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Cloudwards.net is made possible by a large team from all reaches of the globe. We have several dedicated editors, even more dedicated writers and a host of auxiliary staff, from video editors to graphic designers to marketeers to all kinds of technomancers.

Meet the Cloudwards.net team below:

Mauricio Prinzlau

CEO & Co-Founder

Mauricio is the ultimate shot-caller at Cloudwards.net. Having founded the site on a cold and rainy summer’s night in Hamburg back in 2013, he’s been working hard on making it the most authoritative resource for reviews on the internet. Currently his main concerns are industry relations and affiliate management, where his BA in Business Communication Management comes in very handy. Reach him at mauricio [at] cloudwards.net, though he’s a busy man so he’ll ask you to get straight to the point.

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Jackie Leavitt

Chief Editor

Jackie is the chief editor of Cloudwards.net. After earning her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of New Hampshire, she has held various editing roles with international news organizations, annual magazine publications, book publishing and more. After several years living abroad, Jackie now resides in Californian. When she’s not editing Cloudwards.net articles, she’s either putting pen to paper with creative nonfiction writing, going for an ocean swim or planning her next travel adventure.

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Rosie Roberts

HR Manager

Rosie is the HR manager at Cloudwards. She completed her university studies at Waseda University in Tokyo, focusing on linguistics and interpreting. She specializes in talent acquisition and onboarding development, supporting the growth of employees from day one. Rosie is a digital nomad currently in the European region. In her free time, she loves hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. She's also a major word games nerd obsessed with Wordle and the New York Times crossword.

Aleksander Hougen

Managing Editor

Originally a software engineer, Aleksander decided to leave the office lifestyle behind to live as a digital nomad. He now spends his time writing about technology and tourism, which allows him the freedom to call many different places home. When he’s not writing or editing, he likes to read fantasy/sci-fi, listen to podcasts about history and politics and travel.

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Aleksandar Kochovski


After a brief stint in architecture and a tango with teaching, Aleksandar is now dancing to the beat of his own drum as a tech writer, merging his passions for technology and literature. When he’s not hidden behind his computer screen, you can find him photographing the streets of Skopje or cooking quesadillas for his friends at home.

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Sandra Pattison


Sandra Pattison is from the rolling hills of the United Kingdom where, when she’s not enjoying that one day of summer, she researches and writes on online security and censorship around the world. Writer by day, mother morning, noon and night, during her little free time she enjoys photography and likes to be spontaneous, but mostly ends up sipping tea with her pinky out.

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Samuel Chapman


Sam Chapman is passionate about strong security and clear communication. He's on a mission to spread the word about tools that can help regular people fight back against a world that wants to invade their privacy.

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Sapphire Fox


With a handful of A-levels completed, Sapphire followed her passions for learning and informing others, finding a place among the Cloudwards.net team. Between writing about software and creating fantasy worlds, she’s either losing games of Civilisation or darting about the UK in search of inspiring views and learning about each area’s history.

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Valentina Bravo


Valentina loves to play with words for a living. As an editor, translator, and copywriter, she has worked with texts in various fields, including tech, architecture, psychology, philosophy, and personal development. When she’s off the clock, she enjoys traveling to places new and old, going to concerts and festivals, cooking with friends, and dancing like no one’s watching.

Mohseen Lala

Formatting Editor

Mohseen joined the Cloudwards team in 2013 as an all-rounder writing mostly about security and encryption. Since then he has been in various positions, from writer to editor, and is currently in charge of formatting articles. When not catching up on sleep, his hobbies include gaming and martial arts.

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Cleveland Dietz

Senior Copy Editor

Cleveland eyes every word and comma with suspicion from his perch in Indianapolis, Indiana until he can be sure they earn their keep. Before arriving on the cloud, he worked on the ground in print and broadcast media and studied journalism and English at Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis, an unholy union of Indiana’s biggest rival colleges. During his free time, he likes to escape Indy’s race car culture by exploring the outdoors, reading nonfiction and playing Japanese RPGs.

