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We know how horrible it is to lose your data. We've been through it ourselves: precious photos, videos, memories, documents – everything can be gone in an instant – if they're not backed up properly.

We are a team of young entrepreneurs with one thing in common: we want to help people with their backup strategy, because we know it can be difficult and frustrating finding the right service provider.

Our team comprises of programmers, tech-aficionados, web designers, content developers and editors.

Our news section provides a current overview of the cloud market and recent developments, giving a bird's eye view of the ever evolving cloud business and helping people by providing always up-to-date information.

Editorial Team


Growing up in cold and rainy Hamburg, Mauricio Prinzlau is now the CEO of Cloudwards.net. After a degree in Business Communication Management, he co-founded Cloudwards.net to grow it into the largest website for cloud software reviews.

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A writer and tech lover from the thriving urban chaos of Nairobi, Mohseen Lala is in charge of the News section where he edits and assigns news articles to his team of writers, and occasionally falls asleep at the keyboard. A collector of hobbies that range from martial arts, cooking, stitching to coin collecting, Mohseen's true passion lies in writing about the evolution of industry leading technology, and where it's taking us all.

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Sporting a background in Biology, Chemistry and Journalism, Denise has been writing professionally for the past six years. Addicted to the sweet torment of tech, Denise enjoys researching and writing various topics on technology and socio-economic issues, with a strong focus on the cloud industry in particular. Previously lending her writing talents to a flight simulation company, Denise now divides her time between Cloudwards.net and her loving family.

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Hailing from Serbia, Vladimir Covic has brought the warmth of his writing and research skills here to Cloudward.net. Writing professionally since 2011, Vladimir spends his time honing his skills, writing quality content across a wide range of niches, and looking forward to summer.

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A news and article writer here at Cloudwards.net, Victoria is a marketing and writing professional out of Buffalo, New York. Holding degrees in public relations and integrated marketing communications, she enjoys writing about the cloud, productivity, efficiency and well — marketing of course! Victoria also loves to travel, read Malcolm Gladwell and spend time with her family and friends. Best case scenario — she gets to do all these things at once!

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A native of colorful India, Manoj Tiwari brings over 20 years of industry experience to Cloudwards.net. A technical writer specializing in information security, privacy and smartphones -- Manoj is a perfect fit in our News section, where he delivers the freshest cloud news.

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Featured Articles

Claire Broadley is a freelance technical writer. She regularly blogs and writes reviews about cloud apps and services. Contact her via her business website or via Google+.

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Sharon Hurley Hall is a professional writer and blogger. Her career has spanned more than 25 years, including stints as a journalist, academic writer and ghost writer. Connect with Sharon on her website or Google+.

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Technology writer. Passionate about mobile technology, computing and small business solutions. A mechanical engineer by training, I'm also an avid economist, programmer and statistician - sounds like a lot, I know! I'm just your average nice guy with an IQ north of 140 who LOVES to write :)

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