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Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing

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Become certified in AWS skills.
Learn how to use all the most important AWS tools and services.
Engage with a variety of resources both in video and written form.
Get access to checklists and cheat sheets for future use.

About Course

Throughout this course, you’ll embark on a journey that covers the essential concepts, tools and services offered by AWS, empowering you to leverage the cloud for scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

In the first modules, you’ll gain a solid understanding of cloud computing in the digital world, explore the key concepts of AWS, and familiarize yourself with the vast array of tools and services available within the AWS ecosystem.

Moving forward, you’ll dive deeper into AWS compute services, learning how to create and manage virtual servers with EC2, explore serverless computing with AWS Lambda, and understand the principles of auto-scaling for dynamic workload management.

Next, you’ll explore storage and database solutions in AWS, discovering options like S3, EBS, Amazon RDS and DynamoDB. You will also learn how to effectively manage data storage and retrieval within the AWS environment.

Networking and content delivery are essential components of any cloud infrastructure, and in this course, you’ll learn how to configure Amazon VPC, optimize content delivery with CloudFront, and manage DNS with Route 53.

Security and compliance are paramount in cloud computing, and in dedicated modules, you’ll explore the shared responsibility model, implement best practices for securing your AWS infrastructure, and leverage tools like AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config for monitoring and compliance.

Monitoring, optimization and cost management are critical aspects of AWS cloud computing, and you’ll learn how to use AWS CloudWatch, Trusted Advisor and resource tagging to monitor, optimize and manage costs effectively.

Further modules dive into specialized topics like serverless computing with AWS Lambda, containerization with AWS ECS, big data analytics with AWS EMR, and machine learning with AWS SageMaker.

Finally, you’ll explore DevOps automation with AWS CodePipeline, learning how to create and configure CI/CD pipelines, build and deploy applications with AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeDeploy, and automate testing, approval gates and rollback mechanisms.

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What Will You Learn?

  • An overview of AWS tools and capabilities.
  • How to use the most important AWS tools and services.
  • How to continue to develop as an AWS cloud engineer.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing

  • Understanding Cloud Computing in the Digital World
  • Cloud Computing Terminology [PDF]
  • Exploring the Key Concepts of AWS
  • AWS Key Concepts Cheat Sheet [PDF]
  • Overview of AWS Tools, Services and Capabilities
  • AWS Tools and Services Overview [PDF]
  • Comprehension Quiz: Cloud Computing Basics

Module 2: Getting Started With AWS

Module 3: AWS Compute Services

Module 4: Storage and Database Solutions in AWS

Module 5: Networking and Content Delivery in AWS

Module 6: Security and Compliance in AWS

Module 7: Monitoring and Optimization in AWS

Module 8: Serverless Computing With AWS Lambda

Module 9: Containerization With AWS ECS

Module 10: Big Data Analytics With AWS EMR

Module 11: Machine Learning With AWS SageMaker

Module 12: DevOps Automation With AWS CodePipeline

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