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ClickUp vs Jira

ClickUp vs Jira in 2024: Features, Cost, Integrations & Security Compared

If you need project management software and can’t decide between ClickUp and Jira, you’re in the right place. In this ClickUp vs Jira comparison, you’ll learn all you need to know about both platforms.

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  • Loaded free plan
  • Affordable paid tiers
  • Powerful collaboration tools
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Useful guides & tutorials
  • Good free plan
$7 / month(save 30%)(All Plans)
$22.05 / month(save 87%)(All Plans)

Key Takeaways: Jira vs ClickUp

  • The main difference between ClickUp and Jira is that ClickUp is very versatile, whereas Jira has been designed for one industry: software development.
  • Both ClickUp and Jira offer free plans, but ClickUp’s free plan offers users much more.
  • Jira is one of the best tools for Agile teams and those who use the scrum methodology.

ClickUp, which routinely makes our roundup of the best project management software, and Jira are both popular project management platforms that offer powerful tools. However, while capable of serving Agile teams, these two platforms have two very different end users in mind. What do we mean? Find out in our ClickUp vs Jira comparison. 

After spending lots of time with ClickUp and Jira software, we can help steer you and your team to the right platform. Below, we’ll cover everything about each project management tool, from pricing and integrations to security, ease of use and more. 

  • 09/25/2023 Facts checked

    Removed reference to discontinued ClickUp Business Plus plan.

How Did We Rate ClickUp vs Jira

Our team of experts has reviewed many project management programs, including ClickUp (here’s our ClickUp review) and Jira (be sure to read our Jira review). We take time to learn each project management solution so that we can discover what makes them tick and how they stack up to other platforms.

Jira vs ClickUp: Similarities & Differences

All project management tools are designed to help you get work done in an orderly fashion, but the way they help can be radically different — which is the case with ClickUp and Jira. Below, we’ll outline key similarities and differences between the two programs.

Project Management

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$7 / month(All Plans)$22.05 / month(All Plans)
Management Views
Kanban board
Spreadsheet view
Gantt charts
Workload planning
Long-term planning
Management Features
Multiple project management
Dependency management
Native scrum management
Set user permissions
File storage
Built-in integrations
Reporting features
General Features
Free plan
Free Trial
Web app
Ticket-based support
Live chat
Phone support


ClickUp and Jira are suitable for Agile project management methodologies and Agile groups, like software development teams, but similarities between the two don’t go much further than that. Below, we’ll explain what we mean by breaking down what these two project management solutions have in common.

Core Features

ClickUp and Jira have similar core features that will help project managers and teams get their work done efficiently. Users will find that both platforms offer task management tools, time-tracking features, robust reporting tools and plenty of administration features.

clickup dashboard
ClickUp’s customizable dashboards provide useful at-a-glance information.

While ClickUp and Jira have different tools for communication, both platforms make it easy to connect with team members and share documents. Integrations and automations are supported by Jira and Clickup, and both have comprehensive knowledgebases.

jira sprint
Jira offers users clean, easy-to-use kanban boards.

While these two project management tools have been designed with different users in mind — ClickUp is for the masses, while Jira is focused on software development — both offer the same core features. Only you know which platform has the right tools for your team. Look through the complete list of ClickUp features and Jira tools to decide which platform has the right ones for you.


Integrations are a key consideration for project management platforms, as they can easily enhance the base software. You’ll be pleased to know that ClickUp and Jira integrate with many different platforms natively and through third-party software such as Zapier.

clickup integrations
ClickUp can integrate with plenty of software platforms natively.

Both platforms offer integrations with many leading cloud-based storage platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox, team collaboration apps such as Slack, timekeeping tools, powerful reporting software and more. Implementing the integrations is also easy to do on both platforms.

jira integrations
Thanks to integrations and apps, you can make Jira anything you want it to be.

The only difference between the two tools regarding integrations is that ClickUp requires different plan memberships for certain integrations, but otherwise, both tools offer users the ability to connect their workspaces to a number of platforms.


You can never be too careful with your data, so the software you use must be secure. Fortunately, project managers have nothing to worry about regarding security with either ClickUp or Jira.

clickup security
ClickUp’s robust security will keep your data secure.

Both platforms employ robust encryption methods such as TLS 1.2 and AES-256 to keep your data secure when in transit and at rest. Another plus is that both platforms are SOC 2 compliant, have multiple ISO certifications and are PCI compliant.

jira security
Jira’s encryption methods are powerful and will protect your data.

ClickUp and Jira offer two-factor authentication, SAML and single sign-on policies across their various plans. As for privacy, GDPR policies and CCPA policies are in place, which means you can opt out of cookie collection. At the end of the day, ClickUp and Jira will keep your data secure from external threats.


