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Location Hack for Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO Spoofing Guide: How to Change Your Pokemon GO Location in 2024

Want to play Pokémon GO from another location to explore more Pokestop and Gyms? You’ll need two things: a Pokémon GO location spoofer and a VPN. In this guide, we walk you through how you can use these two tools and play Pokémon GO from anywhere.

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Key Takeaways: Pokémon Go Spoofing Guide

  1. Install a VPN and GPS location spoofer. We recommend ExpressVPN for its ability to bypass geographic blocking and VPN detection.
  2. Install Mock Mock Locations to prevent Pokémon GO from detecting your location spoofers.
  3. Activate the VPN and GPS location spoofer apps.
  4. Play Pokémon GO wherever you want.

You’ll find plenty of Pokestops and Gyms while playing Pokémon GO in New York City, but what if you live in Nashville or Hudson? Pokestops and Gyms are a rare sight if you live in a rural area. There’s an easy solution, though. You can use a Pokémon GO location spoofer along with a good VPN to change your location in Pokémon GO.

Be careful, however, because if Pokémon GO finds out that you’re using a fake GPS location app, they might suspend your account. A VPN will change your IP address, but you also need a GPS spoofing app because Pokémon GO matches your GPS coordinates with the location of your IP address.

It’s fairly easy to use GPS spoofing apps and a VPN to fake your GPS location, but if you haven’t used similar apps before, we’ll walk you through the process.

Why Do I Need a GPS Spoofer App and VPN for Pokémon GO Map Hack?

In most cases, VPNs do an excellent job of hiding your actual location. However, you need both a spoofing app and a VPN for playing Pokémon GO in a location where you’re not based because of the way Pokémon GO detects your location.

When you play Pokémon GO, it first looks at your IP address to see where you’re playing from. Next, it looks at your phone’s GPS coordinates and matches them with the location of the IP address. If Pokémon GO detects that you’re using a GPS spoofer to change your location, it will ban your account.

To get past this, you’ll need to use both a VPN and a location spoofing app. Using both will make sure Pokémon GO is able to verify your location matching the IP address and the GPS coordinates.

How to Spoof Pokémon GO GPS Location on Android

You need to install a masking module called Mock Mock Locations on Android devices for GPS spoofing apps to work effectively. You’ll need a rooted Android device for this, which can put your mobile device at risk, so be mindful of this. Follow these steps on your rooted Android device:

  1. Install a VPN

    Lay the groundwork by installing a VPN on your Android device. We recommend ExpressVPN, but you can choose any of the best VPNs out there. Launch the Google Play Store, search for ExpressVPN, and click “Install.”

    expressvpn android
  2. Install a GPS Spoofing App

    You’ll also need to install a GPS spoofing app to spoof your location on Pokémon GO. There are several spoofers out there, but Fake GPS is a popular one you might consider installing. Launch the Google Play Store, search for Fake GPS, and click “install.”

    install fake gps
  3. Select a Mock Location App

    Go to “settings” and click on “about phone.” The process may differ slightly based on the UI, but essentially, you’ll need to find the OS build number and tap on it seven times. Return to “settings,” select “developer options” and choose a mock location app. Note that you should select the GPS spoofer here, not the VPN.

    select mock location app
  4. Install the Mock Mock Locations Module

    You also need to stop Pokémon GO from recognizing that you’re using a mock location, and for this, you’ll need to install Mock Mock Locations on your phone. Download the APK and install it on your phone. Note that you’ll need to root your device for this to work. When it’s installed, turn it on.

    mock mock locations
  5. Turn on VPN

    Launch the VPN app to turn it on. Connect it to a location where you want to play Pokémon GO.

    expressvpn connect usa
  6. Turn On the Fake GPS Location App

    Next, turn on the fake GPS location app. Select a location that matches with the location of your IP address and click the “play” button at the bottom right.

    fake gps app
  7. Play Pokémon GO

    Now that you’ve acquired a fake GPS location, you can launch and play Pokémon GO on your mobile device.

