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Bill Kolicoski

Bill Kolicoski

Senior Developer

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Bill is a developer for He develops tools for the site.

Background & Education

Blagojce (Bill) Kolicoski is a seasoned software developer with a robust career spanning 15 years. At Cloudwards, he has created custom applications that enhance the productivity and effectiveness of the content team, including our in-house testing software. While not a content creator in the traditional sense, his deep technical understanding informs and supports the infrastructure behind Cloudwards’ extensive knowledge base.

His hands-on experience with various technologies is not just limited to development; Bill is also the mind behind the Taste The Code YouTube channel and website, where he shares his passion for electronics and programming.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Bill is actively involved in a range of personal projects and hobbies that align with his professional skills, from home automation to exploring the latest in electric vehicles and space technology. His interests go beyond the abstract world of tech, though — he also enjoys handcrafts, hiking and mountain biking.

Bill received his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science from the Technical Faculty of St. Clement of Ohrid University in Bitola. His education laid the groundwork in programming, computer networks, database management and the design and performance of computer systems. Committed to lifelong learning, Blagojce has enhanced his skill set with various online trainings, including an AI course from HarvardX titled CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python, keeping him at the forefront of software development innovations.

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