Both Jira and ClickUp offer exceptional reporting tools. No matter which platform is used, project managers will be able to quickly generate reports that will help them better manage their projects and teams.

clickup reports
ClickUp’s customizable dashboards can display pie charts, bar graphs and more.

ClickUp allows users to create custom dashboards that can display a lot of information about tasks, time-tracking, time estimates, workloads and team points. The reports are easy to read and provide helpful information at a glance. Setting the dashboard up is a piece of cake as well. In no time, you’ll have lots of project data at your fingertips.

jira dashboard
Project managers will appreciate the clear charts and information in Jira’s dashboards.

Jira also uses dashboards to display metrics. There are 47 different gadgets that can be added to Jira’s dashboard, and each can be configured to show the exact data project managers want to see. If you like reports, you’ll find that Jira and ClickUp deliver them in spades.

User Friendliness and Tutorials

Both ClickUp and Jira could be easier on the eye. Still, both platforms offer clean and functional interfaces; they’re just a little dreary and drab. Each platform also provides users with information-packed knowledgebases, which makes getting to grips with the tools less challenging.

clickup learning
ClickUp’s library of videos and articles will help you understand its tools.

ClickUp is easy to navigate, thanks to the always-visible navigation bar and main menu. We wish there weren’t so many collapsible menus, and that tools like the whiteboards and mind maps were slightly more intuitive. However, the main task management and team collaboration tools are straightforward and don’t require you to jump through hoops to use them.

ClickUp’s University and training materials are stellar. Nicely written articles and fun-to-watch videos will help you quickly figure out ClickUp’s tools. There are also onboarding lessons and a dedicated customer success manager for Enterprise customers.

jira community
Jira’s community is lively and usually provides fast help.

Jira provides users with a rather spartan canvas. Still, the user-friendly interface is easy to navigate thanks to logical menus and no-fuss kanban columns and cards. In no time, you’ll be able to assign tasks, complete issue tracking and set up complex projects. 

Jira is not as robust on the knowledgebase side of things, and it does charge for some of its more advanced courses, but users will find the available training materials easy to follow. There’s also a lively Jira community forum where you can pose questions and get quick replies from Jira experts.


We’ve established that ClickUp and Jira are powerful project management tools, but they are more like chalk and cheese than peanut butter and jelly. Below, we’ll show just how different Jira and ClickUp are in many areas.

Workflow and Collaboration Tools

The biggest differences between ClickUp and Jira appear in their workflow and collaboration tools. ClickUp is a do-it-all platform that can support many ways of working, whereas Jira is focused on scrum methods and kanban boards. While different, each platform’s tools will help keep tasks organized, help track project progress and help manage multiple teams.

clickup collaboration
ClickUp has many more tools for collaboration than Jira, including a real-time chat app that multiple team members can use.

Regarding workflow tools, ClickUp users can access kanban boards, Gantt charts, lists, calendars, timelines, dashboards and workload tools. On the other hand, Jira only offers kanban boards, lists, dashboards and timeline views. 

Each platform allows a fair amount of customization, including adding custom fields. This makes getting the tools to work for you much easier.

ClickUp outpaces Jira with collaboration tools as well as the inclusion of real-time chat and document creation tools, whiteboards, mind maps and in-app videos. Meanwhile, Jira offers comments and @mentions that can be used in task cards for communication. Both platforms make sharing files easy, though, enabling teams to get the resources they need for their work.

jira lists
The lists in Jira are easy to use and provide a great view of your backlog.

Both platforms have the tools they need for the jobs they were designed for. Jira will suit you well if you’re a project manager who uses Scrum exclusively. However, if you’re a project manager who likes using multiple tools to track work, you should look closer at ClickUp.

Pricing & Free Plans

The costs of ClickUp and Jira are wildly different. Jira offers a free plan that supports 10 users, unlimited boards, and backlogs and roadmaps. You’ll also find 2GB of storage, automation for a single project, integration support, customizable workflows, a good mix of security features and access to the community for support.

ClickUp’s Free Forever plan is one of the best in project management. It supports unlimited users along with access to integrations, multiple views, and real-time communication and collaboration tools. Mobile apps, time tracking, sprints and basic security features are also included. The only downside is that some tools have a monthly use restriction.

clickup pricing
ClickUp has plans for many budgets.

ClickUp offers four paid plans. The Unlimited plan runs $7 per user per month when paid annually and $10 per user per month when you pay monthly. The Business plan is $12 per user per month paid annually and $19 per user per month if you pay monthly.

Finally, there’s also a scalable Enterprise plan that adds priority support, unlimited API calls and other extended user limits. (read our ClickUp pricing guide for more details).