Isaac Marks

Copy Editor

Isaac Marks is a Chicago native living abroad. After a host of eclectic occupations, including sound design and coffee roasting, Isaac decided to pursue freelance writing and copyediting. When he's not hopping from country to country, Isaac can be found playing classical piano, writing fiction, reading an old book, or baking the next great pastry.

Eugenie Tiu

Editorial Assistant

After completing her master’s in human science at Osaka University, Eugenie has worn a variety of hats throughout her career. She has taken on several roles in education, sales, as well as marketing. Recently though, you can find her drinking three cups of decaffeinated coffee a day while fact-checking articles and building links for Cloudwards.

Jasna Mishevska

Lead Fact-Checking Editor

Jasna earned her BA in translation and interpreting back in 2011. After working in the IT industry for many years as a content analyst, she took a course in web development in 2017 to learn the basics of front-end engineering. Her love for technology and writing opened a new chapter in her career, leading her to join Cloudwards as a fact-checker. When she's not fact-checking, you'll find her running or cycling on the quay of Vardar, listening to Joy Division, watching Star Wars, or eating chocolate and sweets in the local bakeries.

Igor Kurtz


Igor is one of the fact-checking editors for Cloudwards. As a man of many talents, he has worked in customer service and SEO, is proficient in video and audio editing, and is also a trained opera singer, gracing European stages with his hometown church choir. Outside of work, Igor's passions encompass music performance, fitness and capturing moments through travel photography. With a life enriched by diverse pursuits, Igor's story unfolds rapidly, with many of the chapters yet to reveal themselves.

Alison Spedale

Alison is a fact-checking editor for Cloudwards.net. Originally an Oregonian, Alison currently resides in the Balkans in Macedonia. She has spent much of her professional career teaching, working in banking, and writing. She honed her keen eye for detail during a stint as an account executive for a mortgage company, and she developed a curious mind while teaching for 14 years in an international school. Writing and researching are her passions, and she is pleased to join the Cloudwards team to utilize both of them.

Samson Max

Writer, Linking Editor

A well-versed writer on SaaS and tech topics, Samson Max’s passion is keeping abreast of the industry’s cutting-edge practices. In his writing, he focuses on the practical aspects of software systems to create straightforward and honest reviews that inform and engage the reader. When he’s not writing about tech, Samson spends time playing soccer with his son, Jayden, in the backyard. Also, being an ardent soccer fanatic, he watches English Premier League games on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to feed his addiction to football.

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Kit Copson

Writer, Briefing Editor

Kit hails from the West Midlands, UK, close to the rock caves that are rumored to have inspired Tolkien's "The Hobbit." She completed her BA in English & Creative Writing in 2012 and spent several years as an international school teacher in Beijing, where she experimented with a range of VPNs. She is now settled in the Parisian suburbs and is a fan of ‘80s films, classic English literature and can usually be found with a cup of tea in hand.

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Andrej Hadji-Vasilev


A tech enthusiast that loves all things hardware and software, Andrej is a digital nomad with a degree in IT who loves the freedom of not being stuck in an office during working hours. When he's not writing about the next hot software or gadget, he's either gaming or cycling, or looking for the next place to call home.

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Dan Ginn


Dan brings with him five years of experience in tech journalism. While traveling the world with his camera, he can found writing about tech and photography, all with a smile on his face. You can also read Dan's words TechRadar, The Phoblographer and TomsGuide. Aside from writing, editing and hosting podcasts, Dan also enjoys eating tacos—maybe a little too much!

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Arjun Ruparelia


After acing two professional accounting certifications and working as an equity research analyst, Arjun decided to chalk out a new path by writing about software of the future. He's a serial crime/thriller movie-watcher, and more importantly, a workaholic. When he's not armed with a keyboard, he likes to spread some good in the world through social work.

