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Samuel Okoruwa is a writer for Cloudwards. His writing and research focus on VPNs and online backup. 

Background & Education

Samuel Okoruwa, a passionate tech writer, has continuously demonstrated his expertise through his articles on Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, AI, and SaaS. Samuel’s dedication to providing high-quality content began with writing for diverse clients before joining the Cloudwards team. Samuel’s professional journey includes an internship at Webcoupers, a digital marketing agency in Nigeria. When he’s not immersed in tech literature, Samuel loves playing soccer, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, swimming, or getting lost in his favorite TV shows.

Currently pursuing a BSc in Computer Science at KAAF University College, Samuel is a committed lifelong learner. His fervor for knowledge led him to complete the 2022 Google Africa Developer’s Scholarship, followed by a Google Cloud certification. These accomplishments make him an invaluable asset to the Cloudwards team.

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