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How to Use Trello for Project Management: Kanban Guide for Beginners

Categories: Project Management
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Become a Trello power-user
Learn how to structure projects to optimize efficiency
Automate repetitive tasks and complex workflows
Learn through a variety of different material types

About Course

This course is structured into six modules, each designed to guide learners from foundational principles to advanced techniques.

Beginning with an introduction to Trello, participants will grasp the essentials of kanban methodology and how to navigate Trello’s interface. Later modules delve deeper into Trello’s advanced features, as well as third-party integrations and automations with tools like Zapier.

This course takes a multifaceted approach to learning. Participants will engage with a variety of resources, including written lessons, full-length presentations and concise instructional videos covering core concepts. Each module concludes with comprehension quizzes and practical exercises, ensuring learners retain what they learn.

Moreover, participants gain access to a wealth of supplementary resources, including checklists for setting up Trello projects and pre-made Trello-Zapier automations adaptable to any project. Not only do these resources augment the learning experience, they can also be immediately applied in real-world scenarios.

By the course’s conclusion, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of Trello’s capabilities, allowing them to optimize workflows, streamline collaboration, and enhance productivity. Whether managing personal projects or leading teams, graduates of this course will wield Trello with confidence, unlocking new possibilities for project success.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to use Trello to its full potential
  • Agile & Kanban project methodology
  • How to create complex automations using Trello's Butler as well as automation tools like Zapier
  • How to improve team efficiency, collaboration and communication
  • How to better plan and brainstorm projects

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Trello

  • Understanding Kanban Methodology
  • Overview of Trello’s Interface and Terminology
  • Creating Your Trello Account
  • Trello Account Setup Checklist [PDF]
  • Setting up Your First Board and Lists
  • Trello Project Setup Checklist [PDF]
  • Adding Cards and Organizing Tasks
  • Comprehension Quiz: Trello Introduction

Module 2: Mastering Trello Basics

Module 3: Advanced Board Customization

Module 4: Advanced Workflows and Automations

Module 5: Best Practices and Tips for Success

Module 6: Case Studies and Real-World Applications

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