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Aleksandar Kolichoski

Aleksandar Kolichoski


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Aleks is a web developer for

Background & Education

Aleksandar (Aleks) Kolichoski is a seasoned WordPress Developer with a robust 10-year background in web development and a proven track record of creating and enhancing WordPress sites. Aleks’ profound technical expertise is matched by his commitment to staying at the forefront of web development trends, ensuring that his work is not only current but also future-forward.

In his time away from the keyboard, Aleks is an outdoor enthusiast, finding inspiration in nature’s vast landscapes, whether it’s scaling rocky terrains or navigating the trails on a mountain bike. This passion for the outdoors complements his digital work, providing him with a well-rounded perspective that he brings to his professional endeavors.

Aleks obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from the Technical Faculty of St. Clement of Ohrid University in Bitola, with a focus on Applied Computer Science. His academic career laid a solid foundation in programming, computer networks, database management and system design, which have been pivotal in his web development journey.

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