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Goran Nikolić

Goran Nikolić

Fact-checking editor

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    Goran is an editorial assistant at Cloudwards. He supports the team with tasks ranging from fact-checking to video production support, as well as with design projects.

    Background & Education

    Goran Nikolic is a multifaceted professional at Cloudwards, contributing as a fact checker, YouTube screen caster, course designer and cloud tester for over two years. His creative and tech-savvy nature has driven his success in navigating Cloudwards core topics, including cloud storage, VPNs and project management tools. Goran’s journey began in the telecommunications sector, where he quickly advanced from an agent to a tech support team leader, achieving record results. His decade-long freelance career in design has spanned product designs, websites, album covers and posters. Goran’s passion for teamwork and responsibility fuels his contributions at Cloudwards, where he thrives in a collaborative environment.

    Goran attended an electrical engineering vocational school and went on to further study at a faculty of computing before moving on to pursue other endeavors. His real-world experiences and continuous learning have shaped his expertise in the tech and design fields. 

    Outside of his professional life, Goran enjoys walking his dog in nature, playing guitar and occasionally bouldering. He indulges in competitive video gaming with friends, watches a documentary a day and participates in pub quizzes. Goran also loves cooking and has a deep appreciation for art.

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