Filip Andonov

Filip Andonov

Graphic Designer

Snap Shot

Filip Andonov is a graphic designer for Cloudwards. 

Background & Education

Filip obtained his bachelor’s degree in film, theater and TV production and management from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at UKIM University in Skopje in 2011. He began his creative career as a production assistant and has since held various positions in creative industries. 

Filip has over a decade of experience. In addition to digital design, he has worked as a web designer, video producer and art director. He also has experience leading multidisciplinary teams. He has received testimonials from his clients who have described him as precise, pragmatic and “a joy to work with.” 

He helps startups and companies build and establish their online presence. He values simplicity and ease of use as the most important factors when looking towards the final product. 

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