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Keeping data backed up in the UK is a great way to protect it from the U.S. government’s intrusive eye. Which is why we loved E-box and close runner up, UK Cloud drive. Because they protect your privacy without stopping the flow of work. Keeping information from getting lost is important, losing data to viruses and hackers aren’t the only things you have to worry about, one must also watch out for intrusions by the government.

In the United States, Uncle Sam is allowed to view your data with the help of a court order. While these stipulations were put in place to help track terrorists, they are not limited to terrorist activities. European privacy laws are much more stringent. That’s why we’ve come up with the five best cloud backup UK services.

Losing information to a total system meltdown is frustrating (to say the least). Sometimes it happens because of a virus or just maybe a program didn’t install correctly, glitches corrupt important bits of data and then… potentially everything is lost . Without a backup, you’re lost in cyberspace with nothing to do but scream in frustration. While losing information to a rogue program or virus from the Internet is bad enough, losing it because a hacker has hijacked your system is something totally different.

More individuals and businesses are being hit by dreaded ransomware viruses everyday. These insidious viruses force you to pay a sum of money in order to get your data back. In truth, there is no guarantee the data will be returned uncorrupted. The only way to successfully combat these hackers is to have a backup ready and waiting upon OS re-installation. While many rely on big companies located in the United States to protect them, they may not realize their data is still subject to invasion in or outside of the U.S. American privacy laws are not as stringent as European ones.

This means, if the American government feels suspicious, they can access your information without your permission or knowledge. Which is why it’s important to choose an online backup service that is located outside of the United states, preferably one that’s located in the UK or Europe.


E-Box is the total business package, allowing users to store and work on files in a central location. And it’s workspace feature is truly a life saver for IT administrators. E-box is designed for businesses big and small.

Any company that has more than two or three users, can benefit from this online backup service. While it is not the most intuitive piece of online software we’ve ever encountered, it does have a lot to offer once you get used to working with it.

E-Box Review: Admin Panel Permissions

The service also offers strong security protocols, which allow users to access it without having to worry about using personal devices — the security is strong in this one. Unlike other options, E-box keeps all file versions on hand. This way, users can go back and forth between revisions in case they need to pull something from an older version of a file.

Administrators have full control over their workspaces. Not only can they look at what files are available, they can see who’s accessed them and when the last change was made. Unfortunately, we found that while creating workspaces and groups, sometimes the entire screen did not load, making it impossible to set permissions.

Other Reasons Why We Like E-Box: provides  powerful online workspaces for all business sizes. And administrators can create a new workspace quickly and add users immediately. Once permissions are set, everyone in the group can start sharing and storing files.

e-Box Review

This service is a seamless way for groups to work together no matter where they are located. Once you get used to the system, it is very nice to use. There’s even a help directory on hand; however, at the time of this writing it is somewhat limited.

UK Cloud Drive

This personal system has a sleek interface that offers simple and effective ways for users to save all their data. UK Cloud Drive is a dedicated personal online backup option (unlike E-Box). Users can decide on how many devices they want to include in their package, from one to five, giving them plenty of room to backup each of their electronic devices, without worrying about running out of room.

UKCloudDrive Review Settings

Storage is plentiful as well, with each plan including 1TB of space per device. UK Cloud Drive has end-to-end AES-256 encryption, which is one of the strongest security protocols in the world, and effectively alleviates the worry of data being compromised during transfers or while it is stored on a server.

Unfortunately, we found the service lacking in features, a fact that can make experienced users balk at sign-up. There is also no way to schedule a backup, so the app doesn’t bog down your system during backups.

Other Reasons Why We Like UK Cloud Drive:

UK Cloud Drive is a sensible alternative to US based personal online backup services,as it provides strong security to all its users. Consumers who are concerned about privacy, do not have to worry, all hosting centers are located within Europe; protecting users with the more stringent European Privacy Laws.

UKCloudDrive Review

With that being said, this service doesn’t have a lot of additional features. However, it’s lack of options does make it easier for a novice to navigate, and there’s plenty of space to backup data on.


