In the world of business and technology, it seems that just about everyone you meet has an opinion on cloud storage. If they haven’t used it themselves, they certainly know someone who has, and they’re more than happy to tell you exactly what they think of it. Whilst word of mouth is a great way to find out about new solutions and individuals’ experience of them, sometimes it’s wise to take things with a pinch of salt. Here, we bust some of the most common myths about cloud storage and expose the real truth. 

1. It’s too expensive 

Similar to just about any solution that you’ll find in the business and technology marketplace, there is a wide range of pricing, and there’ll always be something that suits your budget. Just starting out with an SME? There are low priced options that won’t break the bank. Running a huge multinational corporation? Great, there’s something for you as well. As more competition emerges and cloud storage becomes mainstream, the providers are fighting to offer the very best prices. 

2. Your data security could be compromised 

It’s very wise to take data security seriously, and it’s important that businesses consider how to look after their sensitive information. So it makes sense that some are concerned about this when it comes to cloud storage. The reality of the matter though is that many cloud providers offer world-class security, and the sort of protection that you could only dream of on-site. Of course, it makes sense to do your research in this field. Before choosing your supplier, ask questions about how they ensure security. 

3. It’ll put your IT manager out of a job 

It’s understandable that people are protective when it comes to their jobs, especially in these tough economic times. If your IT manager thinks this is an issue though, you can safely assure him that it isn’t the case. Data management is only one part of his job, and there are still many aspects of his role that will still be necessary or indeed created as a result of using cloud storage. More convenient network management is an effect of a new approach to data storage, but lost jobs certainly isn’t. 

4. It’s only for big businesses

Sure, more and more big businesses are tapping into cloud storage. They’re not the only ones who can get a part of the action though and realise the benefits. In fact, there are providers out there that cater predominately for SMEs. These providers tend to offer services that are easily set up and managed, taking away the fear that many smaller business owners face when considering whether they should tap into more innovative solutions. In many cases, you won’t even need specialised IT personnel within your organisation to get things up and running. 

Before you let the views of others determine whether or not you introduce cloud storage into your business, make sure you have the real facts. The cloud offers a multitude of benefits, so don’t be put off by unreliable information that you’ve heard on the grapevine. 

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