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There are many options available when it comes to cloud backup for PCs, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good, or any good for that matter. Which is why we are here, to introduce the five best cloud backup services for PC, because who wants to sift through all the crap, when is there to do it for you.

Backing up data from a phone is pretty easy, chances are, you’ll already find a cloud backup app installed on it in the first place.

But when it comes to PCs, we have a habit of storing significant amounts of valuable data in our computers. With several terabytes worth of files living in our PCs, things can get pretty dicey when corruption occurs; and it will, make no mistake about that.

That is precisely why everyone needs an online backup service. But, not just any backup service will do, with such a large amount of data to take care of, you need a service which is efficient and affordable — at the same time.

How This Article is Setup

Before diving into the deep, let’s take a moment to learn how this article is setup and its intended purpose.

What we’ve got here is an article outlining some basic facts about each of the five services. Followed by a snippet explaining what we liked about each service, and to top off every backup provider listed, a little pros and cons section.

There’s a small button titled “Read review,” that leads to a full review of each service. Which explains in-depth how each one works, has a longer list of pros and cons, plus any other information you might need before making a final decision on which service to pick.


Running on a cross-platform Java client, CrashPlan provides a near perfect balance between ease-of-use, pricing, and features.  With unlimited storage, a sleek interface and excellent security, CrashPlan is one of the best cloud backup services for PC — period. But the reason why it’s number one here, is because of its easy and affordable pricing.

CrashPlan destination selection page
CrashPlan destination

Plans start at $5.99 per month, per user, for unlimited space. You can also get an annual plan at $149, which can be used by over ten users. Here’s one thing we didn’t like about the service – there is a password strength indicator on the sign-up page which relates how good or bad a password is, but it will count any 6-word password as a good one.

For example, “Password: 123456” will get labeled as “strong” purely due to its length. Let’s move onto what the software does right, upon installation; it automatically selects the My Documents folder to upload.

However, since CrashPlan automatically chooses which folders to backup, and starts scanning for  them instantly, you need to stop the process quickly, to be able to select individual files or folders.

Other Reasons Why We Like CrashPlan

CrashPlan’s backup settings are incredibly powerful. Users can adjust backup schedules to their personal preferences, and set conditions defining how and when the cloud service should start backing up data.

Crashplan vs Carbonite: Is This The Best Service

For instance, it can resume backups if the user is away from their computer for more than 15 minutes. Apart from that, you can also view the log of an entire backup process, and CrashPlan’s security is also strong, thanks to both server side and local encryption.

All in all, CrashPlan is an extremely affordable and useful cloud backup service.

Read the review here.


Think of Carbonite as a sort of CrashPlan for business-oriented users; it’s ideal for users who want unlimited storage and some business support. Carbonite provides unlimited storage space accompanied by  affordable rates. It also has a 15-day free trial, in fact, its price plans are very similar to CrashPlan’s.

But, the first flaw we noticed was the desktop app’s tough-to-find “download” button. FYI, the app is located on their free trial page. Unlike CrashPlan, you have to first to register on the website and then download the desktop app.

It was also surprising to see that in the automatic backup option, Carbonite does not backup application files, videos or any other file– which is more than 4GB in size. Another annoying habit of Carbonite’s desktop app are the non-stop pop-ups. Carbonite also has local and server-side encryption, but its 128-bit encryption isn’t as strong compared to 448-bit encryption.

Other Reasons Why We Like Carbonite

Installation is pretty easy, right from the start; the software will ask if you want Carbonite to auto-upload folders or let you pick them. It can scan through all the folders on a PC, and upload photos and documents.

Carbonite Online Backup vs Crashplan Which is the best?

Restoration is easy too; you can browse, search or restore all files.

Of course, restoring backed up data can take a lot of time, so Carbonite provides an option of shipping an external hard drive to customers, containing all their backed up data.

Read the review here.


Probably the easiest, cheapest and truly unlimited PC backup service on the planet, Backblaze is truly the definition of “easy-to-use” cloud backup. Backblaze is in fact, so simple, that it only has one pricing plan – $5 per month for unlimited storage space.

The service is specifically created for people who want to backup their data, but don’t wish to spend time thinking about the “what” and “how” of it all.

After installation, Backblaze starts analyzing a drive to get it ready for backup; which can prove to be frustrating, for anyone who likes to be in control of their data. There is no easy way to select specific folders manually, and things get even trickier when you try to backup an external drive.

According to Backblaze, you need to at least connect an external hard disk to the system once every 30-days. Otherwise, the external HDD’s data will get deleted from the cloud.

Other Reasons Why We Like Backblaze

We think Backblaze is a great option for people who want to backup all their PC data in one go and do not want to think much about the backup running in the background.

All you need to do is install Backblaze, sign up, and it takes care of everything else. In fact, there isn’t much in the way of customization settings to play around with. Since Backblaze already takes care of essentially everything.

Read the review here.


IDrive comes with incredibly fast transfers, robust compression and security, plus plenty of virtual knobs to tweak and turn. It’s only true weakness is a lack of unlimited backup space. 

With powerful features like file sharing, syncing and access to multiple PCs, IDrive isn’t an average PC backup service. The reason it’s in fourth place is due to a lack of unlimited backup space; the highest plan gets capped at 10TB.

One of IDrive’s strongest pillars is security, users can specify an encryption key, so data that gets uploaded to the company’s servers is already encrypted. The company does not store encryption keys on its server, which is why it is important always to remember the key, or you’ll lose all your data.

As soon as the app gets downloaded on a PC, IDrive will scan a drive and list out folders for uploading – Documents, Desktop, Music, Pictures, and Videos. You can quickly change which folders get uploaded, and users can also backup files to a local device free of charge.

Other Reasons Why We Like IDrive 

Overall, IDrive can be your ultimate backup and syncing solution, if you don’t mind the 10TB limit and shelling out some extra bucks. There is a direct option for scheduling backups as well. 

You can also modify the sync folder on your desktop. With services like Dropbox and Google Drive, you already get a defined sync folder on your PC where you are supposed to move important folders.

Read the review here.

SOS Online Backup

One of the fastest online backup services in our tests, SOS Online Backup, provides decent features but comes with very slow customer support.

The final backup service on our list is SOS Online Backup, and it used to come with unlimited storage space. After installation, SOS will start scanning the drive for files that a user is most likely to backup, and it doesn’t just find folders, but also scans through file types.

Apart from that, there’s also an option to provide certain conditions to filter out files for backup. For instance, if you don’t want to upload a particular file type or files over a certain size limit, you can specify that as a filter. Also, it never deletes old versions of files. The only problem – customer support is both slow and rarely helpful.

Other Reasons Why We Like SOS Online Backup

Just like all the other online backup services on our list, SOS also provides private encryption. It has 256-bit encryption both on the server side and the local machine.

SOS Online Backup Discount Code

Though SOS doesn’t have continuous backup, it does have a LiveProtect option, which uploads any new version of a file every time the original one gets modified.  Of course, users can also customize and select the folders they want to upload.

Read the review here.


While some services provide syncingsharing and storage. Remember that what we’re looking at here is mainly dedicated online PC backup services. If you’re looking for cloud storage when it comes to PCs, check out our five best cloud storage for PC article.

When it comes to making a final decision on which backup service to choose, keep in mind how much data you have to backup, your budget, and whether or not ease-of-use or customization take preferential precedence.

Of course, don’t forget to take each backup service’s free plans or trials for a test drive. And also read our full reviews of each, before putting down cash on one. If you’ve got comments or thoughts to share, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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