Livedrive provides a simple way to automatically backup important documents from any device. However, the application’s desktop-only service may not appeal to web app lovers. Unlike other competitors on our list, Livedrive requires users to download an app directly to their PCs.

This is may be slightly annoying for some, however, viewing files via a web browser is still totally possible. Livedrive retains up to 30 previous versions of a file, which means you can choose to revert back a few versions if you don’t like a change that’s been made.

Unfortunately, the basic service can only backup one system, in addition, this version does not have cloud storage, meaning the files must remain on your computer at all times or they will eventually be lost in the backup.

Other Reasons Why We Like Livedrive:

You can choose to save files from a mobile device, but this requires downloading an application to the device. Livedrive has a simple app which has to be downloaded to the user’s system, who can then choose which folders are backed up, in order to save only the most important pieces.

The interface gives real time estimates of when the process is going to be completed, with accurate speed and usage indicators. You can also restore any deleted files for up to 30 days.

Read the review here.


BackupVault is a dedicated online backup solution, designed for companies looking at rapid backup and restore capabilities. BackupVault is a dedicated online backup service designed for businesses, it’s main goal is to save space and files in the event of a meltdown disaster.

This online business service has a fast initial backup, which is a great bit of news for those who have a lot of data, and data can be saved  first to an external hard drive.

The drive can then be backed up by BackupVault. This allows users to continue using their systems without compromising bandwidth. This service is one of the few UK ones that allows for NAS and external hard drive storage. In addition, files do not have to be saved and closed prior to the backup process, the software is capable of backing up open files without interrupting work.

BackupVault does offer a 30 day free-trial, however, you must contact them first in order to get the trial setup. Once they’ve got the account ready to go, they will contact you and then all that’s left is to try out the free trial. 

Other Reasons Why We Like BackupVault:

BackupVault takes data protection seriously. They have two data centers, located in the UK and are under the same strict European privacy standards as everyone else on this list.

Not only is BackupVault known for their protection and privacy, the service is completely scalable, letting users purchase only what they need.

backupVault Review Homepage

As BackupVault does not list their prices, you must speak with a sales representative for a quote. Unfortunately, the lack of openly advertised prices and the call-in trial setup procedure are a bit archaic.  A trial account can be setup within five or ten minutes, if BackupVault is contacted during regular business hours.

Safe Data Storage

Safe Data Storage offers data protection for individual computers and full server systems. Working on Windows, Mac, and Linux — the VSS framework takes a snapshot of  data and saves it without overrunning bandwidth. The service uses AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption, the only way to decrypt files is to use a personal encryption key, specified by the user at the time of installation.

Of course, this means if the user forgets their encryption key, it is unrecoverable. Users can also choose to not encrypt files at their own risk. Users can specify which folders they wish to backup, however, there are files the service automatically stores, such as system files (these files are not listed under the ‘save files’ option). Safe Data Storage allows users to set what time is best for them to complete the backup process.

So you can backup when the computer isn’t  being actively used, saving CPU and bandwidth resources. The downside is, you must leave the computer on for the software to work. While Safe Data Storage does provide a free trial (no credit card required), it cannot be activated if you’re outside the UK or Europe.

Other Reasons Why We Like Safe Data Storage:

This UK based system is designed for computers located in the UK and Europe. Users can choose from individual computers or full server bank protection. 

The service allows you to recover information within hours, not days or weeks, and data is fully encrypted. The system asks for a postal code and will not recognize non-European zip codes as valid.


Each of our top five online UK  backups services have excellent security protocols. Which should give you peace of mind, knowing that no one, not even a company’s employees — can gain access to your information.

Which allows businesses and individuals to maintain and restore their systems in the case of a total system failure — in complete privacy. However, each has a unique set of features and each is lacking certain features, which is why it’s super important to take into account your needs, and make a decision based on them.

What are your thoughts on the UK cloud industry? Share them with us in the comments section below.


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