Vildana Bratic

Vildana Bratic

Video Editor, Fact-Checking Editor

Snap Shot

Vildana Bratic, also known as Viki, is a video editor for Cloudwards. She edits videos for the Cloudwards YouTube channel. 

Background & Education

Vildana Bratić brings a rich tapestry of professional expertise to her role at Cloudwards, with nine years of experience in graphic design and two years in video editing prior to joining the team. Her transition from a traditional office job to freelancing was propelled by a desire for autonomy, finding a perfect match in Cloudwards’ dynamic environment. As a video editor and graphic designer, Vildana’s tenure also includes a year of work as a fact-checker, reflecting her dedication to precision and quality.

Her professional journey is complemented by her creative work with various respected platforms, where she extends her artistic touch to enhance digital narratives through visual design. Prior to working for Cloudwards, she created video content for Intuit Academy and graphics for Mira Mare, L’Idrovolante and Književni korner.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Vildana is a connoisseur of the arts, dabbling in a variety of handicrafts that reflect her eclectic interests and inherent creativity. A self-professed fantasy enthusiast and anime aficionado, she finds peace in the pages of Tolkien and the vibrant worlds of manga. This passion for diverse cultures and storytelling enriches her work, infusing it with a unique perspective that resonates with audiences.

With formal training in multimedia, encompassing graphic design, web design, and 2D/3D animation, Vildana’s technical acumen is well-established. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature and Library and Information Science, a testament to her research skills and commitment to lifelong learning. Further honing her craft, she engages in continuous learning through practical experience and online courses, ensuring her skills remain at the cutting edge of video and photo editing, as well as graphic design.

Vildana’s blend of professional experience, academic background, and personal interests make her a valuable asset to Cloudwards and a reliable source of knowledge and creativity for the platform’s audience.

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