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Beatrice Manuel


SaaS content writer by day and fiction writer by night, Beatrice Manuel's world is made up of words. Having bagged a Business, Insurance, and CIMA degree, Beatrice bade farewell to the corporate lifestyle to pursue her literary dreams. When she's not creating content for SaaS brands, you'll find her with her head in the clouds, working on penning out her next novel.

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Wisdom Sablah


Wisdom Sablah combines a background in mathematics and data science with his knack for storytelling. He brings with him several years of experience writing in the software and tech space, especially in the B2B SaaS vertical. Nothing excites Wisdom like an opportunity to deliver content that makes someone's life easier or better. When he's not behind the keyboard, you'll find him helping others and pretending to be the greatest chef in the world.

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Samuel Okoruwa


With over four years of experience as a freelance writer and a cloud tech certification from Google, Samuel has carved a niche for himself writing on topics like cloud, cybersecurity and VPNs. When he's not writing, you'll find him sparring on the BJJ mat, writing non-fiction or binge-watching the latest sci-fi movies.

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Jason Stagnitto


A freelance writer for over a decade, Jason joined Cloudwards in 2022. He graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a masters in IT. Jason enjoys helping people learn about tech products to make informed decisions. When not grappling with words, Jason spends his time reading, watching films, cooking and homebrewing.

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Kanza Javed


Kanza chose psychology as her major at the University of Leeds because she was fascinated by the human mind, but she kept her passion for technology alive by working as a freelance writer. She has been writing about software, cybersecurity and business technology for more than four years, as she wanted to combine her love for writing with her interest in technology. When Kanza is not writing, you will find her reading books, spending time in nature and taking long walks.

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Brett Day


Brett is a freelance journalist with 10 years of experience in the tech industry. Brett has covered everything from smartphones to cameras to software while holding the roles of Tech Columnist and Gear Editor. He writes about project management for Cloudwards. When not behind his desk writing, Brett can be found out and about with one of his many cameras, hiking in the wilderness, playing with his dogs, or playing video games. Brett is a self-confessed coffee addict and will do nearly anything for a good cup of Joe.

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Jeremy Gan


Jeremy is a Malaysian writer who loves technology and cool gadgets. Some know him as an enthusiastic Super Smash Bros Ultimate player who prefers the coaching side of things. He writes about VPNs for Cloudwards.

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Arthur Sabayi


Arthur is a writer for Cloudwards, and his writing and research focus on VPNs, online security and privacy. He started out as a graphic designer and photographer before developing an interest in writing. He has been writing for over seven years with a special focus on cybersecurity. He is very interested in VPNs and enjoys testing them every chance he gets. Arthur spends his free time creating digital art, listening to music and exploring the beautiful countrysides in Kenya.

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    Waricha Muensit


    Waricha is a writer for Cloudwards, and her writing and research focus largely on project management software. She originally graduated in engineering, but after she found her true passion in writing, she became a tech writer. She excels at simplifying complex tech topics and is passionate about creating helpful content. Outside of writing hours, Waricha enjoys reading books, working out and learning new things.

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      Vildana Bratic

      Video Editor, Fact-Checking Editor

      Vildana Bratic is not just a video editor, but also a photo editor and a graphic designer. She earned her BA in Comparative Literature and Library Science, but the force of IT was strong with her, which led her to Cloudwards.net. Vildana lives in an enchanted land of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and she has a passion for books, handicrafts, cats, cooking, manga and memes.

      Filip Andonov

      Graphic Designer

      Filip originally started working as a video producer and over time transitioned into digital design. As Cloudwards' image designer, he is focused on creating delightful digital experiences with core values of simplicity and ease of use. He is a strong believer in communication and empathy, transforming ideas into value-based products. Apart from work, he enjoys riding an electric skateboard, reads sci-fi and practices mindfulness.

      Jay Nganga

      Graphic Designer

      A multi-talented graphics designer, Jay has a knack for creating stunning visuals for brands and audiences. His work distinguishes itself with bold, unique materials and color combinations that captivate people. When he’s not creating designs, Jay enjoys framing people’s memory through photography and videography, another of his passions.

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