak passwords, as well as insecure websites and data breaches.

    Bitwarden Security Analysis 
    Bitwarden reports
    You can generate multiple reports on Bitwarden’s premium plans.

    Bitwarden is one of the only password managers that has never experienced a breach. It applies zero-knowledge encryption, AES-256 encryption and two-step login. The service is GDPR- and CCPA-compliant, which reassures users that their passwords and data are secure at all times.

    Bitwarden Pricing & Value

    Similar to its Premium plan, Bitwarden’s free plan provides two user accounts and two vaults. Up to six people can use the Family plan, which offers unlimited collections and sharing. In addition, you get 1GB of personal and 1GB of organizational storage. Take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee to test it out. Our Bitwarden review has more details.

    • Unlimited storage, Multi-device sync, 2FA
    • 1GB of encrypted file storage, Additional 2FA options, Password health reports, Priority customer service
    • Billed annually, Six accounts
    More plans
    • Billed annually,Per user, includes all premium features
    • Per user, includes all premium features and families plan for all users,

    Can You Use a Free Password Manager for Families?

    Yes, you can use a free password manager for families, as some premium password managers have free plans. However, the free versions offer limited features and may not be secure, since they don’t provide advanced security capabilities. For instance, only two people can use a single free Bitwarden account, and there’s no emergency access or priority support. 

    The Best Free Family Password Manager: Bitwarden

    The best free password manager is Bitwarden. It has a free tier that’s easy to set up and is loaded with features. In fact, the features on its free plan can comfortably compete with some premium plans from other providers. It applies zero-knowledge encryption, AES 256-bit and TLS secure connections

    You get a free password generator and can store unlimited passwords in your account. That said, Bitwarden’s free version is less secure than premium plans. For example, it lacks vault health reports, which makes it challenging to see whether you have a weak password and how to strengthen it.

    Community Feedback on Reddit: Top Family Password Manager Apps

    1Password has received multiple positive reviews on Reddit. Users find the multi-layer vault security especially handy. The service has added passkey support to help users sign in to websites and apps more securely. Users also like the TOTP feature and the fact that 1Password has apps for all device types. One user said:

    “I have used Dashlane, Bitwarden, LastPass, to 1Password in the past 5 years for personal [use]. 1Password is by far my favorite and I highly recommend it for personal [use]. The multiple layers of vault security, plus passkey support and TOTP support make it a dream.”

    Final Thoughts

    Password managers help you keep all your passwords safe in one place while securely sharing them with loved ones. We consider 1Password the best password manager for families. It’s loaded with features and is easy for family members of all ages to use.

    Though free password managers can secure your credentials, they may not perform as well as paid versions. Their dashboards may also lack the features and capabilities available on premium plans, limiting their effectiveness.

    Do you use a password manager in your family? Have you ever tried any of the apps listed above? Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments, and thank you for reading.

    FAQ: Password Manager with Family Plans

    • The best password manager for sharing with family is 1Password. It’s affordable, feature-packed and simple enough for children, adults and the elderly to use.

    • Yes, you can share a password manager with family through encrypted channels that secure your passwords from prying eyes.

    • Yes, Google Password Manager recently introduced a feature that lets you share passwords with family members. However, it’s a basic password manager and is not ideal if you’re seeking more advanced features.

    • Keeper is the safest password manager. It uses elliptic curve cryptography in addition to AES-256 encryption to secure your passwords and personal data.


    1. A Global Look at Password Health Scores in 2023 – Dashlane (direct PDF link)
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