    launch pokemon go

How to Spoof Pokémon GO Location on iOS

If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll first need to make sure that it’s jailbroken. You’ll also need to download an app called tsProtector from Cydia. The app keeps Pokémon GO from being able to identify jailbroken devices. Once you have those two things straightened out:

  1. Install a VPN
    pokemon go ios expressvpn
  2. Install a Location Spoofing App

    Install a location spoofing app from Cydia.

    pokemon go ios spoofer
  3. Install tsProtector

    Install tsProtector on your iOS device and keep it running. Then, connect to a VPN server from a location where you want to play Pokémon GO. Select the same location on the GPS spoofing app as well.

    pokemon go ios tsprotector
  4. Start Playing Pokémon GO

    Launch the game and start playing Pokémon GO.

    pokemon go ios

Android vs iOS: How to Change Pokémon GO Account Region

The process of changing your Pokémon GO account region differs slightly between Android and iOS devices. However, you won’t have to manually change the location for your Pokémon GO account. 

You’ll need a rooted Android device or a jailbroken iOS device to be able to change your location. Other than that, all you need to do is fake your GPS location, and you’ll be set. We’ve provided steps for both iOS and Android devices.

How to Get Past Pokémon GO Error 12: Failed to Detect Location

pokemon go error 12
If Pokémon GO fails to detect your location, there are a few steps you can take to fix the error.

There are several reasons that could result in error 12, including the following:

  1. In most cases, the error is a result of the mock locations enabled on your mobile device
  2. Your phone isn’t receiving GPS signals because you’re inside the house or under a building
  3. You’ve enabled the “find my phone” option

The easiest way to get past error 12 is by restarting the location service on your phone. GO to Settings > Location and look for location services.

Disable and re-enable them. If that doesn’t help, try clearing the data and cache from your game. Doing this will also clear location data. Once you’re done, try using Pokémon GO again. 

If neither of these fixes work, you can try converting the spoofing app into a system application on an Android device. To convert a user app into a system app on your Android, paste the APK file of an app in the /system/app folder and reboot your device.

Your device will say it’s upgrading the system. Let it finish, and once it’s done you’ll find the app saved on the SD card. Install the app, and it will install as a system app.

Pokemon GO Location Spoofing: Why Spoof Your Location?

There are three primary reasons that may prompt you to use a fake location for Pokémon GO:

  • You live in a remote area where you can’t find many Pokestops or Gyms. 
  • You want to catch Pokémon that are found only in certain countries.
  • You’re in the mood to play Pokémon GO from London instead of New York.

However, successfully spoofing your location on Pokémon GO is a bit complicated. First, you’ll need a VPN and a GPS spoofing app. Second, the steps are different if you’re using Android or iOS devices.

Final Thoughts: Pokémon GO Spoofer Guide

If you’re excited about catching Pokémon that you don’t find in your country, or want access to more Pokestops and Gyms, you’ll need to use a combination of a location spoofing app and a VPN. Collectively, they can help you change your location. However, you’ll need to root your Android device or jailbreak your iOS device for this to work.

Have you tried spoofing your Pokémon GO location before? If yes, which apps did you use? Did you face any errors while trying to change your location? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading.


  • You can spoof a location in Pokémon GO using a combination of a spoofing app and a VPN. More importantly, you’ll need to root (or jailbreak) your device for the location hack for Pokémon GO to work. We discuss the entire process in detail in this guide.

  • Yes, you can get banned when spoofing your Pokémon GO location. It’s best to use a reliable location spoofer and a VPN — we recommend ExpressVPN — to make sure everything’s airtight.

  • You can play Pokémon GO without moving, provided you use a location spoofer and a VPN. You can then use the location spoofer to change your location and play wherever you want to without having to move.

  • You need to first allow mock locations on your Android device by enabling developer mode from the “settings” app. Once you’ve done that, download the Mock Mock Locations APK and install it on your phone. After it’s installed, you’ll be able to turn it on.

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