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Simona Ivanovski

Simona Ivanovski


    Snap Shot

    Simona is a formatting and fact-checking editor at Cloudwards.

    Background & Education

    Simona Ivanovski is a dedicated fact-checker and formatter at Cloudwards. With a background in formatting for Coffeeness — another Trustona Media publication — Simona has honed her skills in ensuring content accuracy and presentation. Her academic journey, culminating in a thesis on media theory, has equipped her with the analytical skills necessary for thorough fact-checking.

    Simona’s commitment to detail and her ability to research complex topics make her an invaluable part of the Cloudwards team. Outside of her professional life, Simona enjoys creative writing, heading to the gym and curating personalized playlists.

    Simona Ivanovski holds a Master’s degree in German Language and Culture, reflecting her deep engagement with both linguistic and cultural studies.

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