Enterprises need a way to ensure their data gets backed up in a fashion that’s cost effective, reliable, safe and easy-to-monitor. We’ve gathered the best online backup services for enterprise, which not only offer the perks mentioned above, but a lot more as well, for the betterment of your company.

Big businesses rely on workstations and server banks to get things accomplished. And so every modern business should have a disaster recovery plan.

Most of the time, these disaster recovery plans include backing up external hard drives, NAS systems, and in some cases, even use digital tapes to get the job done.

While they’re useful methods for protecting the integrity of your data, these systems aren’t accident or disaster-proof. Which is where online backup services step-in to save the day, by providing businesses with a way to protect and use their data that’s secure and safe from true deletion or corruption.

Best Online Backup for Enterprise 2019

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The Benefits of Online Backup for Enterprises

Online backup services allow you to keep everything safe and secure, without having to worry about what will happen in the event of a total system meltdown. In addition to protecting your data from a system’s meltdown, it takes the burden of maintenance off of your IT staff, freeing them to do more productive stuff, like programming an old 90’s text-based adventure game.

Having protection in place is important.Digital tapes and NAS devices are an excellent way to keep local backups of all our important documents. However, in the event these items are kept on-premise, and get compromised as a result, the chances are high that the physical drives have been damaged as well.

Tapes and hard drives can also become corrupted over time. Online backup services do not have this problem, as they are located off-site, and have multiple redundancies in place to prevent data loss due to corruption.

Carbonite Business

Carbonite Business is a scalable hybrid solution for enterprise customers. This service is compatible with HIPPA, GLBA, and FERPA, among other regulations. The service offers a hybrid solution of both physical drives and virtual ones. Companies can save files locally and in the cloud, with military grade encryption.

All files are accessible remotely. This service also offers valet installation for users. Which is a great option for companies who have a limited IT staff, or simply want a quick and efficient installation experience.

They also provide support, seven days a week, for those who need assistance with their accounts. Unfortunately, for people outside of the US, support is located only within the United States, and operates from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm eastern standard time.

Other Reasons Why We Like Carbonite Business

Carbonite Business is one of the best options for enterprise clients and is at the top of our list for several reasons. Not only does this service provide workstation backups, but it also works with EUDs and NAS drives.

Carbonite Business Pricing

Users who get the Basic version of the service gain access to computer, NAS, and EUD protection, with HIPAA, GLBA, and FERPA compliance. For Prime and Pro plans, Windows file servers are also protected, and the service has military grade encryption.

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  • Scalable features
  • Hybrid protection
  • Deleted file recovery (30 days)


  • Hybrid for Pro accounts only
  • U.S.-based support hours
  • Phone support not 24-hours

Free for 3 GB


Box is an excellent option for businesses looking to collaborate and store large amounts of data. It’s also a wonderful solution for institutions of learning. Box is designed to appeal towards organizations with large staffs, which needs to send and share files privately and indulge in collaboration.

Its third-party integration, and well-tailored apps, plus ease-of-use, makes the service a favorite among Fortune 500 companies. Box was born in 2005, and since then, has garnered around 15 million users including small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Providing anywhere-anytime access to data– the platform was created to reinvent what people do with content. Storage on Box starts at 5GB for free, shooting straight to a limit of 1TB – and you’ll have to pay around from $6-$17 per month, per user, for that space, but it comes with unlimited machines.

Other Reasons Why We Like Box

Box also sports a very handy file previewing tool, which can check out media files, alongside texts and audio data as well. This service is the most cost effective option for small businesses.

While providing military-grade security, users can add as many workstations to the account as they see fit. The scalability of the storage unit makes it ideal for businesses who need just a little bit of storage initially, but will want more in the future.

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  • Collaboration with team members
  • Fine-tuned access control to files
  • Sends Information in chunks


  • Steep learning curve for newbies
  • Accounts over 1TB can be expensive
  • Rather unpolished desktop app
Starts from $ 1000 per month

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business works hard at securing files with military-grade security, cloud-to-cloud backup, and next generation firewalls. While offering top class API and third-party support.

Because business is all about communications today, Dropbox Business works not only as an online storage vault, but also as a bridge between services. It works with Microsoft Office 365, allowing you to view, modify, and save MS documents.

Dropbox understands how important security is for a company’s files. To make sure you’re well protected, they use military-grade 256-bit AES security. They also have next generation firewalls installed, on all of their servers with web access.

Dropbox for business also has the Paper app and smart sync, which are simple yet powerful ways to create, share, and keep teams in sync — with the added benefit of admin controls.

Other Reasons Why We Like Dropbox Business

For us, it’s all about security. Dropbox Business password-protects links, and lets you set expiration dates, granting temporary access.

Dropbox team feature

To ensure no hardware failures take down a business, Dropbox uses multiple layers of protection, including data transfer encryption, network configuration, and app-level controls distributed across scalable, secure networks.

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  • Near continuous protection
  • Supports unlimited space
  • Cloud-to-cloud support


  • Questionable privacy policy
  • Five-user minimum limit
  • No private key management
Starts from $ 1250 per month
Save 17 %


Egnyte works with both Microsoft and Google documents, allowing users to view, edit and save files. This service also works with other popular third-party applications.

Egnyte is a hybrid storage solution for businesses who have their employees working on-the-go. This service integrates third-party applications, including Google Docs and Microsoft Office, into their systems.

This service even has a cloud storage partner program with Microsoft. Users can also manage mobile devices and access content from anywhere. Of course, the mobile ability is not available on the basic service plan.

Other Reasons Why We Like Egnyte

Storage is important, but so is being able to utilize that storage in the course of everyday business.


Egnyte acts as both a centralized location to backup files and a portal to allow your employees to work with 256-bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication for online log-ins. You can also be certain that all files are secured and HIPAA compliant.

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  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Granular sub-folder access 
  • Auditing capabilities


  • No hybrid cloud on Basic plan
  • No zero-knowledge protocol
  • No Linux support
Starts from $ 800 per month

Autotask Workplace

Autotask Workplace  offers file syncing and sharing services for enterprise clients. Even though data is accessible from anywhere; it’s still maintained using military-grade security. Autotask Workplace uses 256-bit TLS 1.2 data encryption, with SSAE 15 Type II Soc1 certification.

Private project sharing with team members, setting granular permissions

Because Autotask can be a little tricky to set up, the service provides a huge knowledge base (for user training) on how to use the software-as-a-service. For an additional fee, users can get an in-person training session. It also integrates well with most third-party providers, allowing companies to use applications and cloud providers they already have.

Other Reasons Why We Like Autotask Workplace

We like the fact that Autotask Workplace allows users to bring their own devices to work, thanks to the service’s “anywhere access” system.

 Autotask Workplace is known for its file synchronizing and sharing capabilities, and users are encouraged to bring personal devices to work.  Autotask has mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows. 

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  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Mobile apps for collaboration
  • In-person training


  • No live phone support
  • No API for folder management
  • Backup space part of overall quota
Starts from $ 1192 per month
Save 8 %


It is important for a company to keep its data secured and backed up. Total system meltdowns can happen at any time, and so users should have a way to reinstall their information, no matter what’s happened to it. Carbonite Business allows you to access files remotely while providing unparalleled customer service.

While Dropbox is a great storage option for enterprises that need easy access to the most common third-party applications.

The point is, every service has a uniquely structured feature set to offer, so don’t forget to try them out using either the trial-periods or free basic plans provided. Test driving the services should let you know, which one is the exact right one for your enterprise.

Which selection do you think deserves the No. 1 spot? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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