Free Forever
  • Basic functionality with some limitations

Hold onto your hats because Jira’s pricing gets wild as you move into the pricing for large teams. Because of this, we will show pricing for one to 10 users. For more detailed information, check out our Jira pricing guide. The Standard plan costs $22.05 per user per month if you pay monthly. If you pay yearly for one to 10 members, the fee is $2200.

jira pricing
Jira’s plans can scale to support very large teams.

The Premium plan jumps to $49.35 per user per month or $4950 annually. The Enterprise plan is only available for 801 team members and up. The price for 801 to 1,000 employees would be a whopping $134,500 annually. Data centers, which give complete control of the work environment, start at $42,000 per year for 500 users.

  • Max. 10 users. unlimited boards, reports and insights; backlog; basic roadmaps; 2GB of storage; community support
  • Annual price is for 10 agents; with more than 10, annual pricing changes based on the number of users. Monthly pricing changes with teams over 100.
  • Annual price is for 10 agents; with more than 10, annual pricing changes based on the number of users. Monthly pricing changes with teams over 100.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

If you like working away from the office, one of the platforms listed here will call your name louder than the other — and that’s ClickUp. ClickUp offers support for many mobile platforms and provides native desktop apps.

Jira offers apps for iOS and Android but discontinued support for native desktop apps, which is a shame. You can, however, download and run an instance of Jira on Windows and Linux servers.

jira apps
Jira Cloud is available for iOS and Android devices.

Jira offers free mobile apps for iOS and Android (Jira Cloud) that allow you to interact with projects, leave comments, deal with issues and view dashboards. You can also interact with your backlogs and road maps and can view reports. The app is intuitive and slick. However, Jira does not offer native desktop project management apps for Windows or Apple’s macOS.

clickup apps
ClickUp has desktop and mobile apps for every major platform.

ClickUp, on the other hand, does offer native desktop apps for Windows and macOS, and it supports Linux. There are also mobile apps for Android, iOS and even watchOS. The mobile apps, while basic, let you perform simple task management jobs. The apps are clean, easy to use and included in every plan.

Which Is Better: ClickUp vs Jira?

ClickUp and Jira are powerful tools designed for different use cases. Jira tops our list of the best project management software for scrum and Agile project management, while ClickUp is one of the best do-it-all options. Only you can decide which project management software option is better for your team.

We Recommend ClickUp if You Want…

  • Powerful collaboration tools: ClickUp helps bring teams together with real-time collaboration tools.
  • Lots of versatility: ClickUp provides many popular tools, including kanban boards, Gantt charts, lists, calendars and timelines, which makes it ideal for complex tasks.
  • Affordable pricing and a strong free option: ClickUp’s paid plans are competitive, and the Free Forever plan is one of the best free plans around.

We Recommend Jira if You Want…

  • Tools for dev teams or software teams: Jira’s kanban boards are hard to beat, and the platform can easily manage backlogs, bug tracking and more.
  • Support for large teams: Jira is capable of supporting teams with thousands of members, but at a high price.
  • Lots of flexibility: Jira can integrate with many different software platforms and offers plenty of free and paid apps that let you make Jira what you want it to be.

If You Want to Consider Other Services, Check Out…

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      $10.99 / month(save 18%)(All Plans)
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        $9 / month(save 25%)(All Plans)
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          $9.80 / month(All Plans)
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            $8 / month(save 20%)(All Plans)
          • 5
              $3.99 / month(save 20%)(All Plans)

            The Verdict: Why We Think ClickUp Wins Overall

            While Jira, when paired with Jira Work Management and Jira Service Management, is a fine tool, its limited use cases put it behind ClickUp. ClickUp can perform many of the same functions as Jira and offers more flexibility.

            ClickUp has one of the best free plans available, and its paid plans, solid user interface and team collaboration tools enable teams to work efficiently. If neither providers work for you, we have compiled a list of the best Jira alternatives you may want to look at.

            What do you think about Jira and ClickUp? Do you plan on taking ClickUp for a spin with its free trial? Is Jira (which also offers a free trial) a better fit for you? Let us know in the comments, and as always, thank you for reading.

            FAQ: ClickUp vs Jira Compared

            • Jira is better than ClickUp when it comes to tools for software development teams, but ClickUp is a much more versatile tool that will appeal to teams in more industries.

            • ClickUp is so versatile that it can be used to track project progress in many industries, including software development, human resources, marketing, design and more.

            • Yes, in just a few steps, you can import all your Jira data into ClickUp.

            • Importing data from Jira to ClickUp is simple. Click your avatar from within ClickUp, select “import/export,” click “start import,” select Jira and then choose the “import from Jira” option. Then, all you have to do is follow the on-screen prompts.

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